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[[Guess who’s back from Connichi. I had a ton of fun and I actually dressed as Piki on sunday (because even with a lof of planning and organizing, I managed to forget stuff for another cosplay)

I filmed a little bit, but most of the stuff was actually just me and my friends goofing around, so I can’t really show you a lot unfortunately.

I had a blast though and enjoyed being at a convention and actually be able to do stuff because I didn’t have a complicated cosplay or a huge prop to carry around and nobody except fanartdrawer and a few of my friends actually knew where the hell this cosplay even came from so yeah.

I met a lot of new people, took a lot of photos, had a blast and well…

I met Captain Levi

and joined his squad.

So that happened. Might not have been the best idea…]]

Were the World Ours (Chapter 2)

Title: Were the World Ours (Chapter 2)

Genre/Rating: Multi-chapter AU; expect a bit of everything; PG for now

Word Count: 3622/??                                            

Summary: Year ten theatre nerd Dan finally musters up the courage to try out for his school’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream. But who is the blue-eyed unknown that’s been mysteriously cast as Puck? (AKA the one where magic turns the whole town gay.)

Chapters: One


“Have you heard of anyone called Phil Lester?” Dan asked Louise the question that had been boiling in his head all day.  He’d never caught the boy’s name, so after his last class ended he’d looked both ways before crossing the hall and checking the list again.

“Can’t say I have,” said Louise, pursing her bubblegum pink lips. The two of them were walking home from school together, as they did most days. They’d probably stop by Starbucks or pick up a pizza on the way. “Is he in our year?”

Definitely the nicest thing about transferring was going to school with Louise. They’d been playmates since Reception, what with living down the road from one another. But before they could take on year seven together, the zones abruptly shifted and, by some twist of fate, the new cut-off line had been drawn halfway between their houses. Dan had been forced to stick out secondary school alone.

“I don’t think so?” Dan sighed. “I ran into him today. By the cast list – he’s playing Puck.”

“Ooo…” She perked up appreciably, waggling an expertly shaped eyebrow at him. “Will he be sexy faerie man, then?”

“Puck’s not exactly a sexy character. He’s, like, ancient…ethereal. He’s this force of nature that won’t be fucked with.”

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