ignore the music genres by the way

so I’m gonna rant a bit, but I am so tired of the pretentious attitude that looks down on all top 40 / popular music

popular music serves a purpose in society, not only for entertainment, but as a creation and reflection of ourselves. popular music is part of our culture, it is created by us and for us, popular music transmits moral values and reflects what’s happening in society so that the creation of popular music can change society or can reinforce society. you may not realize it, but the reach and widespread acceptance of a song like lady gaga’s ‘born this way’ signifies the steps towards a greater reach and acceptance of the queer community. throughout history, popular music has been the catalyst and cultural image of generational and social change. in the future, its our popular music, not indie or alternative, or obscure jazz (tho I may love those genres) that historians will look at. popular music is a powerful tool we cannot ignore

also: looking down on popular music is super ableist and classist, because popular music tends to be the music of working class people and calling someone ‘stupid’ for liking it insults neurodivergent people who have that word aimed at them everyday 

you can be critical of the messages found in popular music, actually you should be critical of them, but writing off all popular music just because it’s popular music is super shitty 

besides, popular music is fun, and sometimes we just need to have fun

I think G-Dragon was so ignorant when he talked about “why its called K-pop”. It’s called K-pop as a genre by itself because the way K-Pop is made, with trainees, and concepts, and music shows, dancing, singing and rapping all in one - is different from Western music. That’s why it’s considered it’s own genre. Just because you think you’re “too good” to be lumped with other K-pop artists aren’t “white people’s” problem. As a Korean-American, it’s insulting to Koreans.