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happy pride month yall! i know this is kinda sorta late but i wanted to get an actual drawing of my rebels headcanons… which yeah these are headcanons so please dont like come after me for this shgjjgh

❝ At the end of the day ❞

Plot: When you and your boyfriend Jimin get into a fight, he hits you and you’re scared of him. 

Pairing: JiminxReader

Words count: 2,3k+

Genre: Angst, fluffy ending 

For anon, I hope you like it! M. ♥

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

“So do you choose your job? Again? ”

“I don’t choose, you know I’ve to do it.” He hums, bowing his head and you can see guilt in his  eyes, even if he hid them to you.  

You look at him, trying to figure out why you’re once again the second choice. You can’t even more to get mad because you know he won’t never choose you and it’s the thing that hurts the most.

You sigh and get up off the couch, where until a few minutes before you were joking and laughing like two children, turning away from him and from the sense of oppression that that situation is causing.

“Y/N, wait! ” He yells, but you don’t listen to him and not turn around.

“Can I be alone?”

“Nope… We need to talk about this.”

“Why?” You ask, upon entering the kitchen, continuing to avoid his gaze.

“Because we should fi-”

“Fix what? You has already decided that you’ll forsake our anniversary for the job, as all the other times. ” You stop him, twist out and look straight at him. He keeps his head down and you would just for once, one time, he chose you. You bite your bottom lip while you’re holding back from saying more and perhaps more painful. Despite everything you don’t want to hurt him.

“You know if I cou–”

“No, because even if you could you would choose BTS. I figured it out months ago and I accepted it, they’re important and are part of you. But, I mean, what am I to you? ”

“You choose your work often, Y/N”.

His answer has a bitter taste, you can feel the resentment you didn’t know he tried. Still he can’t compare your occasional waivers to his constant “No, today I’ve practice”; “I need to register”; “We’ve got some photoshoot”.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. ” You whispers, lowering your head, turn off and trying to hold back your anger. You don’t want to fight and for that let slip the matter, feeling his arms tighten around your hips. He draws you to him and buries his face against your neck, wondering again sorry.

“Okay, it’s work.. go Jimin, otherwise you’re going to be late.. ”

“I promise to come home soon, I swear.”

You just nod, knowing that he’ll shed ever soon, smiling at him and leaving a little kiss on his temple. Those little moments are sweet and bitter for you, because on the one hand his sweetness makes you melt but you know it’s temporary, like a thunderclap and this leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

“Go!” You yell at him with soft voice, faking a smile, which he interprets as true. He moves and after a few minutes you hear his joyful greeting to the entry, remaining totally alone. The silence of your apartment, you two still don’t live together but he often stays at your place when you’re spending time together, envelops you and makes you feel even more his absence.

“As always.. Y/N get dressed, it’s no use staying here to bask in commiseration. Go shopping, have fun.. You don’t need him. ”

The problem is that you always need him.


The laughter of your friends are echoed in the small “cabine” of the photo’s machine, while you’re keep doing strange poses to every flash that blinds you eyes. You’ve not checked the clock or cell phone once, you didn’t want to ruin your mood but when your friends finally make you aware that it’s nearly 1 a.m., you get out of the cubicle and greeting all with a quick gesture of the hand.

The fresh air of the night is a cure and the thought of your boyfriend not grazed even once your mind. You missed him, every moment, but you got to live with it so as not to spoil yet another evening.

“Oh… Why are the lights on? ” You talkin’ to yourself in front of your door, noticing the lights in the living room.

You come quickly and approaching the room, just to freeze on the threshold when you see your boyfriend sitting on the couch, a bouquet in his hands and a cold dinner on the coffee table.


“Hey, hi.”


“You know when I said that I would come home early, I really meant it.” He whispers and his voice is cold, provoking you a chill that runs along your spine and lets on you a strange sensation.

“Jimin.. do you know how many times you said it and you never came home earlier? ”

“So you thought this time would be so? You’ve so little faith in me, Y/N? ”

“It’s not what I’ve say!” You shout, albeit quietly, taking your jacket of and dropped it on the floor along with the bag.

“What’s that?”

“Do you know how many times you’ve made promises that you broke? I was tired of building expectations and see them collapse like a house of cards. ”

“So on our second anniversary you decided to party with your friends?” He asks, getting up from the sofa and throwing the bouquet on the coffee table with an huffy gesture. You also see from his gaze, as his eyes are dark, the hard line of his jaw. Jimin exudes anger and it scares you.

“What was I supposed to do? Stay home? Wait without knowing whether you were coming home or not? ”

“Yes, it was what you had to do.” He replyes and his eyes are on you, they don’t let a moment.

“Excuse me?”

“It was what you had to do. Stay at home, waiting. ”

“Like all the other times, Jimin?” You ask with tired tone, feeling his anger on your skin. Your mood is totally ruined and even this time you would like to discuss, but he seems to want to pick up a fight with you.  

“Do you think I might like? Do you think I’d be happy to know that you were waiting for me and I couldn’t be with you? ”


“Yes, honestly.”

“I don’t think you’d be happy, but if you cared more you would have been looking for ways to change things.”

Your voice is a whisper but you get that he heard, you see it in his eyes and you realize it’s time to create some space between you two. You ignore your jacket and your bag on the floor, turn away and head off towards the stairs but an iron grip on your wrist makes you freeze. A slight pain spreads in the part that he’s clutching, but you just ignore that itching and don’t turn around to face him. 

“Do you really think I don’t care about you??”

“I think you can’t put things on a right perspective Jimin. I think you keep thinking about the fact that I’m here. But I might as well not be there next time. ” You grumble, trying to wiggle out your wrist from his grip.

“Tell me while you’re looking at me in the eyes”  

It’s rude the way he appeals to you and how he does you turn, continuing to clutch, even stronger, your wrist.

You look at him in the eyes and you can’t find your Jimin in that gaze. It’s someone you don’t know.

“You’re hurting me.”

“So you’re telling me you’re not going to be here the next time? Is this what you want? What the hell can I do? You’re putting me in front of a choice, Y/N ”.

“No, it’s you. I’m not giving any ultimatum and especially I’m not asking you to choose, because we already know who would you choose. ”

It’s a split second. One minute you were just watching with anger into each others eyes, the next minute you’re sitting on stairs’ top step, your cheek that burns and him looks at you, completely shocked. He never laid a hand on you, even now he did it voluntarily, but still the pain you feel is true, real, so much so that tears begin to slip silently on your face.

You look at him in disbielief, brushing your cheek with the gentle touch of your fingertips while your breath is broken with sobs and tears continue to run on the skin of your cheeks.

“Y/N”. He stutters falling to his knees in front of you, on his face a terrified gaze that think you’re reflecting on your face. “I.. I-I’m sorry.. I didn’t want to… I-I… I just wanted to… Hell, I’m so sorry… I-I’m going to get some ice.” He adds and staggering rises again, rushing into the kitchen and leaving you alone.

You take a deep breath and review the scene in your mind. Trying to unburden the grip on your wrist, you started to jostle him and he caught off guard, he lefts your wrist with a violent gesture, only to give you a slap on your cheek. You saw the sudden change in his eyes, from dark and full of anger to innocent and scared. And that’s what doesn’t make you run, albeit feel fear grasping to each inch of your body. Your gaze alights on your hands and you try to stop their trembling, but it seems almost impossible.

“Here’s the ic–”

Hear his voice makes you jump and you move involuntarily, causing him to freeze instantly. He lays the ice on the small step beside you and walking away a few steps, sitting on the floors so that you can watch. You’re unable to speak or move, fear prevents you from doing anything.

“Y/N.. Please.. Say something.. ”

“T-thanks for the ice.”

“I would never hurt y-you…”

You just nod to his sentence, you know that but at that time you can’t think straight. You take the ice and resting on your cheek, sighing with pleasure for the relief that immediately causes you. Along with your sigh, though, you hear a different sound and lifting your look you realize that he started to cry. He keeps his face hidden in his hands, is folded back on himself and you hear his “I’m sorry”, murmured softly.

Something inside you changes, you feel the fear slipping away while a pain more stronger starts to make you tremble. As much as you don’t like what happened, seeing him in that condition makes you even more hurt.

“Jimin..” You whisper and stand up, by kneeling in front of him and trying to take away his hands so that you can look into his eyes.

“No.. I-I don’t deserve your sweetness Y/N… I hurt, I.. ”

“Yup, you hit me but it was accidentally. I know you would never hurt me. ”

“But I did.. and not just by hitting you. I hurt you for weeks. Yes, I see it in your eyes..”

“W-What?” You ask stammer.

“I see that I’ll always let you down, your smiles are fake and you’ve watery eyes the most of time. I see everything but I can’t do anything.. Because I don’t know how to do, I don’t know how to be scattered by BTS’ Jimin and the other Jimin, the boy madly in love who wants to stay with his girlfriend. ” He murmurs, leaving finally dropping his hands on his intertwined legs. His face is pale, you picture like yours, and immediately you caress his cheeks, erasing the mark of tears.


“I have no apologies Y/N, you’re right… You were right to go out with your friends, you did something for yourself and that’s what I love most…that you’re happy. ”

“You make me happy.”

“Yeah, of cour–”

“Stop. Yes, you often call off our dates because of work…but I see your efforts. After two nights in a row in practice for MAMA, two nights with a lack of sleep, you’ve come anyway to know my sister… I see it in your little gestures, your hugs when we sleep, I can tell by the way you look at me. Jimin we knew it would be tough. But no matter what if at the end of the day I can be with you. ”

You lay your forehead against his and feel the softness of his hand on your cheek where he hit. He’s touching so softly that you hardly feel his touch, just smile and touches the tip of his nose with your lips.

“How can I make it up?”

“Mmh …” You mumble, thinking intently.

“Because.. will you forgive me, right?”

“Oh God Jimin, breathe… Let’s do like this, now we sit on the couch, we order something to go and talk all night, as we did at the beginning. ”

“That’s it?” He wonders puzzled, looking at you frightened.

“Jimin, at the end of the day it’s enough for me that you’re with me, remember?”

“I remember …”


“I love you, Y/N. At the end of the day, in spite of what you may think, I just want you to be with me. ”


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82 + 29 jungkook please?

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Prompt: “I was in the neighborhood.” + “Well, what do you want to do?”

Word Count: 3.1k

Genre: Fluff + bestfriend to lovers au

Warning: slight swearing (but not anything too explicit lol)

prompt list :)

“I’m coming over.”

As the three words left his mouth, you shot out of your bed, your blankets falling over to the floor as you exclaimed, “What do you mean, you’re ‘coming over’?!” 

“Well, I was just taking a drive and I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I’d come over to see you.” he said nonchalantly over the phone. 

Blinking your eyes in confusion, you repeated, “So your coming over? Right now?” 

“Yes, goodness, are you deaf? Be ready, I’ll be there in two. I wanna show you something.” he said before ending the call abruptly.

As you got out from your bed, slipping into your comfortable house slippers, you muttered to yourself, “He’s crazy. We just saw each other yesterday in class and he wants to meet again? What am I, his girlfriend?” 

Not that you’d mind that, would you now?

Scowling, you pushed away the voice in your head as you quickly threw on a sweatshirt you found draped across your chair.  


“Hey there beautiful.” Jungkook grinned as you opened the door, a grumpy look on your face. Slipping on your sneakers, you grabbed your things and quickly locked the door behind you. 

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Soulmates Imagine

Imagine:On everyone’s 18th Birthday a Tattoo of their soulmates name appears.-Part 5

You all sat in a circle, staring at each other awkwardly.
“I’m not your soul mate"Malia stated blankly as she folded her arms. Stiles rolled his eyes.

"It’s never wrong"Scott shook his head.

"Yeah well it’s not me because-
Lydia quickly stepped on Malia’s foot, causing her to howl loudly.
You sighed, tired and upset you just wanted to go home and bury yourself in your bed.

"Well at least you got your tattoo"Theo smirked as he walked into the room.
You stood up ready to confront him about why he was still in Stiles’ house, Stiles did the same. Allison and Scott pulled you both back down to your seats.

"What are you still doing here, the party ended hours ago?"you hissed.

"Relax I was just helping clear up"he held his hands in the air as he walked to the door.
You all watched as he casually walked out of the Stilinski’s house.

"I need my bed"you mumbled as you gathered your things.

"I thought you were staying over"Stiles stood up with you as everyone parted to collect their belongings.

"Uh yeah I’m not feeling very well"you explained, picking up your phone charger. Getting flustered, you tried to pack your things faster so that you could get out of there.

"Y/n are you sure your okay?"Stiles stopped your rushing by grabbing your shoulders. His arms ran down your sides down to your wrists.

Your eyes widened as his looked down to where your bracelet was. The tattoo was comfortably hidden underneath. He was about to brush the bracelet aside.
Yanking your hand back you ran towards the door leaving some of your things behind.

"I’ll uhh- I will see you later"you choked out. You ran to Lydia’s car and locked yourself inside. Banging your fists against the steering wheel in frustration, tears came out of nowhere as you sobbed against the steering wheel.

You just had to deal with the fact that the boy you loved, was your best friends soulmate. There was nothing you could do about it.

3 hours later.
You shoved your clothes in a suitcase, throwing anything you were leaving behind on the floor.
You had decided to take a last minute holiday to Europe.

"Running away is a stupid idea y/n"Scott spoke out leaning against your bedroom door.

"It’s a brilliant idea"you mumbled.
Scott walked into your room and sat down on your bed, watching you pace around your room collecting things that you would need. Lydia and Allison were joining you but Malia and Kira were staying behind to finish their school year.

"I saw your wrist"he added.

"I know you did"you replied.

"You should tell him"Scott said sadly.

"Why Scott? So I can sit there and listen to the rejection? His soulmate is Malia my best friend. Not me"you sighed, sitting down next to Scott on your bed.

He reached over and gently picked up your wrist, turning it over to reveal the swirly ink.
"Scott, I think I love him and it’s the most horrible feeling in the world but it’s also the best feeling"you groaned.

His arm wrapped around your shoulder.
"No, you know you love him and you really need to tell him about this"Scott pleaded.

"I can’t"you shook your head and stood up, proceeding to pack your things.

"No offence but You and Allison, you’re different to me and Stiles everything goes right for you two, me and Stiles are just the best friends who observe. We don’t get to be happy"you mumbled.

"It’s not like that y/n"Scott stood up from your bed. Holding the door open for you as you dragged your suitcase along your wooden floors.

"Scott we both know it’s true and it’s fine I’ve learnt to deal with it"you shrugged.

"Running away isn’t dealing with it"He sighed.

"Scott I’ll see you when we get back"you mumbled, wheeling your suitcase to the boot of your car.

"Please don’t do this”

“Bye Scott"you spoke to your friend before driving away.
Scott fumbled through his backpack searching for his phone.

Meanwhile Stiles was in his bathroom, brushing his teeth.
He was concerned about you, you had been distant ever since his soulmate had been revealed.

Suddenly he felt a burning sensation on the back of his neck, his hand immediately shot up to touch it, the toothbrush fell out of his hands and he yelped. Stiles being Stiles stumbled around his bathroom like it was the end of the world.

His dad rushed into the bathroom, his gun at the ready.
"Stiles whats wrong?!”

“My neck it burns"he hissed.
Noah dropped his gun, walking over to Stiles.

"Move your hand for a second"The sheriff instructed so that he could get a closer look.
Stiles took his hand away, revealing smudged sharpie and a fresh new tattoo underneath the mess.

"What is all of that?"Stiles looked down at his now inked hand.

"I’m guessing you didn’t know about this"his dad raised his eyebrow as he ran water onto a towel.

"Knew about what?"Stiles asked confused as the mess on the back of his neck was washed away.

"Your soulmates tattoo was a fake"Noah explained.

"So It isn’t Malia?"Stiles sighed with relief.

"No it isn’t"Sheriff Stilinski read the back of his son’s neck, a small smile etched onto his face.

"It’s y/n"He replied, Mr. Stilinski already approved.
Stiles’ eyes widened and he suddenly lost his breath.
You were his soulmate and everything was adding up now, why you had been acting strange. It was all clear to Stiles. His heart started to race, maybe you did feel the same way?

Stiles was about to say something to his father but a strong vibration coming from beneath his towel interrupted his thoughts.

It was Scott.
Stiles looked up at his father expectantly.

"You should probably take that”
Stiles answered and pressed his phone to his ear.

“Scott, okay calm down why are you shouting?"Stiles asked quickly.

"What do you mean y/n’s leaving, she can’t go now!?"Stiles yelped as he pulled on his jacket, ignoring the toothpaste around his mouth.

"Why didn’t you stop her, okay I’m on my way"he almost cried.
Noah Stilinski looked just as alarmed as his son did.

"We’d better take my car, I can get us there faster"Noah offered.

Part6 anyone?-Lol I know i said Part 5 was the end but I couldn’t resist.
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