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Don’t get me wrong I hope I live to see my favorite theater actors get their Tony, their Grammy, their Oscar, their Hollywood Star, but more than that I hope I live to see them in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ - and I don’t expect this to get notes, it’s just very important to me.


Peaceful mornings at the Skywalker residence. Sorry I was too lazy to google a more legit prosthetic.  EDIT: This is way too late and probably futile, but for the record, this comic takes place in a domestic Earth AU.

I mean, I’m researching the first one so that’s kinda what I wanted to know, but all of these are gold.


requested — boyfriend texts with sicheng

Living with anger issues I can’t work on
  • I get angry at technology A LOT
  • When people tell me how to feel the only thing i feel is ANGER
  • I’m not gonna calm down because your voice is whispered and kind
  • i’m still angry
  • there are some days where i don’t want to here a single person’s voice.
  • if you try to tell me something you found on the internet i will get extremely impatient
  • i fucking hate when i’m being so unfair but i don’t know how to not be unfair
  • there are sometimes i really want to cry but i can’t because I’M ANGRY. 
  • I am a total ass to everyone and everything 
  • i’m a pacifist but even i wanna throw a bag of bricks at your face when you tell me how i’m supposed to react

okay but imagine adam, who is much shorter than caleb, nails painted black, in caleb’s too-big letterman jacket with one of his band tees underneath

now imagine that adam:
- cheering on his boyfriend at a big game
- or adam and caleb hanging with the football team after practice and adam realizing that they aren’t all meatheads after all (they do tease them tho, don’t get him wrong, but they’re complex people and some of them are not as bad as he once thought)
-because it’s a lil too big the sleeves will most definitely cover his hands and caleb is /loving/ it

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So I was thinking about Eth getting the flu or somethin and everyone is just super sweet tries to take care of him but hes like "nO LET ME DO MY JOB" and they finally get him to lie down and he falls alseep and then Amy goes to check on him or somethin and he's half asleep and kinda delirious like y'know how people get when they're sick and hes just like "thanks mom" and Amy's all "awww" and happy cuz its just to cute and also caring boyfriend Ty?

Y A S 

When Mark got sick the week before everybody had pampered him with gifts and plenty of tea. When Kathryn got sick not too soon after that, it was the same deal. One one hand, Ethan saw it as sweet. On the other, he could not stand being pampered like that. The thought made him shudder.

 So the second that Ethan sneezed twice in a row, he knew everybody’s eyes had turned to him. And that’s when his descent into madness began.

  “Ethan, please, I need to take your temperature,” Tyler insisted as he tried nearing the thermometer to his mouth while the smaller man whipped his head around like an infant.

  “Guys, there are these blue blankets on sale,” Mark said as he scrolled through an online catalog, “they’re blue and they’re for six bucks. Guys.”

 Amy returned from her shopping trip with multiple tea boxes and a giant teddy bear, tossing all the items onto the couch where Ethan was already pinned underneath Tyler’s weight.

  “Chica, what do you smell on Ethan. Is it a cold. Is it,” Kathryn asked, eye level with the dog that laid on the floor looking as clueless to the situation as possible.

  “Guys, the blankets. Six bucks. They’re blue. Ethan’s blue.”

  “Chica says it’s a cold,” Kathryn deduced as she stood up.

  “Okay, so I don’t know how you’re feeling but I was thinking Chamomile or Jasmine,” Amy asked, holding up both boxes.

  “Eth, your head is just burning up right now. Do you need team cuddles? Will that help, babe?”

 Ethan stood up, pushing Tyler off of him with the multiple tea boxes. He looked at the rest of the group frustrated.

  “Guys! I’m fine!” Ethan shouted. Everybody stared at him with blank faces, before they returned to ones of concern.

  “Alright, fuck you guys, i’m getting the blankets,” Mark mumbled.

  “Yup, definitely Chamomile.”

  “Chica, talk to me, sweetheart,” Kathryn said as she laid down next to Chica again.

 Ethan rolled his eyes, making his way back to his desk to continue his work. He started scrolling through all the videos they needed for the week when he felt two strong hands on his shoulders.

 It started out a soft massage on his shoulders, Ethan leaning into the touch after a while. Wow, he was tense. Tyler bent down and kissed his hair multiple times before taking a seat next to him.

  “Eth, please just take the day off,” Tyler whispered, taking his hands into his. Ethan sighed and looked into his boyfriend’s wondrous blue eyes.

  “Ty, I can’t–”

  “Bullshit,” Mark called out, without turning from his screen across the room.

 Ethan let out another sigh and Tyler gave him a sympathetic smile. He kissed his forehead and left his chair, helping Amy stuff all the tea into its bag again.

 The blue-haired boy sat in his chair, contemplating whether work was worth it or not. The longer he sat there, the more and more it convinced him.

  “Fine,” Ethan mumbled as he closed his computer and laid down on the couch. Tyler gave him a smile and left him be. Everybody continued their work as they left Ethan on the couch to rest.

 The day went by and Ethan felt comfortable laying there. He eventually felt himself drifting off into a sleep after his second cup of tea. Amy was about to replace his cup when Ethan began to mumble incoherently.

  “What was that?” She asked, scooting closer to listen.

  “Thanks, guys. Y-you’re the best,” he mumbled. Amy felt a smile grow on her face and she pushed Ethan’s hair back slightly. “you too, mom..”

 Amy’s heart ached and she looked down at Ethan with care. Mark walked over and looked down at Ethan, almost confused as if what to do with him.

  “I think he’s had enough tea,” Mark said, staring at Ethan blankly.

  “Oh my gosh, he called me mom. Mark I could be a mom,” Amy squealed. Mark’s eyes widened and he made his way back to his desk. “What? Mark, no, come back. What if we had kids. Mark I could be a mom.”

 Mark tried not to listen as Amy gushed about her daydream of being a mother while Tyler decided to lay against the couch, working there. Ethan’s soft snores kept Tyler smiling the entire time. 

  “Chica… are you sick too?” Kathryn asked, looking at the dog from where she sat at her desk. The dog rolled over and Kathryn let out a sigh of relief. “oh thank God.”


Wally probably doesn’t mind it because Barry is always so humble and will always respect and love Wally for his achievements rather than comparing him to himself. And the fact Barry is his true father figure.

There’s no rivalry between them. Their bond is so strong. Just love and acceptance.

This is the page I’ve been waiting for since rebirth began.

THIS is a dynamic duo.

I’m crying.

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If you know your friend, partner, or family member has dependency issues and they’ve made it clear to you that they have separation anxiety and would rather you tell them you don’t want to talk to them rather than ignore them, and you still ignore them, I’m sorry, but

You’re a piece of shit and they deserve so much better than you. I don’t care what the fuck your reason is. There literally can’t be a logical explanation as to why you can’t take a minute out of your day to text your loved one who’s MADE IT CLEAR THEY NEED THIS to tell them that you’re not ignoring them, you’re just not in the mood to talk.

You are a piece of shit.

Shine and Fade - Drake x MC, A Royal Romance Fanfic

#ChoicesCreates Round16


“Don’t ask me to say I don’t love you.”

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Drake x MC

Rating: T

Hosted by @texanhusker, and a special thank you to @hollyashton for keeping this alive for 16 whole rounds!

[A little note: Ever since that snowfall scene with MC and Drake, I’ve been thinking that watching the stars could turn into something they indulge together as much as they can. Until that same indulgment is ultimately what befalls them. I know a couple of you know I prefer angst so this won’t be any different. I’m sorry for writing so much drake x mc, but I just love them so much. Enjoy!]

[Summary: Star-gazing became their commitment to each other. The only moments where they don’t have to hide their growing feelings. Until, it isn’t anymore.]

Looking at the stars has become their thing. Their little habit without saying it. The only time when they harbor no excuses to see each other. The only moments when her hand finds his and he doesn’t hesitate in gripping them, enveloping each other with a sense of awareness; more than the warm comfort of a friend. When they are alone with only the stars as company, the competition doesn’t feel as crushing to their souls as or as thick; a heavy burden they both bare. Their secret meeting as they scamper away from the castle is a mute agreement; the blossoming excitement of an unspoken romance. 

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some photos from greece,,, gosh I miss this weather, since I’m back in germany it rained EVERY SINGLE DAY