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What's on my mind? Well I guess *inhales* MCHANZO BeING HAPPY TOGETHER AND HAVIng A GOOD TIME!!! Could you draw mer!hanzo hoarding all the shiny things like McCree's belt and spurrs and ignoring the cowboy when he's like "Darlin' i need that"

Anon are you a mind-reader because this is the exact headcanon I have for mer!Hanzo?!?!?! Like even though Hanzo behaves normally for the most part, when he’s super annoyed or jealous, he’ll start to hoard Jesse’s things without realizing it and refuses to give it back. And he also does this when Jesse is on a mission because having something from the cowboy comforts him subconsciously as he waits for him to come back. All in all a wholesome suggestion 10/10 ( ᐛ )و

confession: one time in overwatch I was playing mercy bc our team desperately needed a healer, and our mccree was in rough shape so I followed him around, doing the lil healy staffy thing for a while, and then once his health was full again he said, “that’ll do rreeeeaaalll nice” in a very unnecessarily sexual voice before running off and immediately getting shot again and that’s why I don’t play as mercy anymore

Jett had just finished his shift at the university and managed to get a lift back to the Lanford library with a group of kids. He claimed it was because he had locked his keys in his office. The truth was the dull pain in his side stopped him from driving. He waved as the students drove away, but once out of sight he keeled over in pain gripping the nearest lampost to keep him steady “Jesus.” He mumbled and took long breaths before he slowly stood up and saw someone heading his way. “Hey..” He said trying to make it sound like he was fine. 

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Genji was looking for Soba. 

It wasn’t uncommon for his dragon to go wandering off, inserting herself into everyone else’s business or finding cracks to hide in. He wasn’t expecting to see her streaking by with McCree’s serape in her mouth, galloping down the hall. 

“Oh no,” he said, taking off after her, “Soba! Give that back!”

First Date: McCree x Reader

The first thing you notice about McCree is that he’s dressed up a bit, and the iconic hat is missing. He tips his head forward at you, reaching out and pulling you into a one-armed hug as his lips press firmly into the crown of you head. He doesn’t even smell like smoke, meaning he showered. The rest of the team looks on in stunned silence, Hana’s snapped a few photos and you make a mental note to retrieve them later, anything to savor this moment. And then you realize you haven’t said anything yet, and McCree chuckles.

“Too much?”

“Oh no, I’m just wondering how I bagged such a charming Casanova of a cowboy. You clean up real nice, babe.”

“Thank you kindly, darlin’. I always aim to please.” He winks and your cheeks redden ever so slightly, wrapping your hand around his and bidding everyone a good evening.

Lucio shoots you a thumbs up, and Lena shouts an enthusiastic “go for, love!” as McCree leads you outside. There’s a small village within walking distance of Watchpoint and you’re sure everyone recognizes who you and McCree are, but the cowboy ignores it all, regaling you with tales of his early days with Overwatch and beyond. There’s a rustic bakery with an outdoor patio, a table is prepped and ready when McCree and you settle in. You give him a look as he whispers into the server’s ear.

“Never took you for a schemer, McCree.” You say, fingering the flowery pattern on the tablecloth.

“Hey now, I ain’t no schemer. They just know me really well here, it’s my favourite place.” He drawls, seeing the lightbulb flash above your head.

“Wait a second, is this –“

Any sweet, anything at all, comes out on silver platters, on those fancy raised trays. This is why he told you to have dinner tonight, because he already had dessert planned out. Figures Jesse McCree would have an outrageous sweet tooth (which is why he’s justifies falling for you, sugarplum, because you’re too damn sweet).

“Don’t worry ‘bout nothing, we can take doggy bags home if you like.”

“Dude, Lucio and Hana are going to be all over these. Not to mention Reinhardt.” You pick up one of the small berry tarts and eat it in one go, sighing at the cream filling with a sweet punch of strawberry and orange. McCree nods in agreement and picks up a cream horn, flicking the dusted sugar at you with a toothy grin. You briefly imagine a food fight breaking out between the two of you.

“What else have you got planned, Casanova?”

“That all depends on you, honey.”

“Do we have to go back immediately?” McCree shakes his head. “Then let’s stay out here for a while.”

He stands up and removes his jacket, placing it around your shoulders and kissing the side of your head.

“Anything you like.”

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don't be surprised cuz rittie already straddled takano in that business trip, right?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) aaaah does this mean we're getting an update soon?? (pls say yes)

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Truuue… But remember that Takano is not allowed to mention that night and the things Ritsu did. Therefore, I’m also conveniently ignoring Ritsu’s cowboy stunts.

If I can, I’d like to update it today. The proofing I’d planned before turned into editing to include Nao in this episode (because I needed someone to say what Ritsu needed to hear), so now it’s back to editing and proofing. 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! ^^

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Playing as Hanzo and there’s a talkative McCree and he’s saying Howdy and all that to everyone and right as the gates open, we run out and suddenly I hear a low “Hey.” right next to me/behind and it’s the McCree. He kept following me and saying hello and I’m just “Oh god, Jesse, stop. You’re so distracting.” I managed to get 3 golds anyways. Gotta protect the distracting cowboy.