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I love love love this shot of my Hera taken at SWCO by @FuryZhil on twitter.

This was right as Celebration was shutting down on the last day and we were slowly inching our towards the exit

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Hi^^ Can I request 17 and theme 9 for seungkwan?(: tysm!!

Of course! Always happy to make more content for him! This actually became longer than planned. Here’s Idol/fan switch with Seungkwan and the quote “Can I… touch you?”


You’re exhausted, and you’re only half way through one of the longest practices ever, running on very little sleep. So, during the break, you head out to get coffee for yourself and some of your group members. You adjust the mask around your face and tug your hat lower, yanking ear buds out of your ears as your enter the warm little shop on the corner.

A bell goes off at your arrival. The men behind the counter glances up and you go quickly to order your drinks. While he makes them, your wander around some of the racks of other goods they sell.

Turning the corner brings you face to face with… a very nice ass. Which belongs to a boy searching the bottom shelf while he hums to himself in a beautiful voice. As you stand rather shell shocked, he straightens up, arms full of ramyun packets, and turns around. 

You have just enough time to register how cute his face is before he sees you. And promptly drops everything he’s holding.

“Oh my god,” he says, eyes like stars. “You’re Y/N.”

So he’s a fan. You laugh, tiredness feeling less real with his bright happy face in front of you.

“Sure am,” you answer, watching him curiously. 

He looks panicked, hands fluttering, cheeks rapidly flushing with dusty pink. 

“You’re so beautiful,” he stammers. “I mean, I never- I’ve never seen you in person before, and, oh god-”

“Thank you,” you say, ducking your head, flattered considering your practice day means you’re wearing the most minimal make up. 

“I’m Seungkwan, by the way.” he stammers out. “I’m- I’m such a huge fan.”

“Nice to meet you, Seungkwan,” at the sound of his name on your lips, he looks ready to faint.

“I can’t believe it’s really you.” He continues to ramble. “Oh my god. Oh my god. I must be dreaming- can I… touch you?” As soon as the words pass his lips, his eyes widen, he waves an embarrassed hand. “Ah, sorry, that was weird! That was so weird please ignore me!”

His face is even more red now. You laugh softly, reach out a little impulsively, and twine your fingers with his.

“It’s okay, Seungkwan,” you say, and he looks close to melting, looking down at the point where your palms press together. “See, I’m real.”

“Oh my god,” he says. 

You still haven’t stopped smiling. You know you probably shouldn’t have favorites among your fans. But suddenly, hitting you like a ton of rocks, you realize you do now. It’s him. It’s Seungkwan.

You hear your drink order called behind you, and it feels almost disappointing.

“I have to go.” you say regretfully. “But I hope I see you again?”

Seungkwan nods earnestly. “Of course! I-I’ll try and meet you again.”

“I would love that.” Finally, you release his hand. Yours feels nearly empty without it all of a sudden, and you flex your fingers. “Take care of yourself for me, Seungkwan. Bye bye now.”

“Goodbye,” he whispers. 

You leave him standing shell shocked in the middle of the store, a smile on his lips, and a new flutter in your heart.

Soo guess who I’m going to be for London comic con~?
It’s not complete yet obviously, I’m at uni and have a low budget so I’m literally going to be using a pound shop Halloween purple hair spray™ a few days before the con. I just need a choker and maybe a headband (Halloween themed?) But overall I’m pretty impressed with myself for pulling this together in such a short time~


living that shitty park selfie life



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