I don’t understand people who believe that if you ignore something, it’ll go away.
That’s completely wrong — if it’s ignored it gathers strength.
Europe ignored Hitler for 20 years.
As a result he slaughtered a quarter of the world!
—  Lemmy Kilmister

Even Hitler believed in aliens
He wasn’t so blinded by his hatred for jews that his mind wasn’t open to accepting new ideas

I bet that makes you feel really good doesn’t it?

How good does ignorance feel?
Hitler had a natural curiosity that all of us are born with

He developed it by willfully going out into the world and pursuing his interests

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I think the North will became the Russia to Dany's Napoleon and Hitler. Dany will succesfully take over fAegon's territories in Westeros which he would obtain through the help of the Martells, JonCon, Varys, Illyrio and the High Septon's forces. But she will not be able to obtain the North, it will be her demise.

While your theory is very interesting, I think it’s very, very, very unlikely. (And I’m pointedly ignoring the Hitler reference, even though I’m sure you meant it merely strategically. Hopefully.)

You’re making the same wrong (or let’s say questionable) assumption that most Westerosi nobles are making. You’re assuming that the main plot, the main challenge is political and who-will-rule-Westeros. You’re assuming that Daenerys’ path and destiny lies with a crown, the Iron Throne and being the Queen of Westeros.

I believe that Daenerys’ path lies in the fight against the Others, in the War for the Dawn. (You can read related meta with textual evidence here and here. I’d also check out Butterfly’s the War for the Dawn tag, if I were you.)

If Daenerys takes part in politics of Westeros at all, I think it will just be for a brief time, when she either makes a move against King’s Landing or challenges fAegon somehow. But with the Long Night approaching and the Others are invading, I doubt Daenerys (or anyone with a little bit of sense) will care about the game of thrones when an army of ice zombies threatens to slaughter them all.

“It is important that the individual books refer to the civil wars, but the series title reminds us constantly that the real issue lies in the North beyond the Wall.” — George R. R. Martin

GRRM himself said that the series title refers to the real issue: and it is not politics. It is ice vs. fire, dark vs. light, night vs. dawn, The Others vs. humanity. That is not to say there aren’t going to be any characters who will be (or have been) limited to political side of the conflicts. (I mean, look at Ned.) But Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, she who woke dragons from the stone as the ancient prophecies foretold, will have a greater path in front of her.

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In 1938, Bob Kane was a young comic book artist trying to come up with a new superhero that could rival the extremely popular Superman. He got as far as sketching a bat-themed crime-fighter before clocking out for the day to drink heavily and ignore Hitler (the two most popular American pastimes of the 1930s).

Kane decided to enlist the help of a friend, a freelance writer named Bill Finger, to help develop the paper-thin idea he had. This translated to getting someone else to do the bulk of the work for him.

“Bob’s original vision included no story of any kind,” explains Marc Tyler Nobleman, author of Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator Of Batman. “He drew the first sketches, which Bill then completely overhauled, including pointing to ‘bat’ in the dictionary and suggesting Batman’s cowl resemble [an actual bat]." 

Finger also wrote Batman’s "murdered parents” origin story, as well as the first stories to feature Robin, Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, The Scarecrow, Commissioner Gordon, Gotham City, the batmobile, Batman’s secret identity, and the nickname “The Dark Knight.” Essentially, Bill Finger gave life to Batman in every sense of the word other than magically transporting himself into one of the comics and impregnating Martha Wayne. To reiterate, he did all of that work based on one Bob Kane illustration, which looked like the above.

5 Ways Batman’s TRUE Creator Got Screwed Out Of His Legacy

“Dumb librulz!  Unless Donald Trump killed 6 million innocent people, comparing him to Adolf Hitler is making light of the holocaust!”

Yeah, let’s just ignore: That Trump/Hitler used racism to gain popularity, that they both promised mass deportation, blamed Jews/Latinos for Germany’s/America’s problems, thought Jews/Muslims should wear special badges, promised to make Germany/America great again and have/had hideously embarrassing hair.

Yeah,let’s just give Trump a pass on being an obvious fascist racist psycho because he hasn’t had the chance to do anything bad yet.

Warning signs, you delusional dimwits. We can all pick them up. Loud and clear. Even if you sad, sad folks are utterly incapable of it

Harry Potter characters as people on either side of the discourse
  • Harry - completely avoids the discourse but gets really angry when people force him into it
  • Luna - “Why would cishets be LGBT? It doesn’t make any sense!”
  • Hagrid - “come get food my children” the neutral party
  • Malfoy - that one really uninformed dude who’s just too angry and bitter to let anyone correct him
  • Hermione - that person who goes from 3000 word essays with citations to one word replies and memes in the span of a week
  • Ron - starts out using memes and progressively gets more and more angry until he’s writing like 3000 word essays on why they’re not lgbt
  • Snape - 30 year old who literally compares teenagers to Hitler and ignores people saying they’re using eerily similar imagery to that of Nazis
  • Voldemort - uninucleus