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Yeah, that’s right, the final installment to the Everything Worth Watching series is finally here.

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bob suffers from some pretty serious mental health issues. he's cancelled cons bc he's not well enough. he's sometimes late bc he has intense anxiety. he's not perfect but some of the stuff you said about him was kinda ableist.

I didn’t know about that so I’m sorry (but it wasn’t ableism, it was pure, unjustified ignorance). So yeah, I’m not right on the missing cons thing (though the con in question was pretty pissed afterwards), and I apologise for making assumptions. And maybe I’m basing some of my arguments on what people said he said (can anyone give me videos of the new con so I can either support my arguments with facts or admit I was wrong?). BUT other things (tweets, actual quotes we have, refusing to sign, etc), I will not change my opinion on. Anyway, none of the above deny the fact that if Eliza said half of the shit he says, she would be absolutely roasted by the same fandom that idolises him and forgives him everything, even when he says the exact same things as her.


“You lead me to strange places, Hawke.”
“I’ll take you to stranger places than this, just watch!”

The Founders, Explained With Gifs

George Washington: 

John Adams:

Alexander Hamilton:

Thomas Jefferson:

James Madison:

Thomas Paine:

John Hancock:

John Jay:

Paul Revere

Patrick Henry

Abigail Adams:

Aaron Burr:

Richard Henry Lee:

Albert Gallatin

Sam Adams:

Benjamin Franklin:

AGE: 30
CHARGE(S): Second Degree Criminal Trespass, 60-day sentence
ADD. NOTES: Worked at a dept. store; is married; suspicious lack of background info on him. Can apparently sew pretty well; Is always laced-up, which scares people; Best beat-boxer; Best source of pod information.

AGE: 23
CHARGE(S): Third Degree Assault, 1 year sentence
ADD. NOTES: Former combat medic; was studying law at Columbia University; has family in London, England; Gets himself into a LOT of unnecessary fights; Has a phenomenal R&B voice; Keeps a sketchbook on him, draws mostly turtles; Regularly complains about the fact that jails don’t provide drinks.

AGE: 19
CHARGE(S): Resisting Arrest, 60-day sentence
ADD. NOTES: Immigrated from Nevis at age 17; First LT in the US army (under Major General Washington**); has no known living relatives. Uses an extensive vocabulary; Talks too much; Has an amazing girlfriend; Spends most of his time reading/writing; Free-styles like nobody’s business.

CHARGE(S): Fourth Degree Criminal Mischief (Vandalism), 1 year sentence
ADD. NOTES: Immigrated from France last year; knows only basic English but learns quick; worked at a local bakery. Is a surprisingly fast rapper; Always goes out of his way to celebrate on July 4th; Shows impressive strategic skills; Seems pretty chill most of the time.

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  • capitalist: yeah so like we know its cheaper on the state to house and feed and give medical treatment to the poor
  • capitalist: but we want to keep a measurement of how much we're fucking over literally everyone, so lol lets not go for the cheaper option. I'm trying to win monopoly over here.

He leaned close - the scent of polished leather, and sage hitting her - his lips whisper soft against her brow as he kissed her. 

“Indess,” Zevran murmured, her heart breaking for him. She had known from his glances, the way he would cut across the battlefield to support her, that he thought of her more than a friend. The fact that he still cherished her, knowing she loved another - it felt like she had betrayed him, betrayed his kindness. 

“No matter the decision you make, people will understand.” He pulled back briefly, smiling at her sadly, as if he already knew the answer to his unasked question. “But Antiva is beautiful this time of year. The sea glitters as you walk down the harbour, rain and mud are but a thought, unlike Ferelden." 

There was a wistful tone to his words, the rogue drawing in a deep breath, homesickness hitting him. It always did when he spoke of Antiva. It was hard not to cry at his gentleness, at the calloused touch of his hand on her cheek, fingers stained with betrayal and death, but there was a softness to them - the caress of a lover. 

Perhaps a small bit of her did love him, in some strange, forgotten way. Alistair had claimed her heart, but Zevran made her very soul catch alight. 

"You have sacrificed enough for this world. Come home with me.”

Complete credit to @warsonghold for the stunning snippet! 

we need to be looking out for girls more than we need to be defending pop punk

  • anti pliroy / otayuri: "Shipping Yuri with JJ or Otabek is pedophilia !!"
  • Me, living in a country where legal age is 15 and where couples like those are common: :^)
  • antis: "A 15-year old don't have the maturity !! it will automatically be abuse !"
  • Me, knowing that actual 15 years old are diverse and strongly varying both on the inter- and intra-personal levels and that older people dating them aren't automatically abusers especially when they're themselves teens: :^)
  • antis: "He's 15 !! His brain isn't mature enough ! He can't do rational decisions ! "
  • Me, a psychologist actually knowing about brain maturation and knowing that he's not a 8-years old: :^)
  • antis: "Otayuri created a toxic culture of sexually harassing minors on internet and the shippers are all responsible for it !!"
  • Me, knowing that internet always been a shit place and full of predators and that it's absolutely not related to a ship: :^)
  • antis: "These ships make people in the fandom uncomfortable and are ruining the show for them !! "
  • Me, knowing that blacklists exist and that you have tools to protect yourself and avoid triggering topics: :^)
  • antis: "Otayuri is the reason there's no trans girl!yurio headcanon"
  • Me, confused because there's no rational logic here: the fuck

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