ignore the fat face

“Jared and I, we are chewing gum sluts.”

In Minneapolis I gave both Jared and Jensen a three-pack of gum during their VIP m&g.  Jensen responded with the above quote.  So I thought I’d play some keep away with the gum this time around.

When I walked up to him, I told him about him calling himself a gum slut. He looked down at the gum and was like “I think I’m currently chewing this flavor” (which is conveniently the one in the front).  When Chris was done taking the picture, I turned around to exit and he pulled me into a hug :) I told him I’d bring him the gum later at his auto.

So when I brought the photo for him to sign later, I told him “I suppose you can have it; except for the one pack I gave to Jared” and he quickly took it and shoved it under the table.

Chicago Convention 2015