Equality: The Day After

Already got shit from one family member today about how I support marriage equality and how I changed my FB profile picture to “have a rainbow” as he said and told me “It looked ridiculous” and that he hated “seeing all that rainbow bullshit all over his newsfeed today”.

I know you’re family and stuff, but you can stop being an ignorant asshole and get the fuck over it because it happened. Open your heart and mind, sir. 

Love is love. And according to all social media and news stations and open-minded, caring individuals who understand the difference between right and wrong, LOVE WINS. So your shitty attitude and little hissy fit that you’re throwing isn’t going to change things back.

You say our generation is fucking up the country… but by the looks of it, we’re fixing the mistakes that YOUR generation fucked up originally. 

You’re welcome.