ignore thissss

Sometimes you go to Lotus for a nice little outing, and then you find out that there’s a world of people with a fruit kink, and you gotta start reconsidering everything you know about everyone. I don’t trust anyone here anymore, just letting everyone know. I’m resetting all of our relationships from this moment forward. 

Listen, I’m not judging, but I now realize that the world of sexual acts and knowing what people wanna get down ‘n’ dirty for really changes the relationship between two people. All I’m sayin’. 

(( Hey guys let me just tell you something
If someone does something that you don’t consider normal
how about you just don’t say anything at all and shut your mouth
instead of calling someone names just because they are doing something that you don’t do on a daily bases.

That would be really appreciated if you could actually be a decent person and not be a huge jerk ))