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Came over to GF house today for a normal day of hanging out. Hubby and myself was downstairs chilling watching the race and Internet surfing on phones. She texted us in group. It was so funny cause we ignored her for a bit. We go on as we were and hubby shows me his text “ Send me some black cock up!” He turns to me and says. “I guess you’re up.” I go upstairs and just as I thought, she is showered, naked, and waiting. I handle business and when finished she yells really loud…“NEXT!”

To be clear:

The entire issue with Sirius’s height is not the existence of the “Sirius is short” fanon. It’s that people are perpetuating the misinformation that it’s actually canon. It’s a consistent description and if you are cool with randomly ignoring whatever bits of canon you don’t like, you have my fullest sympathy (because there’s plenty of stuff in canon I’d like to ignore, even though I generally try not to.)

So have fun with your short Sirius fanon. But fanon is not the same thing as canon. It’s not even the same thing as a headcanon.

Like Remus being taller could be considered a headcanon. It doesn’t contradict canon (even if I personally find it implausible given all information provided.) Sirius being specifically short is fanon. It’s not even film canon (he’s average height in the movies.) It’s just a thing fans made up. Lots enjoy it and that’s fine.

It’s just not book canon and lots actually think it is. I just want to dispel the misinformation. Facts are empowering, especially in these times (even if it is just a book :P)

I hate when peoples response to finding out I’m vegan is to talk about how they feel bad for the farm animals being mistreated like that’s going to make me like them I mean ????? You clearly understand how fucked up the industry is but you just ????? Don’t do anything ????? And expect me to applaud you for just acknowledging the problem ?????

d&p recently joking about with the whole ‘bro’ culture is the best and funniest thing . i am alive and well because of this .

I have listened to Just Hold On approximately a billion times (that’s a safe estimate, I’ve been continuously streaming on two devices for days, and a good portion of that time has been actively listening to the song on repeat) and I’ve only just noticed that over the first time we hear the line “the sun goes down and it comes back up, the world it turns, no matter what”, there’s a ticking clock in the background.

And it feels rushed, like time is running out faster than it should, like it’s slipping by, aaaaand now I’m getting a little teary again.


- I love you. Why shouldn’t that be something g o o d

Can’t say I’m happy with this design but iwaoi lovechildren twins 

I Can’t Believe I Met Ayase Eli

Summary: As a late birthday present the members of aqours take Dia back to Tokyo for a fun day of shopping and fun in the city, but when Dia gets lost she finds her way to a cafe where she meets a certain favourite idol of hers.

Notes: Hello everyone! Wrote this self indulgent fic after seeing this amazing artwork by twitter user @ ah_hahauccu 
This is sort of like. Another late birthday present for Dia.
Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it :’)

Thank you for all likes and reblogs! 


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