ignore the art hair

joshua dun

late night doodle, pen/highlighter 



Some just fun drawings of Apollo. He looks different in all of these lmao so just combine them all and you’ll get my nerd.

Pines Height Chart Ft. Teen Mystery Twins :D

Going by the headcanon that both Dipper and Mabel get taller than Stan (and therefore Ford too) I decided to draw a really dumb height chart! Stan is clearly not happy about being the shortest haha (tho he’s secretly proud of his nibblings for getting so tall and strong) 

Mabel’s still the Alpha Twin, of course :D


Quick happy/relaxed Sam sketch because the markers I ordered came in and now I have a variety of purples and some pinks and pretty pastelly colors and I am overjoyed. I guess it looks kinda like Easter vomited all over Sam, but um. Yes. COLORS.

Meliorn has a thing for cherry petals and Jace thinks it’s adorable (ft Jace’s pink highlights) 🌸🌸🌸

When your wife is adorable with your stuff, but you also gotta get to a heist in about 5 minutes.

(Slowly amassing all the colors I need for accurately colored psic art heyoo)
ignore neo’s weird hair highlights, forgot the white, tried to save it, kinda broke it

bad guy au: 2 Locus’s horror Felix finally has someone 2 shit talk w/