ignore the bad colouring


No, see, that’s it. I don’t wanna see anyone. Anyone else. …I’m in love with you, Clary. I realize that you might not feel the same way, and it might get weird, and that it might– or it might be–


please ignore the bad colouring it was a pain in the assbutt ¿ⓧ_ⓧﮌ

“…oh, ashyam, she is a beautiful child. She is smaller than average for a human, but quite healthy for one of Vulcan ancestry. She has dark hair, the shimmering blue eyes of your counterpart, and, although Dr. McCoy says her physiology favours her humanity, including her iron-based blood, she also possesses pointed ears. Her young mind is equally brilliant. Jim and Spock asked me to bond with the child, alongside Serek, as her grandfather. It is the greatest honour ever bestowed upon me, excluding when you requested that we bond. Even at her young age, it is still quite evident that she is incredibly gifted, and possesses all the potential in the universe. I am certain she will make us all astoundingly proud.”

- excerpt from short fic sent to me by anon

whilst visiting new vulcan, t'androma decides that it is absolutely necessary that she scan every single piece of vegetation she encounters with her new kiddy tricorder, and as she is not allowed outside on her own, spock prime volunteers to go with her and cheerfully allows her to drag him around the courtyard garden for most of the afternoon


make me choose: Oscar Isaac or Rami Malek (asked by roykhaan)


Merry Christmas Swen! I love all of you guys from the bottom of my heart and hope you have an amazing Christmas (✿◠‿◠) And a shout out to the tapas crew, i love you guys as much as emma/regina love henry (◕‿◕✿)

“It only makes sense that I would be in hell :D” well dearest Jack I find that extremely hard to agree but oh well here ya go~ Ignore the bad line work and worse colouring, I did this at 10+ pm pfft and yeah! Welcome, one and all, to the Hell/Bad version of Ghostsepticeye! I don’t know why I gave you a freaky hand whoops I need to change the design coz GOD (this design isn’t final anyway)

For ariofthesea because if you’re gonna have a Lion King parallel, you may as well go the whole hog, am i right? So have some words from the peanut gallery while Aoba returns his hairpin.

(i’m not sure Kou thinks more time alone with Hagima is a BAD thing)

pls ignore some of the muddy colours, i used a new pen to ink and i didn’t realize that it wouldn’t stand up to watercolours like microns do. Hence the backgrounds not being messed with either

also that i am a piece of shit and an unworthy fan for this being literally the only thing i’ve managed to finish for kouao week so far