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Local secret agent wonders why they had to get caught up in this dysfunctional family’s road trip


Really rough sketches for the starter comic for the chara haven!
Basically my chara had enough of acknowledging the bad things charas receive and found a timeline where they created the haven. How did they find the timeline? With enough determination and a helping hand ( ;) ), sin nugget found a place where the players can’t reach them. Its a little buggy but that will do!
Special appearance of the chara party lmao

Supergirl aesthetics - SuperCat - Asking Too Much

Fanfiction written by @fictorium

“Cat needs a date to a party, she convinces Kara to go with her (“You’re my assistant, nobody will think anything of it”).”


Jade Thirlwall + Style (insp.)

Ok so this picture means so fucking much to me.
First of all because of Harry’s hand on Louis’ back…(i mean hellooo it’s such a gentle touch)
And most importantly because of Louis’ little tummy. He’s getting so thin and i just love him so much in this pic…he’s like the definition of perfection and looks so freaking cute:33

I just really miss his little Tommo Tummy…


Now, I know there’s been a lot of Rung theories floating around, especially after issue #38. So here’s me saying my 2 cents about it all.

See the first picture, ignore Swerve, look at Rung’s alt mode. Now, turn your attention to the second picture. We all know Nightbeat loves a good mystery, so what’s the mysterious thing he’s looking at? Looks ever so slightly like Rung’s alt mode, just slightly, like Rung’s alt mode is an incomplete version of the hologram. What else is Nightbeat looking into: just like the whole crew, it’s the Knights of Cybertron.

James Roberts loves Rung, hell, he made Rung. Roberts has said he wants there to be a toy of Rung and loves it when people bring him up. As a writer, I know what writers do with their favourite character(s); they bring them down to their lowest. Rung is there, at his lowest: other people of his profession don’t like him, the papers he posts aren’t popular at all, his alt mode has no purpose (other than a baseball bat apparently) and no one remembers his name, the guy’s had his head blown off for Primus’ sake! But a writer does this so they can bring the character up to the highest pedestal. How’s that gonna happen to Rung?

Now, imagine this, I know I’m stretching things a bit but just bare with me. They find where the Knights are, but there’s a problem. The location is locked, not passcode locked, but with a big ass key hole. Where’s the key? Doesn’t the thing that Nightbeat’s looking at kinda remind you of a key? But it also reminds you of Rung’s alt mode?!

This is how Roberts will bring Rung to the highest pedestal: Rung’s alt mode is the key to unlocking the tomb/city/resting (literally, not death) place of the Knights of Cybertron. Think of this, the crew returns home, Rung is the hero, there’s a parade for the Knights. Yet it’s also for Rung. Everyone remembers his name, everyone respects him now, people find what he has to say fascinating and best yet, his alt mode has one of the most significant purposes in the history of Cybertron.

Rung’s alt mode is the key to the location of the Knights of Cybertron. Until James Roberts proves otherwise, I’ll be steering this thought-boat of one.

I hope Calvin and people from Twitter don’t exclusively blame just Tumblr for his private childhood photos leaking. Like I’m not trying to be a snitch or anything but Instagram legit has ALL of the pics of him when he was a kid

I’m not kidding. It’s actually super… odd


First semester of college vs. Last semester of college