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Keith shoved a corrective elbow into Lance’s side. “You’re doing it again.”

“Ow! Sonnofa- hey! No I’m not- uh. Doing what?”

“Staring at Pidge.” Keith crossed his arms. “Knock it off.”

“I’m not staring! I’m just…” Lance darted a quick look across the common room, where Pidge was thankfully out of earshot and engrossed in scrolling Galra code. 

“Excessively looking?” Hunk tried helpfully.

“No! Yes. Maybe?” Lance tried to keep his voice below the distant clacking of Pidge’s keyboard. “I’m just trying to figure it out.”

Keith snorted. “What’s there to figure out? Literally nothing has changed.”

“Yes it has, Pidge-”

“Is exactly the same,” Keith emphasized. 

“But-” losing track of his thoughts, Lance appealed to his left. “Hunk! Back me up! Completely out of left field, right?”

“Sorry man,” Hunk hunched his shoulders apologetically. “I figured it out a while ago.”

Lance’s jaw dropped. “And you didn’t say anything?”

He shrugged. “It seemed rude to bring it up.”

“How am I the last one to know about this!” Lance threw up his hands, discretion completely forgotten. 

Lounged comfortably on the couch, Shiro’s mouth quirked. “Do you really want us to answer that?”

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anonymous asked:

can you do a KBTBB headcanon where the guys get jealous because when they are on a date the MC's ex shows up ignores the bidders and asks her out on a date? (Btw your writing is great! love it!)


You were having dinner with Eisuke at some fancy restaurant, in fact it was so fancy you couldn’t even understand how to pronounce some of the things on the menu. After ten minutes or so the waiter came to get your orders and your heart stopped instantly when you saw his face. Cute blonde curls, big blue eyes, there was only one person that it could be…

“Hotaka! I can’t believe it’s you. I haven’t seen you in nearly four years.” You exclaim, completely shocked by the identity of your waiter. His professionalism withers away when he sees you,  his notepad swiftly dropping to the table. Eisuke watches on, staring between you and the waiter with an intense look in his eyes.

“I can’t believe I’m seeing you after all this time? Seeing you now and how beautiful you are makes me really regret breaking up with you.” Hotaka says firmly and your cheeks flush scarlet. The sight of your cheeks turning red for another man makes Eisuke feel sick. Only he does that to you, not some waiter. “I finish my shift soon, we should go for drinks right?”

Before you can politely turn him down, Eisuke pulls you from your seat and onto his lap. With red cheeks you accept a possessive kiss from him. “You missed your chance with her.” Eisuke hisses, his eyes filled with fire. “You’ve lost her, She’s mine now.”

You remain on Eisuke’s knee as Hotaka takes your order. It has to be one of the most embarrassing and awkward moments of your life, your boyfriend however looks like he’s having a blast torturing your ex-boyfriend. As soon as Hotaka leaves you try to get up, Eisuke responds by holding you even tighter. “Where do you think you’re going? I still have to punish you for blushing at another man.” He smiles devilishly at you as you blush again.


With a wide smile on your face you set out the little picnic you had spent all of last night preparing. It isn’t much, just a few little sandwiches, some homemade cookies and some other little snacks, but Soryu watches in amazement as you lay it all out on the red-checkered blanket. It isn’t often you and Soryu get to spend an entire day together so you want it to be perfect.

You look over at the mobster; He’s lying down with his head propped up on his hand, his tall body spread out imposingly across the grass as the blanket isn’t nearly large enough for his six-foot frame. He’s wearing his casual clothes today yet you can still see the outline of his gun underneath his shirt, reminding you that  he’s always a mobster, even on a relaxing date with you.

He reaches out with his free hand and taps your cheek twice with two of his fingers, his own version of a thank-you. You are about to lean forward and kiss him when a loud familiar voice grabs your attention. “_______ is that really you? What are you doing with such a scary looking man.” It’s Hotaka, your ex-boyfriend, you would recognize that voice anywhere. Your face pales as he makes his way over to you and Soryu. “Wow you look more beautiful than I remembered. I can’t believe I broke up with you… what a big mistake! We should go out again!”

Your cheeks flush red. Soryu instantly sits up from his horizontal position pulling you into chest and his arms wrap around you protectively. You feel his gun dig into your side, it’s uncomfortable but you feel safe, more safe than you ever did in Hotaka’s arms. Just then your ex does the unthinkable, he reaches forward and takes one of your cookies. You feel Soryu’s growl vibrate in his chest as he reaches out and snatches it out of Hotaka’s hand.

“This food wasn’t made for you so don’t dare try to eat it. I think you should leave, me and my girlfriend would like to be left alone.” Soryu’s voice is full of anger and possessiveness. Hotaka doesn’t move and inch; a mistake if ever you saw one. “What are you waiting for? If I’m such a scary man you wouldn’t want to do anything to anger me would you?”


You can’t believe Ota actually managed to convince you to do this. Posing naked for a photoshoot isn’t something you’ve ever been inclined to do in the least, but posing naked for the best selling fashion magazine in Dubai is something else entirely. You let out a sigh as you slip out of the dressing gown, absolutely naked you feel completely vulnerable.

You timidly walk through to the the photo shoot, where Ota is already posing expertly with a leaf carefully positioned over his private parts - you feel slightly relieved that your most intimate areas aren’t going to be immortalized with a photograph. Your relief quickly dissipates however when you see the photographer. No it couldn’t be, of all the photographers in the world?

“________!” Hotaka your ex-boyfriend exclaims, nearly dropping his camera in shock. Ota looks up in surprise. You are about to run forward and hug your ex-boyfriend but when you remember you’re naked, you run to Ota and hide behind him, trying to conceal whatever modesty you have left. “I can’t believe I’m seeing you again after all this time. Maybe - maybe after this I could shoot you some more but without Mr Angelic over there intruding?”

“And maybe the police could take pictures of your dead body” Ota says, one arm held out protectively in front of you. Hotaka’s eyes widen in horror at the thought. You feel a blush on your cheeks. “C’mon Koro. I hear this photographer isn’t even that good.”

Ota bravely stands up not even bothering that the leaf falls to the ground, he leads you by hand back into the changing rooms and the pair of you get dressed in relative silence until; “Pfft. I can’t believe you’d ever go out with someone like that.”

Super Junior SPY AU

“We are not spies. We are not police, we are not a mafia,” Jungsu explained to the others, “We are a family. If one of us falls, we won’t turn back, we will do whatever it takes to raise the other up.”
“A family,” Kyuhyun repeated, “You forgot one simple detail, Jungsu. A family doesn’t chase ‘the bad guys’, neither kill them.”