ignore these yeah

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Instagram and/or even Vine might be an option for videos if you're concerned people will ignore Youtube!

Yeah I do use IG sometimes I just never keep up with it. I don’t do Vine I’m too old to keep up with all this stuff, I just wanted to use tumblr /whines

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HOW many followers do you have? :D and do you rec any good baekhyun blogs?

Hello ^^ I actually have a lot of followers but if i post something asking them for advice 99.9% of them [if not 100%] ignore me so yeah…the quantity doesnt really matter XD

About the good BaekHyun blogs you can check : @fybaekhyun ;;  @ahbaekhyun ;; @petitbaekhyun [she is chanyeol biased but her BaekHyun posts are 10+] ;; @bhaekhun ;;@jellybaeek ;; @greasyoppa ;; @queenbyun ;; @basic-bitch-baek ;;@sebaeked ;; @baehkkyun ;; @wuboxian ;; @ethereal-baek;; @aeribaek ;;@baekvocals ;; @baek-to-basics ;; @pornbaek ;; @baekhyunbiased ;; @baekhyun-ah ;; @baekhyu-n ;; @baekirei ;; @baekhyuntella ;; @sebaekkk 

And i am 100% sure that i forgot a lot of amazing people [sorry]

ok everyone

i’ve seen so many text posts about Minerva McGonagall retiring over James Sirius Potter and I just

this woman weathered the Marauders, the Weasley Twins, and all the shit Harry and Co. got into

James Sirius will walk into Hogwarts planning to unsettle McGonagall

she’ll just stare at him until James Sirius is the one swearing he’s going to quit school and live with Grandma Molly

remember that time when Jean was so fed up with everything that he ran off to join the singing anime


fuk the teetans im gunna sing



If you think about it, the relationship between Sasuke and Naruto could be summarized by the fact that the boy who hated everyone found a friend in the boy that was hated by everyone

And then the boy who was loved by everyone loved the only one who didn’t want to love anyone

fanon kaneki: cold, emotionless hardass who would fuck a rock into submission

canon kaneki: is the same lonely, neglected child that they always were, who overworks himself to death for the mere possibility of being loved by someone he loves. literally is his mother. who he unwillingly resents for never being there. what manga are u motherfuckers reading he’s literally represented as a weepy child every time we see inside his head.