ignore the wings please

“He cannot take me from you,” Michael murmurs, tucking his head against Gabriel’s shoulder, warming the chill from his skin with soft breaths against his throat. “No one can. Our Father Himself could not separate us and neither will Lyrae. Neither will this war. Neither will this nightmare come between us.”

It is a prayer, beseeching. It is hope.

It is all they have now to drive back the dark.

Nightmares by suntosirius and drinkbloodlikewine

There is pain. And then there is that kind of pain you cannot help but crawl back to over and over again, because it just aches so beautifully #liferuiners

The stories of those crossing the Mediterranean and overland through Eastern Europe are truly heartbreaking. How can any of us living comfortably in the West judge those fleeing murder, rape and persecution? Please ignore the right wing scumbags who peddle myths of migrants ‘coming for your jobs’, 'taking your houses’ etc. All they want is the FREEDOM to live their lives in peace and raise their families free from the threat of death.

As a citizen of a privileged country (I’m English/British), I’ve always been of the opinion that we should share the wealth. My country opened its doors to German Jews in the aftermath of Kristellnacht, to Asian families during Idi Amin’s expulsion policy, and as a thank you to the service given by soldiers in World War Two, invited ALL members of the Commonwealth to live in the UK. Our proud history is going to be undone by a silent Government unwilling to show empathy and compassion to a people desperately in need.

I decided not to use the image of the small Syrian boy being brought out of the sea as all people deserve dignity in death. All we can hope is that his passing will mark a change for the better in the experiences of those seeking sanctuary and a better life.

Tormented Artifacts Bootwings Review!

So I’ve been meaning to do this since ummmm January and here it is: my review of the wonderful bootwings by winneganfake! I fucking love these.

I’m obviously awkward as hell in this video but please ignore this and focus on what’s important: winged shoes!! Hopefully this inspires some of you to check these out. :) (xtoxictears – have you seen these yet?!)