ignore the cowboy

anonymous asked:

What's on my mind? Well I guess *inhales* MCHANZO BeING HAPPY TOGETHER AND HAVIng A GOOD TIME!!! Could you draw mer!hanzo hoarding all the shiny things like McCree's belt and spurrs and ignoring the cowboy when he's like "Darlin' i need that"

Anon are you a mind-reader because this is the exact headcanon I have for mer!Hanzo?!?!?! Like even though Hanzo behaves normally for the most part, when he’s super annoyed or jealous, he’ll start to hoard Jesse’s things without realizing it and refuses to give it back. And he also does this when Jesse is on a mission because having something from the cowboy comforts him subconsciously as he waits for him to come back. All in all a wholesome suggestion 10/10 ( ᐛ )و

Playing as Hanzo and there’s a talkative McCree and he’s saying Howdy and all that to everyone and right as the gates open, we run out and suddenly I hear a low “Hey.” right next to me/behind and it’s the McCree. He kept following me and saying hello and I’m just “Oh god, Jesse, stop. You’re so distracting.” I managed to get 3 golds anyways. Gotta protect the distracting cowboy.