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your complex

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Title: your complex

Pairing: Kim Kibum/Reader

Summary: Dating an idol had its complexities…but what could she do when destiny was the one that brought them closer?

The sound of a cup being placed over the woodened counter sounds around the empty boutique as she folds another piece of clothing that had been left out of said place. Her eyes constantly go to the door expecting to see some customer, but it was difficult to see someone at a boutique so late at night. The soft jazz in the background fills the atmosphere as she goes to one of the shelves, standing on her tiptoes to place the folded sweater where it was supposed to be, struggling slightly as she mutters the words from the song under her breath. She pulls down her shirt once she placed the sweater where it was supposed to be, hearing the sound of the small bell that welcomed someone inside the boutique. Her feet make her turn around and she almost trips without moving as she looks at the person entering the shop, his recently dyed pink hair casting against the pastel blue walls of the boutique.

She clears her throat as she walks towards the counter, taking the remains of her cup of tea before tracing her eyes over his features as he looked at the male clothing. His eyes were fixated over the newer pieces of clothing and his casual look was fashionable as well, a striped t-shirt and some trousers to make him look like a fashion icon –and he was one, apart from other things. Kim Kibum, she recognizes, member of a very well known group and most importantly, a person that she had looked up to for a little bit. She bites her bottom lip as she takes notice of the notebook under her, trying to concentrate in her notes for studying instead of ogling at him. Obviously, he was handsome and from what she saw on interviews and shows, he was really a personality that was considered one of a kind. Yet, when she’s too immersed in some concept that she didn’t understand, she hears a soft voice calling her over.

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Jokey Jammer, happy Kaner and smiley Tazer at the Chicago Blackhawks’ 2013 Stanley Cup Rally

Welcomed Rain (2090 words) by otokopus
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Junkrat/Roadhog, Roadrat
Characters: Jamison Fawkes (Junkrat), Mako Rutledge (Roadhog)
Additional Tags: trans junkrat, crying junkrat, some angst, hurt/comfort, coming out fic, junkrat crushing on roadhog, forgetful junkrat

(I’ll upload the fic to Ao3 when I get the chance– for now you can find it under the cut. Enjoy!) 

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