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Do u think it's ok for white people to make posts abt the blatant racism in su? I don't wanna intrude or speak over anyone

Y……..yeah but i want them to be receptive to criticism. ive seen some critical blogs make points there were unintentionally racist (someone mocked lars’s large earlobes for example), and ive seen situations where they try to defend themselves rather than accept they spoke out of line and apologize

i mean white critical blogs have no right to call out the su fandom for ignoring people of color who criticize racism if they do the exact same thing

ABC, 123

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Pairing: Negan x Reader, Gabby (OC)
Word count: 738

Part 1 of Happily Ever After

It was an adjustment for Negan to go from sleeping with a few women…to just you. You didn’t jump right into having sex with him, either. Your things were moved into his room, your old one cleared out and made into a ‘classroom’ for Gabby. She still had the playroom, but since they were no longer being used for wives, you figured you’d put them to good use.

Negan had enjoyed watching you figure out what to make the rooms, ignoring how his now ex-wives glared. He didn’t care one bit. He’d worked on gaining your trust, and he intended to keep it.

You were sitting on the floor next to the tiny ‘desk’ that Negan had found, helping Gabby learn her numbers at the moment. “What’s that one?” You smiled at her, pointing to one of the numbers in the Sesame Street book.

Her head tilted to the side, her curly hair up in a ponytail, and her facial expression every bit her father. “Three!” She grinned, looking over at you. “Three bats. Ah ah ah.” She mimicked Count, as you did your best to do the voices for her.

Tickling her sides, you nodded. “Three bats, ah ah ah.” You laughed.

“There’s my girls. I thought Gabby here was supposed to be doing her school work. This looks a lot like playtime to me.” Negan smirked, leaning on the door frame.    

You looked over to him and stuck your tongue out at him. “We’re learning our numbers, and then after lunch, we’re going to work on our letters.” You told him.

He looked so proud as he walked over, crouching on the other side of her. “How about, tomorrow I help you out?” He offered, making Gabby squeal. “Give your mom a break.” His eyes went to you for a moment. “We’ll have it outside and everything. Mom can do the boring stuff.” Negan was teasing you, as you were the one who insisted on trying to do a halfway normal schooling for her.

“Uncle Jack coming, too?” She grinned, hoping that her favorite uncle would be joining them.

Negan chuckled and tapped the tip of her nose with his finger. “I think I can arrange that. Be good for your mom, princess. I’ll see you at lunch.” He kissed her forehead and stood up. “I’ll see you at lunch, too, mom.” He winked before walking out as you chuckled.

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As someone who loved Camren as a friendship more than anything else, I am really sad that Lauren just presented Camren as something like a porn where people go to fulfil their sexual desires. I am really done with her for now. If she distanced herself from C because of Camren then she is the biggest fool. C deserves a better friend and maybe that's why her and D were so close later on. In this Camren divorce, imma go with C as she at least tries to be funny and positive despite all the shit. 🙄

I’m not mad at your decision love. I still love and respect both girls. And while I don’t agree with how Lauren addressed things its her right to do so. I just hope she learns how to either ignore the hate or approach it in a more positive manner. Sometimes her emotions get the best of her and she comes across angry, dismissive or malicious (I don’t think she is that’s just how it comes across). But I think above all things she’s just hurt. 😞💔 I love you though Munchkin💋 Hope you keep in touch. 😌

hmm becca x mc...

okay here’s the thing…

am i here for a potential becca x mc relationship? yes!

BUT and a big but at that… only if it’s done right.

the biggest issue here is becca’s past with mc. she’s been downright emotionally abusive (and occasionally attempted to physically hurt us, i.e. tripping us while dancing with Sebastian) to us since the second we enrolled at hartfeld, and for a real romantic relationship to really form, the basis for a friendship needs to be built first.

we can’t just absolve becca of her supremely bitchy behaviour. she needs to put a real effort into making amends with the mc first, and the starts from the get-go with changing her attitude overall and apologizing for her past actions. sure, this isn’t a change that’s gonna happen over night. but little things for the rest of the book could add up to a big culmination at the end, i think.

say she does this, and then from there a little friendship does form. and over time, becca’s like ‘oh my god, am i falling for mc?’ and she realizes that she does like the mc romantically and at the end of the book, given we end things with th current love interest, she appears out of the woodwork, there’s a little comforting exchange, and she’s like 'so maybe wanna… go get coffee sometime?’ and the mc agrees. it’d be a nice new beginning and change of pace.

well, that’s my two cents on the subject.

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OH! I don't know if you're still taking requests for that character/aesthetic thing, but if you are then I think it's only fair/right/natural to request pastel Jim Kirk. :'D! If someone already has, then I'm also intrigued by Neon Spock! And if you aren't taking requests anymore then ignore this and have a super rad day, <3

SORRY IF THIS ISNT WHAT YOU INTENDED but it feels oddly fitting to put him in this outfit. ur tiddys out buddy…. u dont gotta rip this one

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There's a thing that's making me sad...I really like this one show and in the most recent episode the main character said she thinks she's attracted to another female character and I got really excited because she could be pan!!!! But then I ended up seeing nearly every other fan of the show automatically labeling her as bi and saying it's canon. I don't really know what to do, it just made me really sad to see them ignoring the possibility that she could be pan.

did I ghostwrite this or what???? seriously anon, I am right there with ya. this will never not bother me.

nearly every time a character shows interest in multiple genders or might be multisexual, everyone starts saying they’re bi and demanding that the writers just use the word already. and every single time I’m sitting here, like?? okay?? cool?? apparently I, a pansexual, do not exist to y'all?? it’s so disheartening tbh. especially because people get angry when others never consider that a character could be bi, they just jump from straight to gay, yet people don’t seem to care that they’re ignoring and erasing pan people when they assume multisexual people are just automatically bi.

another thing I’ve noticed that kind of goes with this, is that people have no problem labeling/headcanoning any unlabeled character as bi. but the unlabeled characters that get labeled/headcanoned as pan are usually always the ones who say specific, “pan-like” things, such as "I like people". it’s like people need a little extra “proof” to even headcanon a character as pan. it’s extremely infuriating and disheartening.

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Okay these fucking hate anons need to stop like who the fuck do you think you are???? Do you honestly have nothing better to do than to hate on someone who clearly has not done anything to deserve it?? Please grow the fuck up and get on with your lives instead of saying terrible things to someone just for the sake of it. Do you realize how horrendous the stuff you say is?? How deeply it can scar a person? You need to fucking stop. It infuriates me to see how insensitive and ignorant you are.

@ anon 

(i feel like you are very angry right now love)

I hate it when people describe Sausage Party, they reduce it to the orgy scene and make it sound like the entire film is just 90 minutes of a food orgy. Which is not even remotely true.
The orgy scene is only 2-3 minutes long. This leaves about 87-88 minutes worth of the movie’s plot-related content. But here’s the thing: that plays out like any other movie, and therefore people do not find it as enjoyable to make cheap jokes at its expense. So they just chose to ignore a majority of the movie’s content, hyper focus on the 2-3 minute orgy right before the end of the movie, and pretend that’s what makes up the entirety of the film.

so I don’t talk about this often, and it’s not usually something I tell people who don’t already know, but right now, and this year especially, I’m feeling the need to just, say some things and get them off my chest? And hiding behind a computer screen seems the easiest way to do this.

This Sunday in the UK is Mother’s Day, and this will be the 10th Mother’s Day where I haven’t been able to tell my Mum I love her. Haven’t been able to buy her her favourite orange gerbera daisy flowers, haven’t been able to hug her and let her know how appreciated she is.

Because she’s gone. And there’s just so many reminders at the moment, advertising of Mother’s Day everywhere, just reminding me that mine isn’t here. 10 years sounds like a long time, but it still doesn’t feel as long as it sounds. And yet it feels like forever since I last got to see her and speak to her and hug her. It’s a weird place to be.

But I think about her all the time, and I miss her every day, and this years approach to Mother’s Day feels more difficult for me than it even usually is, and it’s never an easy thing. 

I dunno, I have a lot on my mind at the moment, and I just miss my Mum.


Gene Demby explains the Overton Window

“[Trevor] Noah isn’t wrong that compromise and good-faith are necessary for functional politics. But. There’s this idea in media studies called the Overton Window. Basically, the MSM defines the universe of legitimacy in public discourse. The news media covers/gives voice to lay inside the realm of legitimacy; the stuff it downlplays/ignores is on the fringes/unacceptable.

People of all ideological stripes try to expand and move the Overton window; the Civil Rights Movement did this exceptionally well.
Illegitimate ideas–and noxious/dangerous ones–creep into the universe of legit via the language of controversy and debate. This is how a lot of the mainstreaming of the so-called “alt-right” is already happening: 

“Let’s put these noxious ideas up for discussion!”

“Let’s debate them and smack down those janky ideas with superior facts and logic!”

And those ideas up for debate tend to be things like whether Muslims are inherently violent or Black people possess lower native intelligence.
And slowly, the Overton Window shifts. And suddenly, the humanity of entire groups is a subject of legitimate, mainstream debate. And then so do the policy ideas that correct the “problems” presented by those groups. It doesn’t happen all at once. And it starts small, like having people on your show to debate whether Islam = terrorism or BLM = The KKK. This is the problem presented by treating Tomi Lahren as a person whose views are worth fighting about/engaging. And more broadly, it’s the danger presented by supposed “alt-right” thinking given official legitimacy by the White House. These notions will become just another set of seemingly partisan positions to be argued about, pro/con style on CNN.”

im sick of people being so ignorant abt asian people and asia in general. we are not!!! all!!! the !!! same !!!!! some kid today claimed that the japanese and chinese languages “are basically the same” right in my face !!!!! why do ppl think racism against asian people doesnt exist!!! why is everyone so ignorant??? why are we never discussed in the media?? why r racist jokes against us a casual funny thing?? why r we basically lumped in w white ppl.. FUCK your model minority idea!!! fuck the idea that only east asia exists and there is only ONE ASIAN CULTURE. just one?? do ppl not understand that asia is fucking huge. there r so many cultures and languages and ppl and yet we r all lumped into one and our women r treated like were all fair skinned small eyed black haired delicate girls and we r fetishized and sexualized so much. treated like were exotic creatures, objects for white men. r representation in the media is shit and r problems r never discussed and im just. sick of it


I watched Zootopia, talked to friends and then this happened. Some of my (and other friends’) characters as Zootopia-esque animals, ignoring the “no birds no reptiles”-thing. @beastlyart did some lovely ones of some of her characters too.

Left to right: Lauriel (wood mouse), Rélean (white hare), Saffran (Egyptian fruit bat), Nita (iguana), Tege x2 (I couldn’t decide if she was a llama or a swan), Joel (moon bear) and Liam (secretary bird). I might do more. Maybe bugs.

Lauriel belongs to Fia and Rélean to @xhakhal, the rest are mine 

While rehearsing at SNL, I often wonder, “WWID?” or “What would I do?” because the answer isn’t always clear. I want to do things “the right way” and make everybody happy, but when I do, I usually fail. I’ve generally done better when I tried to ignore how I think something “ought” to be done and just listened to the bizarre little worm that lives in the apple of my heart. Be still and listen to the worm—unless it’s telling you to do something illegal.
—  Kate McKinnon, occasional lifeguide

Anakin Skywalker’s fatal flaw wasn’t his temper, his arrogance, his fear, or his love. It was his deference. Throughout the films and the Clone Wars, Anakin goes along with things he knows to be wrong (leaving mom, ignoring his dreams, allying with the Hutts, killing Dukoo, slaughtering the Jedi, etc., etc.) because someone in a position of authority told him to. He hates it, but he can’t defy the Council, he must obey his Master.

The few times Anakin flat out disobeyed orders pre-Vader it was always with Padmé’s encouragement, but even she still urged him to respect his Master, the Order, and the System. Luke is the first and only person in Anakin’s life to encourage him to disobey everyone and do what he believes to be right. In the end, Anakin is saved and redeemed through an act of outright defiance. He acts out of love, and fear, and anger, but it is only by overcoming deference that he is able to complete his heroic arc.

The villains [in Get Out] aren’t southern rednecks or neo-Nazi skinheads, or the so-called “alt-right”. They’re middle-class white liberals. The kind of people who read this website. The kind of people who shop at Trader Joe’s, donate to the ACLU and would have voted for Obama a third time if they could. Good people. Nice people. Your parents, probably. The thing Get Out does so well – and the thing that will rankle with some viewers – is to show how, however unintentionally, these same people can make life so hard and uncomfortable for black people. It exposes a liberal ignorance and hubris that has been allowed to fester. It’s an attitude, an arrogance which in the film leads to a horrific final solution, but in reality leads to a complacency that is just as dangerous.
Antisemitism in Shadowhunters fandom.

Pretty scary headline right?

But unfortunately it’s true. And it’s not a new thing- this was going on around the fandom even before the show, and before the movie. It always existed, but I’ve barely seen anyone talking about it. So, with the increasing anti Semitic events lately, I’ve decided it’s time to write this. First of all, Simon Lewis is Jewish. Some of you tend to forget that. Whether you headcanon him as Christian, write in your fanfictions about how much he’s excited about his family celebrating Christmas, or just ignoring his Judaism at all. Being Jewish is an unseparated part of his identity. You can’t just just ignore this. Simon Lewis is Jewish and it affects his life in a way maybe some of you don’t think of- his family has certain traditions, customs (for example- they celebrate Pesach, as Simon mentioned in the show, he celebrated his Bar Mitzva and he was buried in a Jewish cemetery with his Talit. All of those are traditional symbols that affect Simon’s way of living.) and they probably faced some sort of discrimination based upon their religion. Besides the tradition, which is a big part of who Simon is- there’s also the struggle and the burden of the hate his people and, most likely he himself, experienced. Let’s not also forget Simon is a PoC, and that is a big part of the identity as well.

There are a lot of inappropriate jokes going around here. Whether it’s calling Simon a “Jew”, or just laughing about Jewish food, traditions, Simon’s appearance and private parts.  Besides being disrespectful- it’s completely unacceptable. In that way, you’re generalizing Jewish people to a object for laughter, which is an anti Semitic act. And, I’m not even going to talk about the fact that these jokes are based upon the race theory- which I shouldn’t remind you why it’s anti Semitic, should I? Also, don’t make Simon joke about those matters as well. It’s not your place at all.

I also feel like people in the fandom itself avoiding this matter. Every time someone writes a post about it (which, as I mentioned, is too rare), those posts get not enough notes. Sadly to say that they barely pass 10 notes. And I know that people see this, they just don’t care, I want to believe they do. I really want to.

So, to sum up- this is a very important subject and I think that the current situation should change. Please do the maximum effort you can in order to keep Simon’s religion a part of his personality. You can use the guide I’ve written for help in matters you don’t understand, or you can always ask me. After tons of bad and offensive representation of Jewish people in the media, we’ve got Simon. Please don’t ruin that. 

Cause it hurts. It really hurts.