ignore the shitty quality of my phone


His play is not studied, it is organic. It can’t be recorded with a phone like a Messi free-kick. If you aren’t paying close attention, you miss it, stylish touches only visible for a fleeting moment. The moments of his play that are most personal, most distinctly Neymar-esque, last a few seconds at the most. Like brushstrokes, the very nature of these brief instances is what makes him such an exciting player.

Happy Birthday Neymar Jr!


*squee* These pictures are so freaking pretty. Ignore the shitty quality because my mobile phone isn’t the best. But believe me @kinksman88 latest Kingsman fanbook is simply gorgeous!! Also the postcards. My heart. ♥ Even my mum who doesn’t like slash said the Sleeping Beauty one is gorgeous!

Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see your next work @kinksman88!! :D

*(There are photos of… Huh?)

*(A card is sticking out from the back flap of the binder.)

*(It’s a poorly drawn picture of three smiling people.)

*(Written on it…)

*“don’t forget.”