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social things trans ppl suffer through

- when someone glances at u and then turns to have another long, long, look
- when someone’s face drops when they look at u
- “thank u ma'am, oh no it’s okay sir don’t worry, ma'am-”
- kids asking their parents why that girl has long hair, why that man’s wearing a dress and then mum shushing them and giving u a look of contempt
- announcing that ur gay but everyone’s like “so u like? girls? boys?”
- feeling like you’re passing and comfortable until u open ur mouth
- ^ someone acting normally around u until u speak and they look at you like Oh
- not knowing whether to introduce yourself with Mr or Mrs or Mx because wtf will this person im talking to react like - having ur guardians/parents’ family over and tHe BIg COnFuSioN
- a parent who really doesn’t want to tell any of their friends that their “precious son/daughter” is no longer what they were
- being looked up and down for a good 10 ten minutes before the person moves on
- not being able to breathe for a MINUTE without someone asking you what gender you are what genitals you have why you dress the way you do etc
- not being able to “just keep your head down and ignore everyone else” because people want to make it Very Clear that they don’t like whatever’s going on with your gender

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Got7 Reaction #14 - Their s/o wraps themselves in a blanket burrito

anon said: got7 reaction to finding their s/o in a blanket burrito ( XD cuz its winter~ )

Mark: “You wanna come out of that burrito and snuggle your adorable boyfriend for warmth instead? Or should I just join you in the burrito?”

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Jackson: *Pouting because you’re being cute without him* “I’m right here, why don’t you cuddle me instead of cuddling by yourself in all those blankets?

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Jaebum: *when you refuse to come out of the blanket burrito to eat a healthy meal* “Fine but you’re going to have to pee eventually Y/n, and when you do I’m stealing all the blankets and hiding them until you eat a proper meal”

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Jinyoung: *alseep in his own burrito right next to you, your heads resting right by each other and both of you have one of your hands out from the blankets so you two can hold hands while you sleep*

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Youngjae: *thinking to himself* They’re so cute… How can one person be so cute? I really need to try and be quiet so they can take their nap in peace. They look adorable and so content… Must be quiet… *bumps into kitchen cabinet and 20 metal pans come falling out noisily as possible*

Well so much for being quiet.

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Kunpimook: *probably thinking of 100 different ways to prank you while you sleep or how to wake you up the funniest way…You will never get peace while dating this boy. Never.*

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Yugyeom: (please ignore the subtitles) “I will snuggle you one way or another Y/n. If you’re wrapped in fuzzy blankets then that’s just a plus. Scoot over and let me love you” *squishy sunshine wants love and attention*

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A/N: IT WAS FREAKING ALMOST 70 DEGREES (Fahrenheit, so about 21 degrees Celsius) WHERE I LIVE BUT NOW IT’S BACK DOWN TO 20 DEGREES (-6 in Celsius) AND IT HAPPENED OVERNIGHT AND I JUST WANT THE WARMTH BACK *buries self in blanket burrito until summer awakens again*


depression, flare, headache, irritability, joint stiffness, nervousness, anxiety or mood swings, forgetfulness or lack of concentration,difficulty falling asleep or sleep disturbances,muscle tenderness, delayed onset muscle soreness, or muscle spasms, fatigue, feeling tired, or malaise, intense pain at night, nausea, difficulty digesting correctly, Tension or migraine headaches, Increase in urinary urgency or frequency (irritable bladder)
Reduced tolerance for exercise and muscle pain after exercise.

The above are SOME (not all) symptoms of fibromyalgia. These are all ones I deal with daily.
Fibromyalgia is often ignored by people and even the medical community as being all in ones head. I assure you, it is not.
In fact, my computer even keeps tagging fibromyalgia as not even a real word.
It is a real word. A real disease, too.
When people , family or “friends”, have said I complain too much , or I over react, or I don’t look sick, or tell me I should just exercise to lose weight, I just feel a pit opening in my stomach. How do you explain to someone that you are going through all this, along with diabetes, arthritis, a still undiagnosed back condition, and an immunity disorder and NOT sound like your complaining?
Im posting this for all the people who suffer with this same type of invisible illness, and who have been scoffed at, ignored, or misdiagnosed.
Today I have done nothing but sit on the couch since I woke up at 1:30 since I was up til 6 am . Like most night. I did walk to the end of my block, and was in such pain by the time I returned I had to pop some pain pills. Which I dont like because 1)the barely help 2) the cause constipation, and 3)They cause me to be hyper, so I cant take them at night, when the pain is the worst.
Not looking for sympathy or anything like that, just understanding.
Ive been called lazy, and whiny for most of my life, and told theres nothing wrong with you.
Sometimes that hurts more then the disease.

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hi im a 13 year old trans boy and i. id just like some advice on how to stop people from calling me names at school (cos im out there) like "the it" and "sir her" and saying i have diseases

I’m going to assume that you’ve already been given all the standard advice like “just ignore them” and “talk to a teacher”. So I’m going to skip over that.

Actually, ignoring them is not altogether bad advice, but it only works if you can really ignore them. Bullies can usually tell that they’re getting to you even if you don’t verbally react. So the key is not in ignoring them; it’s in becoming aware and convinced, on a fundamental level, that you are better than them and they are not worth your time. That’s not easy to do. It requires you to become more mature that 13 year olds generally need to be. Of course, you are already more mature than 13 year olds generally need to be. By coming out at school, you have already displayed more courage than these bullies probably ever have in their life. So, with that in mind, here are some pieces of advice.

1. Know that there is a place inside you where they cannot get to you. It’s the same place where the self-awareness to know that you are trans came from, and the courage to speak out about it. Know that that place is always there, and know that you can go there.

2. Own it. These kids are damn right they should be calling you “sir”! You’re more self-aware, brave, and mature than they will possibly ever be in their entire lives. So when they give you a nickname, take it. Spin it to your advantage. Make it your instagram handle and casually post funny things about being trans, making it look like it’s no big deal to you. When they joke about you, shoot back that your penis is still bigger than theirs. The less taboo you make the subject, the less of a taboo there will be for them to break.

3. Take up a martial art. Not even necessarily to use it, but because knowing how to physically defend yourself will boost your overall self-confidence and you will seem like less of an easy target. When you walk by a group of bullies, visualize yourself beating them in a fight. Of course, the fact that you now know how to handle yourself if someone does physically attack you is a nice bonus.

4. Find queer friends. In school, outside of school, online, wherever. This will make you feel like you’re not alone in facing the bullies, and will again boost your overall self-confidence. And if the bullying still doesn’t stop, your friends will be there to support you and validate you, and the bullying will seem much less important and impactful for it.

I know this is a lot. It’s not fair that you have to do all of this, after having already done so much. But you’re brave, and you’re strong, and I know you can do it. I wish you all the luck in the world.

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just block the anon trust me theyre refreshing ur page over n over to see how u react to their hate and nothing is pettier and will make them angrier than just deadass ignoring them lol

they stopped actually which is really funny bc im fed up with their shit! rip

blocking actually doesnt do. anything btw it just makes it so they cant see ur blog on mobile

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hi! are requests open? (i can't tell on mobile, but if they're closed, feel free to ignore this ask!) peony, i just read your break up reaction post, and it was heartbreaking! so: could request the rfa members reacting to getting back together with mc?

Sequel to this post: http://im-gay-for-dr-pepper.tumblr.com/post/153363088184/heya-not-to-ruin-anyones-mood-but-could-you



  • When you’d broken up with Yoosung his whole life collapsed
  • He had no other purpose other than you
  • So when you came back this chill that had settled over this world had lifted and your presence was where the warmth seemed to radiate from
  • His first instinct was to hug you
  • So he did, he pulled you in close and refused to let go
  • He didn’t notice it but he’d began crying
  • He takes you inside and cooks you your favorite meal and after eating he doesn’t let go of you. He’s all cuddles right now because he’s missed you so much
  • Immediately his grades shot up and he started eating well and got on a proper sleep schedule because he could start holding you at night again
  • Everything was like before you’d broken up but this time he was even more determined to keep you


  • He’d been a mess of emotions when you’d left him
  • His house was also a mess.
  • He’d broken every last belonging that could be broken, he’d shattered anything and everything, and there were holes in the walls.
  • He could either be focused to the point of obsession or he physically couldn’t bring himself to do it
  • You had made him both the most sought out musical actor and one that people refused to hire at the same time
  • But then you came back, at his door, with a small smile gracing your lips
  • If he could’ve, he would’ve been mad but any bad feelings towards you were washed away as soon as you first parted your lips to speak
  • It took all of his self control not to kiss you, but when you said you wanted to get back together with him he didn’t hold himself back. He had you in his arms kissing you sweeter than you ever thought possible
  • It didn’t take long for him to get back to where he was in the acting world, he had begun picking up his performances to a better quality than before the two of you had broken up
  • And not to mention he didn’t hold any anger from a bad performance or practice because when he got home now he had you to vent to and to help calm him down
  • You were his life line and he couldn’t lose you again


  • She’d gone kind of crazy when you’d broken up with her
  • It was really overwhelming for her, she’d have dreams that felt so real that sometimes she couldn’t discern the two
  • She worked herself so hard just to keep you out of her head that she was collapsing from exhaustion and lack of nutrients
  • She’d felt so lost, but then she heard the jingle of the front door’s bell and in walked you
  • At first Jaehee wasn’t sure if this was reality or not so she chose to ignore you
  • And then you spoke
  • That’s how she knew, your voice had changed over the months
  • When you’d wrapped your arms around her she started crying, and she couldn’t stop it. Her heart swelled and she thought it was going to burst
  • It took her a moment to convince herself that this was real and that she wasn’t dreaming
  • When she had though she was a bright pink for the rest of the day, insanely bubbly, and giggly. She was high on life
  • When she’d ate diner with you that night she suddenly realized how hungry she was, when the two of you retired to bed she noticed just how tired she was.
  • It would take her months to catch up on sleep and a lot of vitamins to bring her health back up but she had you so she knew she was going to be okay


  • Jumin had caved in on himself when you’d left, his emotions falling away from him as though he’d simply stripped himself of a layer of clothing
  • Except he’d not been able to rid himself of everything you did something so him that he couldn’t conceal
  • It wasn’t too noticeable if you didn’t know to look, but there were times where you could see his eyes tear up, you could hear his breathing hitch, or his face flush colors you didn’t know possible
  • You had attempted to catch him at the office but he chose to ignore you because you were probably just going to talk to Jaehee, and he didn’t think he could even handle talking to you right now
  • Then, later that week he’d heard the security guards usher someone into his home. He immediately went out ready to start firing anyone that dared let in the intruder
  • Except, that intruder was you. The love of his life. Just seeing you made emotions was hover him that he’d so easily thrown away
  • He was angry, and sad, and he felt sick. But the feeling that flowed through him so freely was pure joy.
  • When you’d told him you wanted him back though, all of the other feelings in him washed away as he pressed you against the wall and kissed you so desperately he almost felt embarrassed
  • The change in his demeanor was so sudden that the people who worked with him would go to Jaehee and asked what had happened to him
  • But he changed towards you as well, he couldn’t lose you again. He’d probably die, if we’re being completely honest.


  • This boy was a mess when you’d left. Worse than Jaehee, worse than Zen
  • Even when you were with him he wasn’t eating well and he didn’t have a normal sleeping schedule so why would it improve upon you leaving him?
  • Someone from the RFA had to hold checkups on him every couple days and at one point he’d almost had to be hospitalized
  • One day as Jumin is watching him the door opens, he’s terrified because isn’t that a special security system that only Seven can get through???
  • Then you walk through the door and Jumin almost faints, Seven does faint though only just being caught by the two of you
  • When he comes to though there you are and he feels slightly rested so he can see properly and that is definitely not a hallucination
  • You haven’t even said anything and he’s already sobbing, gross, gross sobbing
  • He doesn’t know if he’s happy or not but you holding him was definitely a plus in the situation
  • He’s just crying out phrases like ‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you’ and he feels so stupid even when you kiss him and hold him tighter
  • Now that you’re back after losing you he knows something has to change, and he knows that it has to be him. He needs to start taking care of himself for his own sake but for you as well
  • With how he spiraled the first time you split up if it happens again he doesn’t doubt he’ll die and neither do the other members of the RFA

~Peony is tired af

Like I know we all try to be positive but it’s really hard to be when people are killed every day based on their skin color. ‘Peaceful protests’ are a fluffy fantasy that don’t work for anyone other than white people. These protestors/rioters are not crazy, they are passionate, so passionate that it turns into anger, what else are they supposed to do? Just let this police state keep killing them? Try to 'peacefully protest’ and get ignored?

Besides, it’s mostly the police who escalate the situation. When have you seen a riot break out with no police involvement? Fuckin never. The police ALWAYS over react because they are literally trained to act that way around black people. This nation is built on racism.

Blame the police and the police state that this country is turning into. I know if my brother (the same age as Mike Brown) was killed like that I would go OFF

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hello, how do you think Dino, Hoshi and Scoups would react when they hear you scream and when they come to check up on you they see you sadly cleaning up your favorite food that you dropped??? (this happened to me yesterday and im still not over it)

Dino: He’d come running and would ask one million questions as to why you were screaming, probably ignoring the mess your food made and jumping to conclusions. Once he saw that you were just sniffling over your favorite spilled ice-cream, he’d stare at it and then at you and then get down to help you clean it up. He would understand your pain and would suggest you two go buy some more or something.

Hoshi: The moment he saw you weren’t in danger or anything like that, he’d start laughing because of course you’d scream over spilled food. He’d help you out, but he’d tease you and tell you that it’s too bad you won’t get to eat it now and you’d have the right to hit his shoulder because that was last slice of pizza left in the house. 

Seungcheol/S.coups: Initially, he’d be worried hearing you scream and would try to check you out for signs of bruises or something, but when he sees the mess your favorite food made he’d sigh and shake his head like “You screamed so loud I thought you had set the kitchen on fire…..”. He’d punish you by ruffling your hair because you made him worry so much. 

I just get so pissed off…

So Wes Gibbins was a child who’s mother was taken from him essentially by the stress of evil rich people manipulating her and destroying her emotionally and than years later he saw Rebecca and he saw something similar happen to her and he couldn’t stand to see that happening to another innocent person. That’s probably why he got into law in the first place, because he was a kind and empathetic person that wanted to help people. And people reduce his dedication to helping her to “lol none of this would have happened if Wes hadn’t been so up Rebecca’s pussy” and twist the plot to make him the villain of the story.

And than the same people go on to praise Frank and ship Flaurel when Frank was the one who killed Lila and he’s the one who’s honestly responsible for everything that happened (along with Sam who was equally responsible but Wes is “problematic” for killing him while literally defending Rebecca who Sam was on top of choking to death which is something that is constantly taken out of context to demonize Wes.) And they even go as far to call the Weslaurel kiss “disgusting.”

And after all the life changing trauma Wes has gone through since he was a child and since he started working for Annalise, all while trying to do the right thing and being lied to and manipulated by the people around him constantly everyone hates him for pushing people away, and for isolating himself, and for feeling angry because how dare he do trauma wrong and actually react in a human way rather than just pretend nothing happened. When he reacts to trauma genuinely and not by swallowing he’s a “annoying character” who “needs to get over it” or even worse “he’s so fucking ps*cho lol”

People latched onto the idea that he killed his mom so fast because they wanted to hate him and they were so willing to ignore the narrative structure of the show and everything about his character that has shown him as someone who genuinely just wanted the truth, and justice, and to do the right thing.

Like damn im always just shocked by the way people talk about Wes.