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so much soviet jewish history has been ignored, mostly because it’s overshadowed by the tragic fate most faced in the shoah or the postwar era, but omg people should know about them!!!! did you know the soviets allotted 840,000 hectares of land in crimea and ukraine for jewish settling, compared to the 130,000 hectares of land jews owned in palestine in may 1948 when israel was declared a state? did you know soviet jews were at the forefront of yiddish literature and theatre? what about david bergelson, itzik feffer, peretz markish and david hofshteyn, easily some of the most innovative jewish artists in history? did you know some of the leading yiddish linguists in the world were in soviet state-run organizations and produced really amazing orthographical studies and reformed it in a way that made it much more easily understood and, before things took a turn for the worse, were working on transitioning the language to the latin alphabet? what about that there were similar projects, although smaller, for judeo-tat (spoken by mountain jews), judeo-tajik (spoken by bukharan jews), and judeo-georgian (spoken by georgian jews)? those are just a few of the truly incredible things about soviet jewry, they were much more than victims and trapped dissidents and jews who couldn’t follow halakha

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Louis is literally wearing thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing and people are still complaining about how "chavvy" he looks

He will literally never win fashion-wise in this fandom. I often feel like people will never be satisfied unless he’s dressing like Harry, but guess what….that’s probably never going to happen AND THAT’S FINE because Louis has his own distinct style and his own favorite brands. Louis has great style and a great sense for what looks good on him and he shows it in so many ways that people blatantly ignore. The stuff he’s been wearing lately makes perfect sense considering the type of music he’s put out, not to mention that it’s generally thousands of dollars worth of clothes and is by no means cheap. The bitching I see from anons all the time about what he’s wearing is so frustrating.

alright, it’s time for a bit of clarification on this subject as a certain blog seemed it was necessary to put someone on blast when they’ve misunderstood the message; which happens, I understand, but they also haven’t reblogged my answer to them to show they did indeed misunderstand, so I’ll just make another post

my post was aimed towards bad breeders, not all breeders. keeping leopard geckos in sad little bins with awful set ups ( a single, lone toilet roll with a couple food dishes and not even a layer of paper towels for them to use the loo ) is a bit inhumane to me and makes me very sad to see. to me these people don’t deserve their animals

 I’ve never said knowing your gecko’s morph was a crime. I said introducing your leopard gecko by their morph is upsetting

“Hey, this is my leopard gecko Storm! He’s a super hypo mack snow” this is fine!

“Hey, this is my super hypo mack snow leopard gecko” this is a little bit saddening, since the morph is put before their animal. ( if you’re selling the gecko, I suppose it’s alright, but even a temporary name is better than nothing ). putting the animal’s morph on a pedestal, only valuing it for it’s morph and it’s morph alone– it makes me a bit sad, it does

in no way did I state all breeders were awful

I did not say all racks are awful, I’ve seen really nices ones! but this pertains to the tupperware kind, somewhat like Brian Barcyzk’s collection ( and yes, I know that even some tupperware can be perfectly suited as well ). additionally,yes I do know a lot of breeders add enrichment to their gecko’s set ups, but my argument was faced towards the people who do not ( i.e., bad breeders spread over YouTube )

so, to the person who did a bit of public humiliation yesterday, I appreciate your input but I suppose it’s fair to ask questions before you lecture me on things I didn’t necessarily mean at all. if the message on my last post was vague, I apologize, so here’s your follow up to clarify some things I didn’t explain too well ^^’

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This mentality of "you heard the irrelevants, now get ready for Harry Styles, the real artist of the band" is the most disgusting thing ever, the reason why he has the nastiest fans and why people have a hard time swallowing the solo harry pill. I love him as an artist and I think he deserves to do great (obviously better than the others, since he has a proper team and years of solo pushing) but maaaaan, obvious agenda is obvious sometimes.

I know, media are disgusting for a lot of reasons, the way they paint Harry compared to the rest of them despite Harry still has to release something is doing more damages than good. They could have way more people being fans of this if they controlled this speculation and this narrative of Harry vs the others. Not everyone will be able to ignore this constant ‘he’s better than them, they were just doing random songs, Harry is the deal’ attitude if they don’t change it before the release and during the actual promo. 

Tip: Acknowledging Our Flaws

You know what I realised lately? I’m not a very good writer. No, seriously, I’m pretty shitty. Hey, I’m great at coming up with good stories. I have a good handle on character arcs and theme. I’m not too shabby with dialogue either. But when it comes to the actual writing part, my skill level is still very low. Better than it was in high school, but nowhere near the level it needs to be. But it’s ok. Because I can still get there.

It’s ok to admit our faults. We’re not going to get any better by ignoring them. But it’s ok to also admit what we’re good at. Maybe you’re great at action scenes, but not so great at emotion.

Maybe you write great heroes but your villains feel a little two dimensional. Knowing where you need to improve isn’t about beating yourself up, its about improvement.

So if you need to address your flaws and weaknesses in writing, don’t forget your strengths.

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More Garp stuff would be great! The scene with him destroying evidence and transferring the offender is one of my favorite parts of TittM. Maybe the first time he and Mihawk met after Garp went back to Goa only to find two extra brats? His thoughts when he sees Luffy and Riskua using geppo?

(It’s one of my favourite parts too)

Eyeing his old friend, Sengoku wonders just why Garp appears to be attempting to vaporise Hawk Eyes from across the table with the force of his glare alone. 

He’s going to ignore it though, he’s not going to ask. He’s made that mistake once already when Garp was complaining about his ‘brats’. 

He won’t make that mistake again. 

And a bonus;

“Hey Sengoku! Why’re you looking at that one?” 

Twitching, Sengoku slowly places down the bounty of ‘Trafalgar Law’ in order to screw up his face, pretending that if he puts enough effort into expressing his displeasure then Garp’ll understand what that means and take his leave.

He doesn’t.

“Garp. What are you doing here. I thought you had to cry over that Portgas brat becoming a Whitebeard Pirate.” 

And just like that, Garp’s face crumples. 

“I found another of my brats.” 

“Oh?” From the look on Garp’s face, Sengoku probably shouldn’t enquire. But, he’s morbidly curious. 

“He joined the Revolutionaries.”

Fucking Garp and his fucking line always causing him grief. Adopted or not. Fuck.


Yeah, that’s right, the final installment to the Everything Worth Watching series is finally here.

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briana stans are out there saying that ashley never photoshopped or used other people's pictures and that its larries posing as ashley behind all this and its just another wild theory, like fizzy must be a larrie by this logic considering she had a literal argument with ashley about photoshopping pics .. this is clearly the reason why b has fans because they believe all the bs the j's spout and their fake calls of photoshop when we have the printscreens as proof

They’re naive and ignore what it’s right there to fit their own little fairytale. They can’t admit their “queens” are a bunch of attention seeking people that only care about themselves 

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Most of the houis are using the fact that Luke is a very private guy as an excuse to ignore he's in a long term relationship (a fact that most of the stalkers, specially the UK ones, know pretty well) They push whatever nonsense they want and trust the most shitty sources in order to keep their angsty fanfiction updated.

it’s so ironic how it takes the tiniest things for them to jump on a ship just like how it took the tiniest things for them to jump off one

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Does doc and goopy prank each other? Or do they just ignore each other? How's their relationship in the household normally like?....(sorry if this has been answered already)

docs pranks are nice like this since goopy cant die he doesnt give a shit. its more like bullying than pranking. and goopy is a lil too simple to prank him. 

normally doc just focuses on his work and goopy keeps himself entertained by hanging out with ppl or trying to “help” doc with his work. doc keeps an eye on goop in case he starts to get unstable, but mostly he lets goop goop around. 

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My daddy is ignoring me (not really he's distracting by gaming) and it makes me sadd

Maybe you should learn how to play and you can join him

Just a thought


Apparently pointing out misandry when one sees it is officially “petty” and misogynistic in today’s world. I should have guessed as much. Now I’m receiving threats from the SJW brigade. It’s almost cute how self-righteous they are in their ignorance xD apparently it’s racist, sexist and homophobic to stand for ACTUAL equality between people. And in the greatest irony I started responding to a post to stand for a friend’s right to freely comment on a post. Because TUMBLR POSTS ARE NOT PROHIBITED FROM OTHER PEOPLE. Now she says she didn’t exclude anyone but it’s there, plain as day, if you’re a man or straight woman apparently not welcome :) and I say it’s his right, her right, and my right to say WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT TO SAY because that is FREEDOM OF SPEECH you unbelievable hypocrites. But alas, facts and logic mean absolutely nothing to the Regressive Left my friends, nor to the great masses of SJWs Feminazis and BLM racists disrupting the country right now. And of all people to school me on speaking, someone in the middle east? The holy land for oppression?! Ha! Don’t kid yourself.

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To be honest tumblr doesn't have room for your disgusting racist bullshit. After seeing a lot of your posts I'm actually second hand embarrassed for you. You're incredibly ignorant. It's sad and someone pathetic too that you spew such nonsense when you obviously aren't using many brain cells. I may not be black or white but it's still disgusting and sad that you accuse an entire race of hating black people. That's ignorance at its finest and I feel so sorry for ppl like you. I really do.


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Ali am a Ash hanging out on the couch one day reading, doing work, etc. with Ali curled up at one end Ash stretches out. Then Ash wants to tell Ali something who is now seemingly ignoring her, so Ash decides to get Ali's attention by touching her with her feet and saying “hey” with each tap. Ali tries to ignore it until Ash's feet start touching Alis face

    Ali and Ashlyn had a day off and they were both fine with spending it on their couch at home. They had had a busy few days and were looking forward to some quiet time alone. Ali was sitting at the end of the couch with her legs tucked underneath her and Ashlyn was sprawled out on her back with her feet resting in Ali’s lap.

    Ashlyn mumbled something quietly at the tv. She had been playing FIFA for going on two hours and she got extremely frustrated when things didn’t go her way.

    “Calm down, babe. It’s just a game.” Ali said as she patted Ashlyn’s feet.

    “I am a professional soccer player! How is it even possible that I suck this bad at a soccer video game?”

    Ali was trying not to laugh at Ashlyn’s frustration but she couldn’t help it. She let out a little chuckle and said, “Hey, Ash. Maybe you should do something else for a little while.”

    Ashlyn turned off the Xbox and flopped back on the couch. Ali was hard at work on her laptop. Ashlyn knew that Kyle had texted her this morning and asked for help editing his new video but Ashlyn didn’t like that all of the attention wasn’t on her. Ashlyn started wiggling her feet in Ali’s lap but it wasn’t enough to get her attention. Ali never looked up from what she was working on so Ashlyn decided that she needed to step up her game. Ashlyn stretched her arms above her head and let out a loud groan.

    Still nothing.

    “Hey, Al?” Ali was so engrossed in her work that she didn’t hear Ashlyn call her name.

    Ashlyn lightly tapped Ali’s thigh with her foot. “Ali.”

    Ali gave Ashlyn a sideways glare and returned to her laptop.

    Another tap. “Hey.”

    Ashlyn began tapping Ali’s thigh with her feet, alternating between the left and the right so that she could go faster.

    “Ali, you aren’t paying attention to me.”

    Ali just chuckled. Normally, she would drop anything that she was doing to spend time with Ashlyn but it was also fun to mess with her sometimes. Ali decided that she wanted to see what Ashlyn’s next move would be. The constant drumming on her thigh had stopped and Ashlyn’s feet had made their way up to Ali’s shoulder.

    One tap. “Hey.”

    Another tap. “Ali.”

    A nudge. “Why aren’t you paying attention to me. I’m being adorable and you’re missing it.”

    Ali didn’t look up but for the first time in a while, she responded. “You’re always adorable.”

    Ashlyn let out a loud, exasperated sigh and continued her rhythmic taps on Ali’s shoulder. Ashlyn was positive that her rubbing her feet all over Ali was sure to get her attention so she was shocked to say the least that it wasn’t working.

    Fine, Ashlyn thought to herself, You asked for it.

The last thing that Ali was expecting to feel was Ashlyn’s feet against her face, but sure enough, that’s what Ashlyn had done.

Ashlyn lifter her left leg slightly, leaving her right foot on Ali’s shoulder, and nudged Ali’s chin with her toes. “Hey.”

“Ashlyn Michelle Harris, you did not just touch my face with your feet.”

“Oh! She speaks!” Ashlyn tease. “All you have to do to get this to stop is to pay attention to me. I’m getting lonely over here.” Ashlyn pouted at Ali with her best puppy dog eyes.

Ali looked away from Ashlyn and back at her laptop. This time Ashlyn placed her foot right on Ali’s cheek and didn’t move it. “Hey.”

    Before Ashlyn had time to react, Ali had slammed her laptop shut, slid it into the floor next to them and pounced on Ashlyn. Ali started attacking Ashlyn’s ribs with her fingers. She knew that it was Ashlyn’s most ticklish spot.

    “Ali!” Ashlyn was trying to speak through her laughing and breathlessness. “This is not what I meant when I said that I wanted you to pay attention to me!”

    “Beggars can’t be choosers, Ash.” Ali was sure that her heart had melted hearing the sound of Ashlyn’s care free laughter. “This is what you get for rubbing your feet on my face.”

    Ali continued to tickle Ashlyn and when Ashlyn finally caught her breath, she was able to move herself enough so that she could give Ali a taste of her own medicine. Ali was still sitting in top of her when Ashlyn began tickling her back. It didn’t last long though because Ali was about to lose her balance from laughing so hard and almost rolled off of Ashlyn onto the floor. Ashlyn stopped tickling her and wrapped her arms around her back to keep her from hitting the floor. She would definetly get ignored if she dropped her.

    Ali was breathless and had a tummy ache from laughing so hard. She laid forward and cuddled up on top of Ashlyn.

    “Are you happy, I’m paying attention to you now.” Ali said with a smirk as she ran her hands up and down Ashlyn’s sides, soothing the previously tickled area.

    “That’s all I ask. Besides, I am way cuter than Kyle’s video.”

    Ali got a wicked grin on her face. “I’ll make sure to tell Kyle that you said you’re cuter than him.”

    “You wouldn’t!” Ashlyn was suddenly terrified. All she wanted was for Ali to pay attention to her and now she was going to have to battle Kyle for the title of cutest person in the world.

    “I promise I’ll never put my feet on your face again if you don’t tell Kyle that I said I was cuter.”

    “You’ve got yourself a deal, stud muffin.”

Kyle’s video was all but forgotten as Ali snuggled up with Ashlyn on the couch. If she was being honest with herself, Ali wanted to be in this position all day but it was always hard to pass up an opportunity to mess with her childish girlfriend just a little bit. Other than the fact that Ashlyn resorted to rubbing her feet on Ali’s face, it had been a perfect day off.  

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(don't answer this if you don't want to) do you think it's abusive for a parent to consistently ignore a child's illnesses/injuries and expect the child to function normally despite them? My mum always expects me to walk everywhere "to lose weight" even when it's physically painful to do so...

yes, this is neglectful and abusive

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Random question: what's your favorite kuroshitsuji episode or plot

My favorite arc is Campania but its hard to pick an episode. 

I really enjoy the second episode where Ciel is kidnapped. I feel like I always overlook it but I really enjoy how little Ciel cares about his own kidnapping and Seb’s butler antics

I just wanted to say that a person’s words do NOT represent all monbebe.We are deeply thankful to all army that help us and would never think such a way really.Everyone that is helping not just army thank you so much.Next comeback I will stream bts as much as I can to support them.Thank you thank you thank I can’t explain how thankful I am that everyone is seeing the effort monsta x are putting in this comeback they deserve it so much.Thank you again everyone ignore bad people let’s all keep supporting monsta x this comeback!