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alrighty but imagine anxiety insisting he's a slytherin trying to be all ~villainous~ but then it just cuts to morality cooing and being all like, "of course you are, anx. because we all know you're totally not /dedicated/ to making sure everything is perfect and obviously you /never/ work hard to keep thomas safe. and obviously, you aren't /loyal/. except *pulls out a huge list on all the times he's done exactly that*" pfft anyways ignore me i'm being weird sorry -mp


Anxiety: I’m Edgy™

Morality, cutting off the crust of Anxiety’s sandwiches: Sure, sweetie.

Genderfluid Problem #82
  • Some ignorant asshole: Why do you use that gay bathroom?
  • Me: One, it's a bathroom anyone can use, two, you're attempting to use gay as an insult which is just stupid, and three, I use it because I'm genderfluid.
  • Some ignorant asshole: One, you're gay, two, gay is an insult because it's wrong, and three, what the fuck is that?
  • Me: I am gay, it's not wrong, and I'm not explaining it because you're not going to listen and you're just going to call me gay again.
  • Some ignorant asshole: You're weird.
  • Me: I'm sorry you're an asshole.

I love when foreigners speak almost perfect English

and they have that accent where you can tell they aren’t American

and that’s pretty much the only reason you know they aren’t American, 

except for those tiny little grammatical errors where the sentence still makes sense, but the word they’ve chosen or the tense they’ve chosen isn't quite right

I love it. 

I seriously get tempted sometimes to change all the contacts in my mobile to Merlin character names

Just so I can squee when it says ‘Merlin calling’ and 'You have 1 new voicemail from King Arthur’ and 'You have a missed call from the Great Dragon’ OMG!!!

I know it could get pretty confusing though…but I am tempted I really am…