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Cards On The Table (Show Me Your Heart)

In which Emma loses control of her magic and Killian tells the truth. (Spoilers through 4.08)

Rated: T | Words: 3680 | FF.NET

Emma Swan runs.

She’s always been good at it. It was easy the first time, sneaking out in the middle of the night with six things in her backpack. She didn’t look back once.

It got harder. Leaving Lily was difficult but her anger at the betrayal did a good job of masking the hurt.

But when Neal left her, so easily, so callously, that was when she had begun to excel at it.

So now, when she is trying to do it again, to leave before it hurts, to push him, to push them away and every part of her screams out for her to stay, she knows that he’s changed her.

They’ve changed her.

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