ignore the audio


pentagon - rising sun (dbsk cover, kcon special stage)

I’m not sure my job could get any more fun. Discovered that dwarf mongoose enjoy popping bubbles. 

 This is the first time they received this enrichment- they weren’t sure what to think at first (especially because the machine makes a whirring noise) but then they got into it. Zookeeping win. Obviously mongoose would never see bubbles in the wild but this enrichment provides them with a novel, fun thing to watch and play with!

@aquaristlifeforme pls tell me your otters love bubbles

(Ignore the audio- I took this video in the public area and there’s just general chatter and some snippets of another animal demo in the background)


A WILD SIM APPEARS OUT OF NOWHERE! and starts dancing with her brother

im just gonna use this to advertise my personal sims playlist

BEWARE, SONGS ARE HAPPY, CUTESY, ANNOYING, WHATEVER. Features musicals, Disney, Kpop/Jpop, etc!

This playlist was optimized for silly, bright Maxis Match!

Paramore Through The Years