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EXO Reaction to the AraSoo wedding

Sometimes I feel like I’m writing Arasoo for myself and for the anon who requests all the Arasoo stuff xD Anyways if you don’t know what Arasoo is you can either go here click or ignore this xD Xo, Admin A~

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“Yes.. my predictions were right… I knew this day would come. That gives me the right to be the best man right?” *So confident*


“I’m so happy but poor Suho… he must be crying right now… one of his babies is leaving… let’s go remind him of that” *Never loses an opportunity xD*


“WOHOOO THIS MEANS CAKE! I MEAN YES WOHO WEDDING!” *Let’s be honest Soo would bake a delicious cake or get the best one in the world*


“Everyone’s so happy about this… talking about being the best man… but they haven’t realized I AM Soo’s BEST MAN!” *Sitting quietly watching from the corner as the world goes nuts*


*He’s actually the one who heard the news first by accident* “Oh my… oh my… is he proposing? I have a feeling I shouldn’t be here… oh but this is… oh my gawd he’s goals… I want to be like him when I grow old xD”


*Probably Kyungsoo will make him help with everything* “Someone tell me why am I like the maid of honor? Do I even get the title? Am I going to wear a dress? Pink is my color by the way… no wait… this isn’t right! oh oh I didn’t say anything Soo.. let’ continue…”


*Starts preparing his speech for the day. Doesn’t matter if he’s not the best man, he’ll still speak* “Dear Kyungsoo… I’ve known you since you were a little baby (ok maybe not that little)…”


*He has self claimed himself as the official planner of the wedding but more importantly of the bachelor party*


*Probably won’t be able to recover for a long time* “Why did I tell them… why didn’t I choose to get married in a secret ceremony… they are never going to leave me alone…” *Deep down he loves his boys*


“Kyungsoo’s finally getting married? When? That’s so soon! I haven’t written that special song…. okay gotta go… I have a ballad to write!” *Well he’s in charge of the music so xD*


*He’s sad but happy but sad but happy but sad but happy but proud* “My baby has finally opened his wings and flown”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

aside from the whole moving countries thing, the part about doing this masters i’ve found the strangest is not having a job for the first time since i was like. eighteen. i’ve always been able to be super financially independent (shoutout to my hellhole retail job) so being in a situation where i’m solely relying on my own savings and my parents is weird and i don’t like it. money is weird, man


he ain’t heavy / a miloe fanmix / listen

We look out for each other, that's what we do. 
Even when the other one screws up.
I mean, what the hell would I be without you?
We've been brothers our whole lives.
Training (Steve x Reader)


A/N: I really hope this is what you were looking for anon! I am really sorry if it isn’t. Please ignore any mistakes xo 

Oh and, to everyone waiting for Miracle Part 3, I am working on it.

Request:  Would you mind writing something with Steve and they’re training together and doing more simple stuff like just punching or crunches and press ups and stuff and then she’s teasing him or someone else is saying they’re better at pressups or he can’t one up what he’s doing so he gets her to lie on his back while he does them and she’s giggling and everything and it’s all sweet and adorable and lots of fun teasing please?

Warnings:  Middle finger, sexual attraction


Originally posted by the-whisper-men

I wore a tank top and a black spandex to my training session with Steve, knowing that it would get his attention. I got in earlier than him, knowing exactly what to do to make him blush.
I stretched to my toes, giving him a good view of my ass. Then I straigthened back up, acted like I didn’t do it on purpose. His expression was priceless, I could see that he was blushing, and his mouth was open.
“I hope you are ready to train Cap.” I said as he swallowed nervously, his eyes on my body. I heard Natasha and Clint chuckling from the other side of the training room.
He pulled himself together and acted like nothing happend like I did. Then we started to our training session with simple stuff, we streched then did crunches and push-ups before him helping me out with the punches.
“Get the power from your feet.” Steve said and I threw a few more punches, folllowing his order by getting the power from my feet. He held the punching bag still as he told me to go on. I kept punching the bag, trying my best.
“Maybe you should do some punching too. I like watching you do that.” I said, smirking. He rolled his eyes.
“Keep working (Y/L/N).” I whined before continuing the punches.
“At least this is better than crunches.” I said as I started to punch harder.
“I personally think that you guys were better at press ups.” Natasha said, smirking at us from across the room.
I chuckled.
“Keep punching or back to crunches.” Steve said, acting like a harsh gym teacher as a joke, but I knew he would make me do that, so I kept throwing punches after glaring at him.
I felt Steve’s eyes on my breasts as I was doing the punching.
“Eyes up Rogers.” I said, smirking. I liked catching him checking me out.
“He problebly likes where they are now.” Clint said, watching us from his seat.
“Shut it Barton.” Steve said, giving him a quick look. Clint laughed.
“You know what Nat, I think they were better at press-ups too.” Clint added, looking at Natasha.
“Yeah, but don’t you think it would be boring? Stevie can’t one up anyway.” Natasha answered with a playful voice, making Steve raising his eyebrows.
“What is that Romanoff?” He asked, turning to her.
“Oh she was just saying how you can’t one up what you are doing, Spangles.” Tony said, taking a bite from his apple.
“We’ll see about that.” He said harshly, making me smile.
“(Y/N), lay on my back.” He said after laying on the floor, his position ready for press-ups.
I smiled at the others, mouthing ‘nice one’ knowing that Steve wouldn’t see it. Then I layed on his back, his back against mine. Others gave me a thumbs up.
It was impressive how easy he could do press-ups even though I am laying on his back. Clint and Natasha cheered and whisteled, making me chuckle.
“21, 22, 23…” I started to count as he kept doing the press-ups.
“No stopping before 100 Cap!” Tony cheered from his seat. It would be impossible for any other human being other than Captain America to do that.
He didn’t even have hard time breathing as he continued.
“45, 46, 47…” I kept counting.
“They really look cute in that position don’t they?” Pietro said, smiling at us like we are 5 year-old kids playing in the garden as a joke.
“We should take a picture.” Sam said taking out his phone.
“Yeah, I like this position too.” I said loudly, making everyone chuckle.
“Keep counting princess.” Steve said between his breaths.
“61, 62, 63…”
“You know Rogers, you two should do press-ups more often.” Natasha said. After a minute later of us cheering for Steve he fianlly finished the challenge.
“97, 98, 99- 100!” I cheered and he let himself down. I got off him and stood up, whistling.
I saw Natasha pulling the others out of the room to leave us alone with the corner of my eye. I heard Tony say “But we will watch from the security cameras, right?”
“Of course shellhead.” Natasha said as she shut the door behind them. I turned to Steve.
“You really did a good job at press-ups Stevie.” I said with a playful voice.
He smirked at me.
“And you did good with the streches.” He said, taking a step towards me.
“Oh I did?” I asked, smiling, my eyebrows raised.
“Oh you did.” He said before taking one more step to me, leaning in for a kiss.
I chuckled before kissing him, I wrapped my arms around his neck as he put his hands on my waist. Our lips moved slowly in sync with eachother, then he slipped his tongue inside my mouth, explored every inch slowly and passionatly.
“WOOOOOHOOOO!” We heard others cheering through the speakers, we didn’t even break our kiss, we just both raised our middle fingers towards the cameras at the same time.


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anonymous asked:

hello yes i am an innocent juhope shipper but i found a cute vine i think u will appreciate v/ixXrXzjV2tb

Karnia, I see you. -___-

But omfg the way V says no is so cute skdajflksjadklgjsfd I want to punch him in the face. >_< *totally ignoring J-Hope on purpose* xo