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tim things I think about

-tim can fall asleep anywhere. don’t even challenge him he can do it

-tim waking Jason in the middle of the night to tell him stuff. ‘Jason why are Kansas and arkansas pronounced differently? don’t ignore me this is important’

-tim in love with junk food, he will combine things that don’t rly go together and eat them. someone help him he’s a baby

-tim casually fostering animals and finding them homes. tim causally being a Bruce and adopting a few. ‘they are my children’

-tim stealing various clothing items from the batfam. they don’t ask him abt it until it’s too late and he’s convinced it’s his

-tim running a blog, talking about fandoms and Gotham and also showing off his amazing photography. he makes lots of friends and people love his work.

-tim being adorable and smothered with love

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HELLO OMG OMG I JUST FINISHED IWSY AND OMGOMGOMG U.ARE.THE.BEST!!! Now out of fangirl mode, the way you write is just EVERYTHING anyone would hope to find in any book or story. Your way of describing every little detail makes it that I can imagine beeing there UHHH IDK I HAVE NO WORDS I LOVE YOU lol ♡ Im definitely going to stalk and read everything you've ever written 🙄 (I hope u get what I mean pls ignore grammar errors if there's any (': ♡)

HELLO HI :D Ah thank you so much for liking all the detail and description. I really did spend a lot of time on it so thank you for enjoying it! I love you too! And of course, thank you for taking the time to read IWSY :D And don’t worry, your message was perfect!!

a/n: yeah okay YEAH it’s PROPHINE don’t look at me don’t touch me it’s messed up i’m not gonna front. standard Rachel Warnings apply. (aka strrrrrrrrrrrong dubcon, etc. and don’t look at it too hard or you may notice that this would literally never happen in canon setting and i couldn’t even fathom how to kick it off so i cheated and went in media res)

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go on with the topic, Descole’s difference in the US/UK and JP versions…

~~ Azran Legacy spoilers ~~

I finally took down the lines. the last cutscene of Miracle Mask and #21 #30 in Azran Legacy, where Descole appears and leaves. The translation seems a bit (rather) differet as I noticed and replied earlier…

basically, I think the English Descole is more like a supervillain. He acts actively towards the Azran Legacy, and kind of obsessed with it, but the JP Descole sounds sadder and more tragic, and he is just involved in this terrible matter, which means he does not want the legacy and even hates it, for it took away all his family (parents, brother, wife and daughter).

here are some lines and translation ↓

1) Miracle Mask END

D:So then, it has come to pass. and we shall see if the Azran were worth my trouble. I have sacrificed everything for this moment.

R:Master, you’ve done it!

D:Behold! The Infinite Vault of Akbadain. It’s quite…beautiful.
wouldn’t you say? …(Bronev appears)

D: These cowards are not in charge here.
You are not recognised as any type of authority!
And you disgust me with your demented worldview.
I will not let you steal that which I have earned!

(after the epic fight, and Bronev wants to remove his mask)
B: Descole…oh, Descole…
D: You cannot do this! You have no right!


while the japanese version are basically like this if traslated directly.

D: It appears, as expected.
The cursed civilization, Azran Legacy.
My life was maddened, and everything was taken…(*passive voice. he is involved, and can’t stop this

R: Master, this is…!

D: This is Azran’s infinite vault…What? (*he didn’t say it was beautiful, but “cursed”. He doesn’t appreciate or WANT the legacy. it’s also silly to consider it as “which I have earned” to be stolen by Bronev.

(Bronev appears)
D: fianlly, you show yourself. (*indicating that he’s been chasing them
the loathsome people who are obsessed with the ancient treasure…(*more obvious towards the theme of Azran Legacy
I cast everything away to persue you…till today, at last. (*this is realy sad and tragic, and I found the English line is rather…out of character

(after the fight)
B: Descole…what a fool.
D: I’ll never forgive you! (*you know why! it really hurts! and links directly to the plot of Azran Legacy…now the “no rights” seems just ridiculous, to me, at least.


2) Descole appears and fights Layton (Azran Legacy)

L: What are you planning?
Descole, This is bigger than us both.

D: You can’t stop me.
The Azran Legacy is all I have to live for!

L: What are you talking about?

D: Enough!


and the jp traslation would be

L: This puzzle is diffrent from those we’ve solved!
D: I know that!
the puzzle of Azran, is special for me!
(*this two lines…I don’t even know where to begin! is the english version kidding me?? or do you feel they are the same??

L: What do you mean!

D: Who knows!
(* here descole just avoid answering it, though “enough” is also avoiding (or “refusing”, more precisely) but the atmosphere/tone is very different…I’d say in the jp ver he acts more like a brother, and a sad farther who lost his wife and daughter…


3)Azran END

D: It’s all over, all those years of toil, where am I to go from here?

R: you will find a new puepose, Master.
the world is your oyster, and old Raymond, your constant companion.

D: you’re right…
Let’s go, Raymond!
A new adventure awaits!

JP would be

D: It’s all over. My destination (goal) is lost, where should I go now?

R: to wherever you like.
I’ll serve you wherever you go. just keep (follow) your heart.

D: is that so…well, let’s go. to  our new journey.

there is no big difference in the end, but still, the atmosphere distincts. the first line in the japanese version is soooo sad and, helpless. he’s just a poor guy with no destination or family after the revenge (or the will to live, as indicated in the mini episode). while the english version feels less sad or empty, but more confident (and evil?) like a supervillian or hero, if you get me _(:з」∠)_

basically it’s like this, sorry this is really long. and I’m neither english nor japanese speaker so if there’s anything wrong please tell me (and ignore the grammar errors pls xD)…the voices in english and japanese are very different as well, check the japanese version if you’re interested! Atsuro Watabe’s voice is REALLY gentle and beautiful (and sexy!). I don’t quite like the English version voice (sounds too evil/strong/confident to me) but after the cutscene of the two little borthers…I surrender, completely_(:з」∠)_

thanks so much for reading this ; w ;


5sos Imagine - She's So Much Better [Luke] [Requested]
Request: hemmingsgiggles said:

hii! can you do an imagine where y/n gets insecure and jealous bc of Luke’s ex ((aleisha))? :—)

Of course love! I’m so sorry it took me so long!! pls forgive me honestly it takes me forever to write things and i hope you like this xx

just ignore any errors pls its like 5 in the morning ok

link to my masterlist - x


You really didn’t know much about her. You knew she was your boyfriend’s ex, you knew she liked to sing as well, you knew that they did a cover of “If It Means A Lot to You” together. You’d never met her, you’d never really seen that many pictures of her (purely because you didn’t want to put yourself up to that kind of torture), you really only knew about her from you’d heard. Luke didn’t talk about her much, so you thought it rude to ask.

However you couldn’t help your curiosity getting the best of you, and so you turned to your boyfriend’s bandmates. After all, if anyone who know about his exes, it would be them.

And it just so happened that one day while they were over and Luke was out getting food that you had the perfect opportunity.

“Guys,” You spoke out, nerves clearly written all over your face. Your boyfriend’s best mates turned to you suddenly, breaking apart their conversation. “What was Aleisha like?” Simultaneously, a frown appeared on all of their faces.

“(Y/N)…” Ashton sighed.

“Just tell me,” You pleaded. “Please.”

“You should probably ask Luke.” Michael was twiddling his fingers and looking elsewhere; he knew it wasn’t wise to talk about this subject.

“Was she pretty?” You asked, your voice quiet and mousey, trying not to show your embarrassment, although failing. 

You got a chorus of ‘Uhs’ and ‘Um’s in response, not exactly helping your confidence. 

“So yes,” You answered, with a sigh. “Was she funny?" 

More incoherent words. 

"Yes again.” You sighed. “And she could sing…” You’d listened to your boyfriend’s cover with his ex about ten times that day, just revelling in the fact that shew as so much better than you, honestly, and there was no denying it. “You know what- I should, um.” Your sentence was stopped short by the tears starting to roll down your cheeks. You got up from your spot on the sofa and went up the stairs, hoping to just disappear for a little while in the safety of your and Luke’s shared bedroom.

In all the time you and Luke had been together, never once had you doubted your relationship. Suddenly, you weren’t so sure anymore. You would understand, if he left you for his ex. You would totally get it. She was everything you weren’t. She was perfect.

You didn’t even know you’d fallen asleep until you woke up,  your pillow stained with tears. Luke still wasn’t in bed with you, so you assumed that it was still early.

17:05, the clock read.

The sound of laughter could be heard from your room, and you found yourself dreading going down there. If you didn’t, Luke would know something was up. If you did, you’d start crying again.

You could see the overnight bag on the top of the shelf in the closet, and you thought about spending the night at your friend’s, just to take a step back and recollect your thoughts. But that seemed too drastic, you didn’t want to necessarily break up with him.

Did you?

Your head was foggy and your vision cloudy. You couldn’t help but go back to your phone, googling everything you could find out about Luke’s ex. She was beautiful, but that wasn’t the worst part.

The old picture of her on Luke’s lap, him kissing her.

That’s what killed you.

You could feel your heart starting to shatter, and you could almost hear it break. You understood that Luke had a life before he met you, of course there were other girls. You’d had other blokes. But you couldn’t help that insecurity rising to the surface, that feeling that you really weren’t good enough to be with him. That he deserved better, he deserved Aleisha.

“Babe?” There was a knock at the door. In the midst of all your stalking, you hadn’t noticed that the laughing had ceased, and there wasn’t any sound coming from downstairs anymore. Your boyfriend’s mates had left.

You knew it was coming. He would see your tears, he would ask you what’s wrong. You would tell him, hesitantly. He would laugh, tell you you were being ridiculous, and comfort you, and it would all be over.

“Yeah?” You called out, gathering clothes from the wardrobe, planning to ease your mind with a shower.

“You alright?” He asked, reluctantly coming inside your shared bedroom. “I’ve barely seen you all day.”

“Sorry, I was napping.” You laughed. “I didn’t realise I was so tired.” You were doing your best to avoid his eyes. You were sure that tears were still stained on your cheeks, and you’d hate to worry him. Really, you were fine, just a little shaken up. You were planning on washing off all your insecurities, a nice idea in theory, although you weren’t sure it was really going to work.

You still didn’t want to ask him. What if he was still in love with her? What if he missed her? You didn’t want to know that. You didn’t want to put yourself up for that kind of pain. You would just have to get over this yourself.

“I’m just gonna go shower.”

“Do you want some company?” He asked cheekily.

“I’m alright.” You looked down at the ground when you said this, and you knew he would be able to tell you were upset. You never turned down a shower with him.

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

“I’m fine,” You whispered.

“Liar.” He walked up to you and encased you in his arms, pulling you close to his chest, although you didn’t rise your arms in return yet. “The boys told me you asked about,” He coughed. “You asked about, um, Aleisha.”

“Yeah,” You mumbled. “Sorry.”

“No, it’s fine. I wish you would’ve just asked me, though.”

“And what would you have said?” You snapped. “That I shouldn’t worry about her? I can’t do anything but worry about her. I mean your best mates pretty much told me she was beautiful and funny and perfect, so now at least I know that I’ll never compare to her.”

"They said that? Really?” Luke asked.

You shrugged, mumbling a “Pretty much.“

"Hey,” His hands rubbed down your back and shoulders. You could practically hear the frustration in his voice. “Stop thinking like that.”

“But it’s true, isn’t it?”

“No,” He cooed. “Look, she’s my ex. We’re over. She doesn’t mean anything to me anymore, not like that. You’re what I care about; You’re who I want.”

"But you’ll always love her more.”

“Don’t say that. You know it’s not true.”

You knew it was, too. You knew you were being a little whiny, and childish, and you were sure that it was annoying Luke, but you couldn’t help your insecure thoughts.

“Come on, let’s go shower, love.” He whispered in your ear, tugging your head towards your bathroom. “I love you, okay?” He kissed your cheek. “Don’t worry about it. It’s a part of my past, I won’t deny that, but it doesn’t mean anything to me now. You are my present. Let’s just focus on that, alright?” He smiled at you,

You sheepishly nodded, feeling a little foolish for acting so insecure. He undressed you carefully, and held you gently, while the water cascaded down over the two of you, revelling in the safety and comfort of his arms, gently cooing sweet nothings into your ear.


yay fluff ok im so sorry about the long wait pls forgive me im so so sorry 

im gonna try and write a few things this weekend hopefully

also chapter two of the crime au is coming tomorrow! yay!! if you care, if you don’t then im sorry but im excited, so. <3