ignore these yeah

Okay. Henna’s pretty right?


But I just discovered it’s even prettier on cakes.

Look at the ickle henna cake

The not so ickle henna cake

Another not so ickle henna cake

Big and ickle henna cakes together!

But oh my gosh look how intricate that is (prettyyyyyy)

Soooo lovely

Where do people get this skill?



Anyway carry on


ルームシェア★素顔のカレ JP (Season 1) ~ 菊原千尋 (Kikuhara Chihiro)

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SQUAD LEADERS a.k.a You should follow these blogs

I dunno but I feel the urge of making a post about all the squads of TMNT fandom here, and also ‘cuz I’m always refering everyone as member of a squad

So, I’ll post the ultimate blogs of these squads, or as everybody knows - The leaders:

Leader in Blue Team a.k.a BLUE SQUAD

galacii, booyakaholla, leadernerdo

Cool But Crude Team a.k.a RED SQUAD

afireinyourheart, raphared, raphaelrules15

Does Machines a.k.a PURPLE SQUAD

meinangel, heroinewithoutashell, faithfulwhispers

Party Dude a.k.a ORANGE SQUAD

michel-angel-o, sharkblade


shellebelle1980, myshellsvaluable

These are some of the blogs you definitely should follow, also you know which blog post what XD AND I KNOW THERE IS A LOT OF OTHERS BLOGS THAT MAKES PART OF THESE SQUADS, but I just wanted to put the leaders of each one, so, welp

Have fun

EXO reaction to you flirting with a police

Suho: You don´t have to do this, $uho oppa will pay the speeding tickets.

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Xiumin: *thinks* What is she doing?

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Kris: This won´t work.

-when the police get out the tickets (ignores Chen please)-.

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Luhan: Yeah, that´s my girl-proud-.

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Chen: -get jealous-.

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Police: You should left your little brother and come to a “real” men.

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Lay: -he don´t noticed that you are flirting-.

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Baekhyun: OMG, this police is so silly.

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Chanyeol:-when he tell it to the members-

Chanyeol:-angry- I really want to punch this police

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Police: -to you- I will call you.

Tao: *thinking*Do you think that she going to go out with you when she has me?

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Police: sorry, i´m gay.

Sehun: Good job Y/N -Laughing at you-.

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Police: But I whould go out with you pretty boy -wink at Sehun-.

Sehun: No thanks, I have a girlfriend. She is the silly girl in front of you.

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