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Pssttt.. Idk if u are doing ships rn BUT i came over from hanna (batmanrogues) blog and was hoping u could draw her version of scriddler. If you're not taking requests ignore this i was never here

this made me laugh so hard omg,, @batmanrogues is actually a treasured mutual of mine and we have jokes about how when she reblogs my art The Rogues Fandom finds me lmao,, rn im doin pride month requests but screw it tbh ,, black riddler is such a Mood

hes tired of riddles but luvs his bae

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I've sent you asks that cover all the rules you ask us to covr but you keep ignoring them? :<

//Stares at the 64 asks in my box, then the 49 drafts saved and weeps into my tired hands.

So, actually, I think I’ve explained the processes before, but here’s why it takes a long time.

It goes:

1) Close the ask box.

2) Scroll to the bottom and start answering requests from bottom-to-top.

3) Save the answered requests as drafts.

4) Re-open the ask, letting more requests flow in.

5) Post those drafts over a course of time- not the ones in the ask box.

6) Rinse and repeat.

I usually close the ask around every 60 - 80 requests and I post (usually) four a day. [Someone do math for me]

I’m really sorry if it seems like I’m ignoring your requests, but that’s not what’s happening. I’m also sorry if this comes off rude or snappy!! That’s not what my intentions are- I’m just explaining the process.

👑💖 liveblog pt. 12

(pt. 1-2) (pt. 3) (pt. 4) (pt. 5) (pt. 6) (pt. 7) (pt. 8) (pt. 9) (pt. 10) (pt. 11)

It’s time for More Pooh. This time: Christopher Robin, I suspect.

Or not. No, this time our new character is Eeyore. Eeyore asks Pooh and Piglet to pull him out of a stream, and they just… ignore the request. Wow, no wonder the guy is depressed.

OK, to be fair, they have no idea what to do, and it’s Sora’s swimming skills that save the day. How did these animals cope without him?

Our first task here is to escort Pooh to the swings. This is awkward because he will only follow you when you target him, so you can’t look where you’re going. And he will occasionally get distracted by pots of honey someone left lying around.

The actual minigame is just a QTE thing. You hurl Pooh through the air to search for Eeyore’s tail. It’s discovered when Pooh lands on the stand where Rabbit is cooking food, which raises the troubling implication that Rabbit was cooking Eeyore’s take. In any case, Eeyore’s tail is restored, he seems to be feeling a little better (<3), and my enemy-paralysing spell is upgraded. Onwards! (I quickly visit the Fairy Godmother and gain the ability to summon Bambi. Best not summon Simba and Bambi at the same time…)

Next stop: dropping in on Squall, Yuffie and Aerith to see if they have anything to say about those research notes I’ve been finding. …they don’t. OK. On investigation, the pages of Ansem’s report turn up in the Journal screen.

One of the pages of Ansem’s report mentions the origin of Gummi, which fell on his world in meteors. It is ‘elastic to the touch’, and ‘when two pieces are combined, they bond easily’. Probably is the same stuff as gummi bears, huh.

So I set off for the next planet. But while I’m en route, who should intercept me but… Captain Hook! Somehow this takes me from facing Captain Hook’s ship in space to being aboard Hook’s ship in Neverland. (edit: in retrospect, Hook’s ship takes us prisoner, and flies back to Neverland.)

Hey it’s this guy!

So’s Kairi! She’s looking rather the worse for wear though, because god forbid we have a lasting female protagonist.

Anyway, we get Peter Pan as our local party member, and Wendy is of course the designated Damsel in Distress.

Riku has started making shadow clones of Sora, which is somewhat alarming. But they’re not too tough.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell pretend to give us flight powers but actually don’t mostly becase Donald Duck was a jerk. Meanwhile, we learn Wendy is not one of the seven special princesses.

In Hook’s cabin, we get a boss fight against Shadow Sora. It’s pretty tough because Shadow Sora keeps disappearing into the floor and reappearing somewhere else, but not that tough. In any case, Riku runs off with the unconscious (heart-devoured, apparently) Kairi.

At this point, you can’t progress until you find a barely-visible trapdoor and let Peter abscond with Wendy. And then… Hook!

Hook reveals the name of what’s presumably the final zone. I assumed this would be a boss fight against Hook, but instead first Sora learns to fly! Presumably this power will only apply in Neverland.

Indeed so, but all the same, the flying mechanic is decent (basically the same as the swimming mechanic) and it feels really nice to swoop around.

Curiously, the word ‘codfish’ seems to be a deathly insult in Neverland.

In any case, Hook is a fun but fairly easy boss fight. Afterwards, we go to London for some reason. (In-game, they just say ‘the clock tower’, but it’s blatantly Big Ben and the skyline is London.)

Sadly I don’t seem to be able to fly to @drc4ble‘s house and kiss her in a gay way.

This leaves me somewhat unsure what to do, but when in doubt, I guess I’ll fly back to Traverse Town.

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Ignore me if requests are closed, but if not, may I get headcanons for Ja'far and his nonbinary s/o going to an amusement park? (modern au, I guess?)

I must admit I might be overinfluenced by the Oktoberfest and because I don’t go to amusement parks any more, so if any of the attractions here are not amusement parks specific and I got to much of the festival attractions, sorry >-<

> Ja’far isn’t that much of a fan of roller coasters. He can do them just fine, it’s not that he’ll vomit afterwards, but they make his tummy feel strange. Even then he’s willing to go on all the rides with his s/o, standing with them in line and laughing to their excitement, their smile and sparkling eyes making enduring the strange feeling worth it

> He really likes swing carousels though. They do give him the same strange tummy feeling but in these, Ja’far can really ignore it, holding his s/o’s hand and enjoy the amazing view of the landscape around them, not needing many words to completely relish in the moment

> If his s/o wants, he’ll ask to make a photo with the park’s mascot, getting them matching headgear to wear, even though it’s a little embarrassing for him. But once he sees the photo he’s very glad that he decided to do one, as it makes of the perfect memory for him and he’ll take care to find a good place for it back home

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NEVERMIND IGNORE MY REQUEST !! I mis-read what you said, you actually wrote "I do not write for HP" ahem. Sorry.

I’ll still do it for ya. I don’t have a probelm with that one, and I actually have a decent idea for it :)

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She just didn't read the guidelines it's not that deep no need to get mad about it omg

Listen here. It would be the very least of courtesies to fully read and understand someone’s request guidelines before making any request in the first place. It’s not difficult by any means.

I realize that some entitled people think fanfic/reaction/whatever writers on Tumblr are unpaid automaton ghost writers that solely exist to fulfill whatever requests you may have regardless of their feelings/preferences, but *surprise* we’re actually human beings. And–I’m not going to speak for everyone else, but I personally have these things called *feelings*, so when people continually ignore my guidelines/request statuses/calls for feedback/etc, it makes me feel like crap not even worth the slightest bit of respect and regard.

I’d appreciate that you never minimize my feelings on this matter again. Because it’s incredibly rude.

-  🌸

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“ i really need you to hug me right now. ” from ray bc atomic canary babes & ilu

hugs & kisses sentence starters. || Selectively Accepting
                    ↪ SARA LANCE && RAY PALMER

SARA PAUSED FOR A   second hearing his words   ,    she was not the most touchy person but the expression worn on the others face made her feel slightly guilty if she ignored the request      .     Rising on toes she carefully wrapped her arms around him     .        ❛     Yeah   ,   sure   .      ❜     A question was decided best saved for after the tight embrace    .    She wouldn’t admit it out loud but obvious expression laced into features proved her worry about what had happened     .        ❛     If something happened and you need to talk about it just tell me okay   ?     ❜      

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Yeah Mila asked for Otabek's email, but Yuri's answer of dots don't really point at him giving it to her ;P

Lol you think he just ignored her request? Maybe Yuri is already on to her? :p

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Hi I know this question is about a year overdue but I can't find anything concise that summarizes Hillary's role in Benghazi and it keeps getting thrown in my face as a comeback whenever I talk about how I voted for her. Do you mind explaining what exactly went down there?

on sept 12 an islamic terrorist group issued a premeditated attack on the US consulate in benghazi libya. four americans were killed including the U.S. ambassador to libya (chris stevens.) since hrc was SoS at the time she was ultimately responsible for a set of security standards and practices that all foreign embassies and consulates had to pass. she was criticized because the consulate in benghazi had a broken security system, and incomplete fence and a weak perimeter. as SoS she of course took full responsibility for the security lapses. it was rumored that the state dept denied requests and ignored calls for increased security measures and also actively tried to prevent sending any aid to the consulate after the attack. months after the attack house GOP put together a series of investigative committees in an effort to uncover who was responsible. they had over 20 hearings with state dept staffers and they weren’t able to find any misdeeds. hrc went through her own 14 hr testimony and again they weren’t able to find any wrongdoings committed by her or the department itself. then majority leader kevin mccarty made a gaffe on air admitting he formed one of the committees with the purposeful intent of tanking hrc’s polls numbers during the campaign. and then it was during her benghazi testimony that led directly to her ‘email scandal’ because investigator trey gowdy asked her to hand over emails relating to benghazi which was later discovered were sent using her personal account.

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If Plush is so scared of touching, why doesn't he just freak out the moment someone picks him up? And why does he let some Bendies touch him? Seems kind of poorly thought out, a fear to just make this stupid doll seem more edgy.

{Plush doesn’t like being touched because he’s afraid of being hurt, he’s afraid of being touched because he was tortured repeatedly by Joey. As someone with a fear of touch, you can swallow down the fear to ask for it to stop. Plush freaks out and gets violent when his request is ignored or he’s picked up again because then it is definitely a threat in his mind. It’d be cruel of me if I made Plush just start stabbing when asks are sent because it seems many don’t even realise Plush doesn’t like it, maybe they didn’t read the about section or missed that part. If they continue, then they will get bitten or stabbed. As for why some are allowed to touch him, those are ones he deems friends and are ‘safe’ to him. He doesn’t attack because he doesn’t see them as a threat.}

John McEnroe Addresses His Sons Stealing His Pot and Eldest Son's Drug Arrest in New Book

Tennis champion John McEnroe admits in his upcoming memoir that his then-teenage sons stole marijuana from his personal stash.

But Seriously — McEnroe’s second memoir — releases on June 27 and details his difficult transition from tennis champion to full-time father and broadcaster. In it, he writes that his second wife, Patty Smyth, had previously encouraged him to stop smoking pot.

He ignored her request, and writes that he only stopped once he was embroiled in a courtroom battle with ex-wife Tatum O’Neal. It was during the custody battle that he learned his older kids had been stealing from his personal supply. McEnroe has three children with O’Neal — Kevin, 31, Sean, 29 and Emily, 26 — and two younger daughters with Smyth.

He won custody of his three kids with O’Neal in 1995 after a messy custody battle.

McEnroe, who was known as the “bad boy of tennis” and gained notoriety for his fiery temper on the court, admits in his memoir that he reacted badly to the news that his kids had been in his stash.

That wasn’t the end of the McEnroe family’s problems with drugs.

Son Kevin was 27 years old when he was arrested in 2014 for supposed possession of cocaine and prescription meds. Later, the “cocaine” was found to be baking soda and the charges were eventually dismissed.

“Once I got arrested, I was just McEnroe’s son, McEnroe’s dopey son essentially,” Kevin McEnroe told PEOPLE in 2015 of his arrest. “It didn’t even say Kevin [in the New York Post story]. My name is ‘McEnroe’s son’. It was such a bad reflection on my family. I was very ashamed because I never wanted to do anything to him or my mom. I was too stupid to realize how big of a deal it really was.”

In But Seriously, his father writes that it was difficult to watch Kevin struggle, but he is “proud of how hard he’s worked to get his life back on track.”

RELATED VIDEO: Tatum O’Neal and Son Kevin McEnroe: A Story of Forgiveness

Kevin later recovered and published a novel, Our Town, which is a fictional and heart-rending account of the life of his maternal grandmother.

“When I was in rehab [my dad] said, ‘We always knew you were going to be a success,’ and that meant a lot to me,” Kevin said to PEOPLE. “It took me a lot of ups and downs to figure that out.”

[No need for protection

@protectiveshinobi  // cont. from [here]

             sakura freezes.   ❝   —   but,  sasuke.   ❞   cupped palms hover over wounds,  attempting to heal and help the other.   irises dilate,  ignoring his request until she was finished.    ❝   i don’t take orders from you,   so shut up and let me finish.   ❞

The raven held back a growl in his throat– upper body exposed as the pink haired kunoichi healed his injuries. He didn’t need– didn’t want her help, yet there she was: treating an enemy.

“I said–” As he spoke, he stood, whipping away from her, half-healed wounds running blood down his chest. “–don’t touch me.” Unsheathing his  sword, he pointed the blade between her eyes and his own optics became sharingan.

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❛ don’t touch me. ❜ -- Sasuke (unospiritu)

                sakura freezes.   ❝   —   but,  sasuke.   ❞   cupped palms hover over wounds,  attempting to heal and help the other.   irises dilate,  ignoring his request until she was finished.    ❝   i don’t take orders from you,   so shut up and let me finish.   ❞

                   @unospiritu  *  prompt.

Just bidness…….
The Trump Administration is not only dead-set on stonewalling us, the Voting public, but also they are smugly (and/or incompetently) — ignoring the official requests of our elected-legislators, in their attempts to get basic information — from the so-called “Executive Branch” …
This must be what Trump meant, when he said he was going to run Government like a Business,
— where No Transparency is required … or at least as little as inhumanly possible.
In the corporate world “trade secrets” are the currency of the realm,
sadly the “exchange rates” on those “secrets” in the public arena, is leaving the vast majority of us, decidedly short-changed.

Guess whose writing again?

I SWEAR I HAVE NOT BEEN IGNORING YOUR REQUESTS, SHIPS, OR YOU. I’ve been sooo busy, but tomorrow I have very little to do so I’ve already planned headcannons and for the ships to be done by tomorrow night! ❤️ Thank you for your patience