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Up All Night

Summary: Dan can’t sleep. Normally, this only ever happens when he’s having another one of his infamous existential crisis’ or he’s had one too many biscuits before bed. Tonight, however, that is not the case.

Word Count: 2.5k

Genre: Fluff (+ a bit of angst if you squint)

Triggers/Warnings: Swearing

Note: i started writing this before dan rebranded and i’m too much of a lazy ass to go and change it, so his username is still ‘danisnotonfire’ in this story.


Dan can’t sleep. Normally, this only ever happens when he’s having another one of his infamous existential crisis’ or he’s had one too many biscuits before bed. Tonight, however, that is not the case.

Earlier while Dan was scrolling through the “danisnotonfire” tag on tumblr, he came across a lot of posts about phan. This isn’t unusual, of course. Hell, pretty much everyone and their grandmother ships it. Typically, he would just ignore all of these posts, but for some reason today he decided it would be a good idea to take look at all of these ridiculous discussions and edits.

It wasn’t a good idea.

At first, he thought it really was funny to see what people had to say about Dan and Phil’s supposed relationship. People analyzing their tweets, speculating when they’re getting married, and all of the theories about 2009 were quite amusing, to say the least.

The more Dan scrolled though, the more he second guessed himself. Almost all of the theories were far stretched and absolutely unbelieveable, but some of them left him thinking. The more “heart eyes howell” posts he saw, the more he started to notice that sometimes he wasn’t just making friendly eye contact. He won’t deny that he may or may not have maybe fancied Phil a bit back when he was 18, but that was a very long time ago and it was more of a fanboy obsession than a crush. Right?

And that brings us to now. Dan has been pacing the length of his room for what must be hours now. He tried to get to sleep, really he did, but it looks like that isn’t happening anytime soon. His brain just won’t shut up about Phil’s stupid gorgeous ocean eyes, man you could go swimming in them. No, he can’t think like that. Phil is Dan’s best friend, and you can’t just think about your platonic best friend like that. Even if that platonic best friend has perfect silky smooth raven hair and the most gorgeous smile in the entire univ-


Dan’s thoughts are interrupted by the soft creak of his bedroom door followed by the voice of a tired Phil. Dan has always loved Phil’s sleepy voice. Even when he only heard it through a shitty laptop microphone during late night Skype calls back in 2009, he could still pick up on the little bit of northern-ness that slips through. He finds it truly endearing.

“Hey,” Dan replies almost completely inaudibly, although now that Phil’s awake, there’s really no one else to wake up unless their neighbors have super hearing.

“Why’re you still awake?” Phil asks standing in the doorway to Dan’s bedroom. “It’s nearly 4am, you really shouldn’t be up this late,”

“Wouldn’t it be ‘up this early?’” Dan remarks with a sardonic tone.

Dan can’t really make out Phil too well in the dark, but he can tell that he rolls his eyes.

“That’s not the point,”

“I’m just thinking,” Dan half lies to Phil, hoping he takes it as another one of Dan’s existential crisis’ and just goes back to bed.

“Okay..” Phil says sounding extremely unconvinced. That’s one of the worst things about spending basically every second of his life with Phil, Dan thought. He can always tell when he’s lying.

Phil doesn’t turn around and go back to his room like Dan hoped he would. Instead, he strides out of the doorway and further into the room. When he gets about an arm’s length away from where Dan had stopped pacing, he holds out his hand.

First, Dan is just confused and ends up staring at Phil’s pale hand for a good 5 seconds before looking up to meet his expecting eyes. Then, Dan hesitantly grabs onto the extended hand not knowing where this situation is leading.

Suddenly, he’s being practically dragged out of his room and out into the hallway of their flat. Phil turns their bodies toward his room and Dan chooses to ignore the frenzy of butterflies that erupt in his stomach.

“You guys are just friends,” Dan thinks quietly to himself “I’m sure whatever reason I’m being pulling into Phil’s room is completely reasonable and platonic. Get your mind out of the gutter.”

Phil opens the door, brings them both into his room, and shuts it behind them, never breaking the hold that he has on Dan’s hand. Then, walks over to his bed and sits down on the edge of his mattress with a quiet squeak. After what seems like an eternity, he finally lets go and rolls over so that he’s laying on his side.

Now what is he supposed to do? His best friend just walked into his room in the middle of the night and brought him into his room, only to jump onto his bed and lay down like no one else is there. After about 30 seconds of awkward silence, Phil turns around to face Dan, reaching out his arms and making grabby hands.

Dan’s eyes widen and he starts to feel some heat rising to his cheeks, which he hopes Phil isn’t able to notice in the dim light of the room. He and Phil had shared a bed before, why is this time any different then all the other times they’ve done it? Maybe it’s because he still can’t get Phil’s sharp cheekbones and kissable lips off of his mind.

Dan has imagined what it’d be like to kiss Phil before. He imagines his kiss would be as kind and gentle as his personality. He’s even fantasized what it would taste like. Sweet strawberries and happiness. Of course, this was back before he had even started talking to Phil. When he was just a naive teenager watching through a cheap laptop screen. He would never think about Phil like that now. No way.

Dan tries to push these thoughts to the very back of his head as he begins to climb up next to Phil on the bed, careful not to lie too close.

Despite Dan’s effort to leave a large amount of space between the two of them, Phil scoots closer and looks straight into Dan’s mocha colored eyes. It takes all of Dan’s strength not to just lean in and kiss him right then and there. There’s still a decent distance between their bodies, but Dan can still feel the body heat radiating off of Phil.

They stare for less than a minute, but to Dan it feels like hours. Phil’s bright eyes clashing against Dan’s much darker ones. Dan wonders how someone’s eyes can contain so many different shades at once. Though his eyes were mostly a deep abyss of sky blue, Dan could see many swirls of green and even tiny specks of yellow scattered across Phil’s iris.

It’s intoxicating.

“Alright,” Phil says in a low voice, breaking Dan out of his trance. “Are you planning on telling me what’s actually keeping up and pacing around at 4 in the morning?”

Phil is never really one to pry, he usually just lets things like this go. Sometimes though, he just can’t help himself. Especially when he can tell that something is really bothering Dan.

“Uhm,” Dan replies, feeling his cheeks grow redder as he remembers what had been keeping him awake. He hopes his blush is still hidden within the darkness, despite how close him and Phil are lying to each other.

He contemplates whether he should just tell Phil what was happening. They told each other everything, after all. The worst Phil could do was tell Dan he was a freak, kick him out of the apartment forever, and say he never wanted to see his face ever again.

Yeah, no. He’s not telling Phil.

“I already told you,” Dan speaks up. “I was just thinking. You know how I get sometimes. It’s just another dumb existential crisis, it’ll be gone by tomorrow.”

“Dan,” Phil says in a stern voice, not buying his half-assed excuse.


“Fine,” Dan quietly sighs. He shuts his eyes for a moment, trying to calm himself down

“This is so dumb,” He thinks. “Phil would never kick me out for something as ridiculous as this, I’m making a big deal out of nothing. Get it together, Dan.”

Once he opens up his eyes again, Phil arches an eyebrow, waiting for an explanation. Dan takes a deep breath.

“I was looking through the ‘danisnotonfire’ tag on Tumblr, and I saw -”

“Bear,” Phil interrupts him with a soft voice. “Is this is about some sort of hate post? We’ve already been over this, none of it is true. You have so many supporters, including me. Don’t let a couple of trolls silly comments get to you.”

“N-no that’s not what this is about.” Dan replies, blushing. Phil has always cared so much about reminding Dan not to let negativity get to him.

“Actually, erm, it’s about u-us.” He stutters out.


“Yeah,” Dan says, suddenly regretting starting this conversation and wishing Phil would’ve stopped being such a caring asshole and just left him alone to pace until the sun rises.

“So, uhm, I was scrolling through the tag and I saw some posts about-“

“Am I actually going to say it?” He thinks. “I could just lie and say that it was just some stupid hate comments and this would all be over. No, I can’t lie to Phil. He’ll understand.”


“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” He thinks. “I fucking said it. No going back now.”

“Oh,” Phil replies, his eyes growing wider and his eyebrows raising.

They both know about phan. They both know about all of the edits and fanfiction, but they never acknowledge it, especially Dan. Not after 2012, at least. That’s why Phil finds it so odd of him to even say the ship name.

“I-I tried to ignore it, but it was just everywhere and I ended up giving in. There were so many theories, and fanfictions, and edits, and the more I looked at them,” Dan takes a deep breath before finishing. “the more I realized that they might be right?”

Dan waits for Phil to scream at him to get out of his bed and kick him out of the house, but instead he just stares blankly at him with an unreadable expression. They stay silent for a couple more seconds before Dan speaks up again.

“I completely u-understand if you want to kick me out and never speak to me again. I-I’ll go start packing my things right now.”

But right as Dan is about to climb out of the bed, Phil grabs onto his arm and says “Wait, Dan,”


“Don’t go,”

Now it was Dan’s turn to stare. What? Did Phil even hear what he just said to him??

“O-okay,” Dan replies softly, climbing back beside him.

Phil closes his eyes and is silent for so long the Dan is sure he’s fallen asleep, until finally he opens his mouth and whispers, “I’m not going to kick you out,”

“You’re not?”

Phil chuckles, “No, of course not,”

“But why?

“Because you’re my best friend?”

“B-but I just said- I did- you- I-”

“Would you shut up for two seconds?”

Dan shuts his mouth quick.

“I’m not kicking you out, I don’t hate you or whatever you’re thinking,”

“But wh-”

“Because I like you too,”

Dan’s brain short-circuits. What did he just say? Does he need to check his hearing?? No, it can’t be. But when he glanced over to see Phil’s flushed face staring at him, he knows that he hasn’t misheard.

“Oh,” He simply replies trying to play it cool, although he can feel the millions of roses bloom across his cheeks.


So now what? What does this mean for their friendship? Will they ever act the same way around each other again? Will-

“Hey, Dan?”

“Um, Yeah?”

“It’s kinda difficult to make out your face in the dark, especially without my contacts in. Could you, um, scooch a little closer?” Phil suggests, trying to hide a smirk.

Dan blushes even deeper, having an idea of where this was heading. He moves closer to Phil.

“Is this better?”

“Hmm, nope. Still can’t see you. Maybe just a bit more?” Phil asks innocently.

Dan obeys, scooting even closer to him. The temperature is overwhelmingly hot by now, with their shared body heat being trapped under the duvet, but Dan can’t really find it in himself to care.

“Better?” Dan asks. Phil shakes his head.


Dan moves again.





By now, their bodies are flush together. A mess of long lanky limbs twisted together. Dan rests his forehead against Phil’s.

“Now?” He whispers. Phil feels his hot breath wash over his face. All he had to do was move his head just a bit forward…

“Closer,” Phil breathes out. His voice is perfectly rough and raspy, it sends a shiver down Dan’s spine.

And with that, Dan closes the small gap between their lips. At first, it’s slow and sweet, but after a couple seconds it grows sloppy and desperate, their feelings that they had bottled up for years spilling out all at once.

Phil doesn’t taste the same as he had imagined. There was no hint of strawberries, but instead he tastes like the hot chocolate that Dan had made for both of them earlier that night, which in his opinion is even better. He also tastes of mint toothpaste and a hint of something else that Dan can only describe as Phil.

Phil swipes his tongue along Dan’s bottom lip, asking for entrance, which Dan quickly grants, opening his mouth and letting him explore every nook and cranny.

Dan is louder than Phil imagined. He let’s out little whimpers whenever Phil applies pressure in the right places, and quiet moans when he licks around inside his mouth. And honestly, he’s not complaining.

Eventually, to their disappointment, they have to pull away to breathe. They don’t separate completely, keeping their foreheads resting together.

Dan slowly opens his eyes, to find that Phil’s were already wide. He’s engulfed in the deep ocean of color, before smiling so wide that it hurts his whole face. Phil joins him, smiling just as wide. Soon they’re both giggling like japanese school girls.

“Why the hell haven’t we done that sooner?” Dan says calming down from his laughing fit.

“I have no idea,” Phil replies still smiling.

They lean in again, grinning against each other’s mouths. It’s shorter than the last kiss, but full of love and fondness rather than desperation. When they pull apart, Phil move back to peck Dan’s lips one more time.

Phil wraps his arms around the small of Dan’s back and pulls him closer, tucking his head underneath of his chin. Dan accommodates by draping his arm across his waist and snuggling his face closer into his chest.

“I love you, bear,” Phil says, his voice soft and full of warmth.

“Love you too,” Dan replies, his voice just as warm. “Now shut up, it’s late and I’m trying to sleep,”

Phil laughs and squeezes Dan tighter, “Alright, goodnight Dan,”

He waits for a reply before he hears soft snores from under his head. He smiles and closes his eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep with Dan wrapped in his arms.


Note: i started writting this fic a while ago and i just decided to finish it today. It’s not the best but i like it enough to post it so here you go lmao ALSO thank you guys so much for all the positive feed back on my last fic! you guys are the best :)

Tripping Over the Blue Line (16/45)

It’s a transition. That’s what Emma’s calling it. She’s transitioning from one team to another, from one coast to another and she’s definitely not worried. Nope. She’s fine. Really. She’s promised Mary Margaret ten times already. So she got fired. Whatever. She’s fine, ready to settle into life with the New York Rangers. She’s got a job to do. And she doesn’t care about Killian Jones, captain of the New York Rangers. At all.

He’s done. One more season and he’s a free agent and he’s out. It’s win or nothing for Killian. He’s going to win a Stanley Cup and then he’s going to stop being the face of the franchise and he’s going to go play for some other garbage team where his name won’t be used as puns in New York Post headlines. That’s the plan. And Emma Swan, director of New York Rangers community relations isn’t going to change that. At all.

They are both horrible liars.

Rating: Mature
Content Warnings: Swearing, eventual hockey-type violence
AN: If I ever write an Ariel who doesn’t just constantly sass Killian Jones assume I’ve been kidnapped and someone is writing fic under my name. Ariel sasses Killian a lot in this chapter. As always all the thanks in the world to you guys for continuing to be so absolutely fantastic as well as @laurnorder​, @distant-rose​ & @beautiful-swan​. Also! Any and all art and edits and manips now exist at “blue line art” and any message response are all tag’ed “blue line rambles” 
Hanging out on Ao3, FF.net & tag’ed up on Tumblr

He’d totally fucked up.

He shouldn’t have said anything. He should have stayed quiet and pulled her phone out of her hand and they could have come up with some sort of explanation for where she’d been on Friday night and why he was late for film on Saturday morning and it would have been totally fine.

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Sidney Crosby #2

shalanos said: Could I request a Sidney Crosby imagine where he, and y/n, who works for the team, supposedly “hate” each other, and don’t get along, but they both actually really like each other, and they don’t confess that until they get into a huge argument, and they end up kissing? Thanks, love 💕

A/N: apologizing for the wait on requests has been my thing as of late, but hey i got to like all of them!!! so sorry but thanks for another request! i’ve been loving them :) hope you liked it!

Word Count: 2,078

Originally posted by faulker

“Do you ever get day off?” Geno asked you as you were going through your purse to find your lipstick that was unfortunately wearing off between each video being recorded. You chuckled at the large Russian, who’s broken English always managed to put a smile on your face, but you were quick to shake your head in response. 

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Imagine: Thanksgiving at the bunker

Originally posted by itssamforyou

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,700

Warnings: Language and so much fluff

A/N: sorry this is up so late, guys! I wanted it out earlier for the holiday, but festivities with my family got in the way and I’m currently using shitty hotel wifi to post this. I’ll add a GIF tomorrow and do some editing because I still think this needs some work, but wanted to get it posted and go to sleep…


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You Can Blame My Soulmate // Josh Dun

Gif credit: x

Summary: Your soulmate, whoever they are, are really fucking with your life right now. Dying their hair, and getting a tattoo over the course of twenty four hours on one of the most important days of your life career wise. 
Word Count: About 3300
Warning(s): Foul language, small mention of blood. Kinda shitty editing, idk I rushed through it.
Author’s Note: I’m probably going to do a buuuunch of these little soulmate au things because I think they’re cute and I want them to be real. I know there are quite a bit of mistakes (Josh’s hair already being dyed before the date of your job interview, and that the time zones between the two are kind of fucked) but I kind of overlooked them as I began writing and I really like this idea so if you ignore them with me it’s like they don’t even exist right? So, let’s do that. Also, for those waiting on part two of Markingsit will most likely be coming out next week (don’t quote me on that). My goal now is to post every Thursday, but I have school coming up soon so, we’ll see how that goes. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!
AUs (given by this gorgeous human here): If you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well and you swear the moment you see your soulmate you will choke them because you just woke up with your hair colored… and it’s your first job interview at a prestigious company what the fuck. Oh, and your best friend just took a picture to post online and wait—what, how many likes is that? AND A tattoo isn’t set from the moment you’re born and whatever tattoos your soulmate gets, you get it too and it’s all cool because you kind of like the designs, except you also feel the pain of getting a tattoo and that sucks…

The AU list for anyone who is interested: x

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That’s Christmas to Me

Merry Christmas everyone!

Okay, I’ve never done this before, but I found a Christmas Carol challenge posted by @buckysbackpackbuckle and I couldn’t pass it up.  

I’d like to thank both @10strawberryjam and @musichowler for their amazing encouragement, reading, editing, suggestions, and overall moral support while writing this beast.  You two are amazing.

Here is a link to That’s Christmas to Me, and here is Hallelujah (not technically a Christmas song but Pentatonix has it on their Christmas album so I decided to run with it).

Plot: Modern day/War AU - BuckyxReader

Bucky is an embittered wounded soldier recovering from a horrific loss during combat when an intern at the hospital walks into his life.  How long will he be able to hold her at arm’s length before she starts breaking down his walls without even trying?

Warnings: Swearing, brief depiction of war/injuries sustained in war/death, mention of guns, mentions of pain/IV medications, mentions of PTSD, briefly implied sex, enough fluff towards the end to rot your teeth out

There’s also a special guest featured that I sort of borrowed from DC.

Word count: A lot.  Geez, this was only supposed to be around 2.5k, but since I didn’t want it to be a multi-chapter piece it ends at 10.8K

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Rose Reviews… THE X-FILES - S1.E4: Conduit

<< 1.3 Squeeze  —————————————- 1.5 The Jersey Devil >>

In the dead times post Chicago high it’s been nice to wrap myself once again in the slippery arms of my beloved show. Conduit is one of those S1 episodes I always forget about… let’s see how it scores with, as always, a melange of gifs, cursewords and thoughts arranged into some semblance of a recap under the cut…

Where she leads… he will follow

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Rockstar Does My Make-Up Part 2 - Requested (Michael)

wasted-t33n said: Can you do a part 2 to the rock star does my makeup?? Like you all start dating but no one knows until a photo was leaked by paparazzi?? Please thank you, your blog is my life rn :))

Read the first part if you haven’t already Part 1. Hope you like it!!

You reach for your phone. “Hello?” your voice sounds raspy. You look at your clock: eight a.m.

“Morning sunshine”

“Hi, what’s up?” you want to ask him why he’s calling you so early, but you can’t. You’re always the one telling him to get up earlier.

“Are you still in bed?”


“Did I wake you up?”

“Maybe”, you bite your lip.

“You? The one who’s always up before the sun?”, he laughs. You roll your eyes even though he can’t see you. “Were you working late?”

“Yeah, I had to edit a bunch of video’s”, the two of you could chat about the small things for hours now, but you cut to the chase. “Why are you calling Michael?” you ask him sweet, not wanting to sound annoyed of angry.

“Did you look at your notifications yet?”

“Michael, your call woke me up”

“Right”, he laughs. “You look over them and call me back, okay?”

“Okay, hear you later”

“Bye”, you end the call. You put your phone down next to you and close your eyes. A minute in, you open them again. You hate to admit it, but you’re curious. You take your phone, notifications keep rolling: twitter, facebook, Instagram … You tap open one and see a picture of you and Michael. It was taken a couple of days ago when you went out to see him. You’re locked on his arm, nothing special about it. The next picture in the line is a bit different, Michael has you in his arms, your head is resting on his chest. Still nothing that is worth a fuss. But with the next picture you gasp. It shows Michael with his arm round your waist, his hand on the back of your neck. Your hands are resting on his chest and your lips are connecting. You look through some other notifications, it’s all the picture of the two of you kissing.

“Mike”, your voice is a bit panicky.

“You’ve seen it”

“It’s hard not to. My phone is going crazy, the whole internet is full of our photo”

“Are you freaking out?”

“No”, you pause and jump of the bed. You swing open the curtains and take your laptop before sitting on the bed again. You open up the internet, every social media site shows you the same thing: Michael and you. “It’s just a lot”

“I know”, you keep looking through the posts and tags.

“It’s like a lot lot”, seeing all the pictures and all the comments are making it harder to breath. “Okay, I’m freaking out”, you admit.

“First, close the laptop”, you smile a little and do what Michael is telling you. “Now take a deep breath”, again you do what’s been told. “Is it that bad that it’s out?”

You don’t answer immediately, because you’re thinking about your answer. You don’t want to say the wrong things and hurt him. “No, it’s not bad”


“It was ours for so long, no drama, no interfering. But now it’s everybody’s and there are all these opinions”, you let yourself drop into your pillow. You’ve kept your relationship a secret for so long and now you don’t really know what you feel. “Ignore that all, I’m being ridiculous”, you hear laughter on the other end of the phone. “Mikey, don’t!”

“What? I can’t laugh when you’re being ridiculous?”


“See, still being ridiculous”, he keeps laughing.

“Fine”, you sigh with a smile. “What are we going to do about it?”

“Leave it. It’s out now”

“You’re kidding right? Ignore it, just like Ash did with Bryana?”

“Not good?”

“No, not good. Michael our lives are so private on every photo we post it will be the question, every comment under my video’s will be over us”

“What do you want to do then?”

“Ideally? A video”, you say softly. You never did a video with Michael since you and him started dating, you didn’t want to use him or the relationship for views or fame or to get hate from it.

“Let’s do it then”, you love how easy he takes all of this.

“I’ll take the car and be there in ten, cause this needs to happen fast”

“If you take the plain, you’ll be here in five even faster”

“Idiot”, you laugh. “But I can’t, I have things to do”

“Pack your bag, cancel your meetings or change them in conference calls and take your camera. What’s stopping you?”

“Nothing”, you smile. “Can you do something for me?”


“Can you search the next available flight?”

“On it already, see you soon”

“Very soon”

“Okay, bye”

“Michael? I love you”

“I love you too, (Y/N)”, you hang up with butterflies in your stomach. Not long now and you’ll see your boyfriend again.


“Ready?” you ask taking a deep breath in.


“Hey guys! You’ve probably already noticed I’m not in my usual room,” you sign round yourself with your hands, “and I’m not alone, I have a special guest. Introduce yourself”, you look at Michael.

“Hi, I’m Michael”, he pauses a second. “Clifford”

“And what do you do?” you ask him.

“I play in this shitty band called 5 seconds of summer”, he shrugs.

“Your band isn’t shitty”

“We’re alright”

“Okay, stop”, you say to Michael and you turn back to the camera. “If you don’t know them, please check them out cause they’re amazing”, Michael wants to protest, but you hush him. “Trust me, amazing”, you smile, Michael gives you a little pinch in your leg. “Okay, now to business”, you pause not knowing exactly how to begin. “Most of you have seen lots of stuff about us online”

“Yeah, (Y/N) is going to be our new singer in the band”, Michael smiles wide.

“Michael! Don’t say stuff like that, people are going to believe you. I am not going to be in the band, I can’t even sing”, you plant your elbow into Michael’s side.

“You can sing”, he says to you. “She can sing”, he says to the camera now.  

“Are you done now?” you raise your eyebrow to him.

“Yep all done”, he smiles sweetly.

“Good, back to the real stuff. I don’t really know how to say it, I’m kinda nervous. Weird right? Do you want to tell?”, you ramble.

“Don’t you want to tell?”

“Not if you want to”

“I’ll tell if you don’t want to tell”

“But I’ll do it if you don’t want to”

“But do you want to tell it?”

“We’re being so annoying right now”, you laugh. “Let’s just say it”, you count to three. “We’re dating”, you tell simultaneously. Michael puts his arm round you and pulls you closer to him. “Everything that you’ve seen, is through we are true”, you start to explain when you feel Michael’s lips on your cheek. “We kept our relationship under the radar just to give it a chance to get grow and get real. That’s not easy when you’re always in the media and people are bombarding you with their opinions”, Michael nods agreeing. “Do you have something to add?”

“It’s necessary to keep some things personal when you have such a public life already. We both have”

“I hope you guys understand. That was it from us, sorry this video was so short, but from now on you’ll get see this face more on my channel”, you take Michael’s cheeks in between your hands and give them a squeeze before letting go.

“And guys, just so you know, I really love this girls right here”

“Oh Mikey”, you coo. “That’s so cute”

“What? Don’t you love me?” Michael pouts.

“Of course I do”, he gives you a quick peck. “That was really it, what do they need to do Mike?”

“Give it a thumbs up if you liked this video and if you want to more off me. Leave a comment what video we should do next together and subscribe if you haven’t already to see a new video every week from this amazing girl next to me”

“Wow, you’re becoming good at this”, you say impressed.

“Learned it from the best”, he winks.

“That was it from us, see you next week. Bye”, you wave.

“Bye”, Michaels says waving too.

“I think that was perfect”, you turn to Michael.

“You’re perfect”, he places his hand on your cheek. “I love you”

“I love you too”, you say pressing your lips to his.


Heartless AU

first of all, lemme apologize for the shitty edit. i don’t do edits.

so this was inspired by this post that I saw describing the boys’ heartless music video & it kind of led to this :)

also, anything that is written here, I don’t believe any of the boys would do. this is just my rendition of the heartless video.

GIF/Pic creds go to: 






** contains swearing & kind of scary scenes **

Heartless AU

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Keeping Up with the Hausdashians

So, I hit 1k followers and got partially inspired by @bi-as-heck‘s #drama post earlier. So here is 1k of some cracky not-that-angsty stuff.

[The television screen is blacked out before a puck is thrown from off-screen, “cracking” the center of the screen. The words “Haus Sweet Haus” scrawl over the top, followed by a montage of Samwell Hockey Players in various “high fashion” poses. The final image is of Bitty, Ransom, Lardo, Holster, and a few of the Frogs in the back. The theme song, a fast-paced anthem, halts to a stop as the final title card darkens the images of the hockey players and the words “Keeping up with the Haus” come up before fading away.]

“Today we’re going to see Jack play against the Aces!” Chowder crows into the camera, his Falconers jersey standing out against the muted gray backdrop behind him. “Parson is so cool for coming to our Kegsters and stuff, but Jack is just, well, Jack! It’s gonna be ‘swawesome!”

The camera zoomed in on Bitty, the blond haired player smiling at his phone as he happily texted to who the other players assumed was his significant other. Lardo was in the passenger seat, yelling out directions to Shitty, who’d come to pick up a few of his old teammates to take the game. Ransom and Holster were in the back, fighting over who would get to wear the only foam finger they’d brought along while Chowder stared out the car window in wonder.­

“Left Shitty! LEFT!”



“Mom, Dad, please stop fighting,” Ransom sighed from the back of the car, gently tugging the foam finger from Holster’s grasps.

“Shut the fuck up I will turn this car around,” Shitty scolded.

The scene showed how comfortable they were with each other, despite the yelling. That is, until Bitty got a tweet.

“@omgcheckplease Jack Zimmerman and Kent Parson caught kissing outside rink. Did you know?”

“…I have no words,” Bitty whispers to the camera, the Zimmerman jersey he had been sporting earlier today no longer on. “How could he do that? Just go out and kiss Parson like it was nothing.” Bitty checks his phone. “Oh great, he’s calling again.” Shaking fingers hover over the accept call, but Bitty shakes his head and ignores it. “I don’t want to deal with this right now.”

The Samwell Hockey team sat outside the hockey rink, scrolling through every social media account they had to catch up on the news before they went in.

“I had no idea,” Shitty muttered, “Jack never told me.”

“There’s apparently a lot he never told us,” Bitty said bitterly, shutting off his Twitter app and staring angrily at the screen.

“I feel like, maybe Bitty felt like he was closest to Jack?” Shitty admits to the camera, “hell, he Skypes Jack more than I do, so maybe he is?” There’s silence for a few moments. “Jack never liked to talk about Parson, maybe this is why.”

Jack is inside his locker room, the rest of his team is giving him space. Some the newer teammates give him the eye, thinking he’s going to help the Aces win now. Jack types in a number, blurred from editing, and presses the speaker to his ear again.

“Hey! It’s Eric! I can’t take your call right now, but just leave me your name and number and I’ll get back to you when I can! See ya!”

“Hey, Bitty, please call me back. I need to talk to you.”

Jack lowers the phone and buries his head in his hands.

“Zimmboni is sad,” Tater says to the cameras reluctantly. “I think he is trying to call significant other. He says he did not kiss Ace player. I believe him.” The Russian looks threateningly at the cameras, “you will tell everyone Zimmboni not kiss Ace player. Zimmboni love his other very much.”

Bitty stared at his phone, watching the missed calls add up as Jack continued to try and call him.

“Hey Bits, you coming?” Chowder asked timidly, waiting on Bitty while the rest of the team went to take their seats before the game started.

“Yeah, don’t worry about me,” Bitty said. “I’ll be there in a moment.”

Chowder hesitated and nodded, patting Bitty on the back shortly before running to catch up with his friends.

“I will end him,” Bitty says simply to the camera.

“C’mon Zims, ya gonna talk to me? Am I that bad of a kisser?” Kent taunted from outside the locker room. Jack was the only one left inside, still trying to call Bitty, shoulders shaking with each dial.

“Fuck off Parson,” a small voice said from down the hallway and Kent looked up to see the tiny blond kid from Samwell.

“Dude, this doesn’t concern you. Chill,” Kent laughed, turning back to the door to taunt Jack. He was not expecting the punch to his face.

“Bless you heart,” Bitty said with false sweetness, rubbing his knuckles, “words just don’t register in your pretty little head do they? I’m going to say it again, get your trashy bleach blond ass out of the way before I cut you.”

Kent paused, evaluating his situation. He was on the ground before this pipsqueak had knocked him out. This pipsqueak wanted him to walk away. It looked like the pipsqueak was going to punch him again.

Bitty nodded with satisfaction as Kent sprinted away down the hallway. The blond knocked on the door.

“It’s me.”

Jack shot up from his seat, running to the door and throwing it open.

“Bittle, I didn’t-“

“Sit down, Jack.”

“Parson came up to me and kissed me. I didn’t- it took me by surprise. I pushed him away as soon as I knew what was going on.” Jack fiddled with his jersey, avoiding facing the camera. “I would never…”

Bitty tucked his head underneath Jack’s, the smaller male sitting on Jack’s lap, the two cuddling against each other after Jack told him everything.

“I’m sorry I thought you cheated on me with Parson,” Bitty whispered, “I shouldn’t have even let that thought enter my mind. You would never cheat on me.”

“It’s…okay,” Jack said, “I should never have put myself in that situation.”

Bitty shook his head, “it’s not your fault. Parson is an asshole.”

Jack snorted and nodded.


Bitty and Jack jolted, but didn’t release each other from their embrace, blinking as Tater barged into the locker room and spotted them.

“Um… I should go,” Bitty announced, stepping away from Jack as Tater stared.

“This is one you call a lot?” Tater asked, pointing at Bitty. Jack looked at Bitty for a moment.

“Yes. This…is my boyfriend. Bitty.”

Tater walked over to Bitty and clasped his hands on the younger man’s shoulders.

“You make Zimmboni very happy. Does he make you happy?”

“Um, yes. He does,” Bitty said, wincing at the force of Tater’s patting.

“It all good now,” Tater asked, “I can tell camera people to leave?”

The camera zooms out as the three men turn towards the camera crew.

“Nah,” Jack said, standing up, “I’m going to set everything straight. Is…that alright Bitty?”

Bitty bright smile was all the answer he needed.

“I’m dating Eric Bittle,” Jack tells the camera. “I’m very happy as is. I never kissed Kent Parson, but I have kissed Eric Bittle. Many times. In many positions.”

“Oh my gosh, Jack!” Bitty’s voice cries from off-camera. The image that fades into the credits is one of Jack Zimmerman smirking at the camera as Bitty comes barreling towards him.

The Eurovision Non Weeb

I have been watching the Eurovision since its 2012 edition and like every other Eurovision fan, I wish to watch the contest in the venue one day and to meet my favorite Eurovision entrants. I’m a fan of the contest from the United States so just imagine the frustration of not being able to do things (like voting for your favorite entry) because you don’t live in the countries that join the Eurovision but I don’t mind. 

Anyway, I made friends with someone who wants to try watching the Eurovision. We met in our AP European History class last year. I’d like to refer to her as Emma (not her real name). So anyway, Emma had heard of the Eurovision thanks to the viral posts about it that were screenshotted from Tumblr and posted to Facebook and one day, she caught me reblogging Eurovision posts while waiting for our class to start. That was where she told me she wanted to watch the 2015 contest. We met in the months leading to the Junior Eurovision last year and I tried to get her to watch Junior Eurovision. Fortunately, I was successful with that. 

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anonymous asked:

That post has 2 notes but the indirect post in response saying, literally, "Oh, so you think you're better than us?" has I think 200 already. The fear of self-reflection is real -- although after the events of the past month I guess I understand the dogged instance on not opening that pandora's box.

I don’t… I don’t understand this fandom. I don’t know how to talk about these things, really. I don’t know what the root issue is. Like with belief in Larrie, I know it’s from a foundation of lies and bias and a system of misplaced trust. But this determination to despise Briana? The failure to see how awful they are about Danielle? I don’t know how to answer it. What do you say?

Because for me, it seems increasingly obvious that there are people in this fandom who are more interested in an excuse to be hateful towards the women in Louis and Harry’s life than anything else. And I can only hope that these people are a smaller group than they appear and try to show the people who have just gotten swept away by the normalization of this hatred and abuse that this behavior is actually not acceptable. Because the way Briana is discussed, and Danielle as well, is horrifying. And yet it’s the behavior that people defend the most.

Briana does not get criticism. She gets hatred. People don’t just express their dislike of her or their frustration with her (pretty innocuous) behavior. People say she should go to hell, they call her a dumbass, a gold digger, a whore, they say they can’t wait for her downfall, they call her a cretin, they use insulting nicknames instead of her real name – it’s SO EXTREME. And it’s not just about the fact that CLEARLY this type of extreme language, the type of over the top loathing that we see on tumblr, these things are obviously going to empower twitter larries to send her hatred. COME ON. But it’s also just that this is not a good, positive way for fandom to be… behaving at all? Especially towards young women. It’s just BAD. I don’t even know how to describe it because… I just… I shouldn’t have to explain why it’s wrong to violently hate a young woman for every single thing she does.

This is not a valid reaction to being angry or upset, this is not an acceptable way to talk about a public figure that you don’t like (and know almost nothing about):

Or this post? With 200 notes? All this bullshit about her liking to party? Saying her entire family chases after celebrity men for fame?? And this is JUST BRIANA. They do all this shit to Danielle too, insisting she’s pathetic, that Louis hates her, mocking her career and her clothing – what does that contribute? How can you say she deserves it. And it’s constant!! I can’t even properly illustrate the problem because it’s EVERY POST, every reaction, every adjective.

People bring up these flimsy justifications – these supposed faults that are supposed to make the way she’s treated acceptable. But how does calling her stupid or making fun of her appearance relate to promoting the same fucking weight loss tea as hundreds of other women with Instagram followers?? Even if Larries were right about every one of these supposed faults, it doesn’t justify the way she’s discussed, and obviously the hatred she gets has nothing to do with this – hell, Larries were hating Briana before she did ANYTHING. I don’t want to let shitty politics or ignorant racist comments slide! But even if that had been Briana herself and not her family, it’s a reason to call out and challenge the racism. It’s not a reason to mock someone for eating at a Pizza Express!! How is it not obvious that people are just waging a hatred campaign against Briana for no reason??

There is NO justification. Believing in Larrie should not require this type of horrible behavior. Look at these posts from someone who believes Briana participated in faking a baby: xx, xx, xx, xx. Nothing in those posts is invalid, but the vast majority of Larrie fandom has turned hating Briana into something so normal and acceptable that challenging it leads to being attacked. The same thing happened when Larries tried to get people to back off Danielle. NO ONE HAS EVER FAKED A BABY so it’s not like there’s a fucking pattern of behavior. No one has ever said their beard was anything other than a friend helping them out or an acquaintance who may not have even known they were gay. All of this is Larrie invention, and yet they cling to it.

“Acknowledging a person’s gross and inappropriate behaviour and holding them accountable for it is not the same as bullying them” says adkos. Well, here’s some quotes from her about Briana: “it’s just an added bonus for her that she’s still able to inject her face with god knows what because of how long this has continued to drag on for.” “she can’t even fake promo a product properly what a loser.” “how soon until we’re proven right about briana being a fame thirsty gold digger.” “she is a fame thirsty cretin who is desperate for attention.” And, when talking about antis, “their laziness and general incompetence is astounding. no wonder they idolize briana.”

This is everywhere. People either participate in it, or stay quiet about it. They deny that it could have an impact even as Briana has spoken out about the hatred she’s received. The few people who do speak out are ignored and “subtweeted” in mocking, defensive posts that get far more notes. This fandom is absolutely determined to be allowed to speak about the women in Louis and Harry’s lives in whatever hateful, misogynist way they feel like, and it is absolutely incredibly disturbing. 

This is a huge part of Larrie right now, and that should never be forgotten. I want to believe that there are Larries who aren’t like this – that there are Larries who are just so invested in Harry and Louis’s relationship and so unaware of other perspectives, so deceived as to the impact of their actions, that they don’t realize how inappropriate it is for them to continue to comment on Freddie’s existence in the way they do. But you don’t have to realize that Larries might be wrong about babygate to recognize that the way Briana and Danielle are treated is unacceptable. Larries do speak up about it, or realize it’s bad enough that they don’t want to participate. But the fandom at large seems incredibly invested in being able to do this. And I think that’s what I find the most sad and disheartening thing about where this fandom is right now.

ETA: I’m going to just edit more examples in - no one needs this huge long post reblogged and added to but for future reference since they’re so easy to find and part of my point is the relentlessness.

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Do you mind sharing your coming out story?

no not @ all, I was secretly talking to connor for a little bit & it just wasn’t gonna continue like that bc thats shitty so I was like ok at this point im not give up the first guy that i’ve talked to and actually really like just bc im scared what people will think like fuck it, so I was in my room and I think I texted my best friend from home and a bunch of my friends I was in australia with (I was studying abroad so I had been friends with these new people for like 2 months) and they were all so great about it and they were just so happy for me & then I told my siblings/mom/some other friends/finally my dad (went so much better than I thought he said he was shocked but that he just wanted me to be happy) and then i was like ok now that I’ve told those people this literally shouldnt be a big deal @ all so I went on instagram and posted this 

and yeah then everyone knew and i just got like a shitload of texts from people saying they were happy for me (even from people I wouldnt expect) so yeah my coming out was all fairly positive, honestly the only shit I’ve gotten about being out came from strangers which i think is just ridiculous so yeah, 10/10 would recommend.  It also made me really happy bc alot of people told me that my coming out encouraged them to also which made me beyond happy and although it does seem like a huge huge deal before you come out, if you think you can I think you really should because you’ll be so much happier and other people struggling with their sexuality will see you embracing it and it will help them to love themselves.

**lil disclaimer: I came out as bi in that post because at that point I had been with girls before but obviously was also attracted to guys, at this point I am muuuch much closer to just gay on the spectrum (but dont go using that in some “oh bi people are just unsure theyll pick soon” argument cause comments like that are annoying/rude/ignorant as hell)

and yeah that is the very short version of me coming out ♥

*edit* oh and you can always message me for advice or anything (i’ll be more likely to answer specific stuff if you’re not anon though)