ignore the art hair

joshua dun

late night doodle, pen/highlighter 


Guess who I drew!! Again!! Because I love her!!!!!

“I’m Nino, and it’s time for you to start making some new friends dude.”

I decided to make a screenshot redraw of one of my favorite moments in ML. It was short, and simple, but set the precedent of something very essential to the show. 

Kindness is key, loneliness is painful, and reaching out can sometimes be the most important thing you do. Because in this moment Nino didn’t have any other reason to reach out to Adrien besides the fact that he saw that he was being genuine and that he was lonely. It was to be kind, and in the end they both earned their best friend because of it.

Be kind. It’s worth doing. 

I was bored and this happened 


One time Dad and I accompanied Mom on a diplomacy trip. According to local custom, we had to spend the entire day decked out in floral glory. We weren’t too keen on the idea. 

“Oh, suck it up, you two. I didn’t raise my boys to have such fragile masculinities,” Mom sighed as she crowned us. “Don’t worry, Mommy thinks you’re manly no matter what you’ve got on your head.”

It wasn’t as embarrassing as I thought it would be…until I found out I had allergies.

…Needless to say, it’s hard to be an ambassador when you’re sneezing on every single person who shakes your hand.

Ok Operation Fortitude is such a aph America plan I’m suprize I’ve never heard about it before. (But then again it could be in the web comic or manga and I would be none the wiser.)  Anyways Fortitude was part of Operation Bodyguard which where a series of plans to keep D-Day motives hidden from the Germans.

America came up with a plan combining Hollywood magic and German little understanding of the American people; Basically they made a bunch of fake tanks and stationed General Patton ( One of America’s great generals in WW2. Who was taken out of command for 11 moths for slapping a shell shock soldier.) Making Hitler think that the main fight would be coming from Kent not Normandy.

And It totally worked.  

But If you think about America explain to his fellow Allies it sounds a bit ridiculous. I read some where that the these nations where the ones that fought on D-Day France also fought but D-Day was kinda like taking France back so I like to think that D-Day was rescue plan. If your confuse on the girl on England’s left it’s Czechoslovakia