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Roommates (M)

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╳ Pairing: Jimin x Reader 

╳ Genre: (one shot) smut and kinda fluff & angst ??

╳ Summary: Being roommates with your best friend can be fun until one day you look at him differently. 

(this is something that I found that I had written months ago and just decided to post it!!)

The day you looked at your best friend as more than a friend, you knew you were screwed. It happened out of nowhere. You just woke up one morning and looked at him differently. You were never going to tell anyone, you weren’t stupid. That would just lead to Jimin being freaked out and nothing being the same. Risking your friendship with Jimin was not worth the little crush you had on him.

Deciding that you couldn’t fall back asleep, you got up to start the morning. Walking into the kitchen to get some breakfast, you didn’t notice your best friend standing there.

“Holy shit! Jimin, you scared me!” You yelled, clutching your chest.

“What’s gotten you so jumpy?” Jimin asks, laughing while opening the refrigerator

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i love how sana’s season seems to tie in with the underlying disfunctionalities of friendships. from s1 julie always emphasised how she wanted to focus on teenage girls and their problems so she slowly established the girl squad who for the most part seemed to have this admirably strong bond, the girls were supportive of each other when they had boy or school or family troubles… but now that we see it all play out from sana’s pov we suddenly become aware of all the cracks, all the miscommunication, the constant little hurts that words/simply being ignorant/not paying attention to someone’s reactions to your comments can cause.

in the previous seasons we might’ve assumed that sana sometimes felt excluded but now we see just how much they don’t know about her private life. she had always come off as a girl who can’t be fucked with, a girl that is not phased by ugly comments or harrassment (the text on her locker) and who always has a comeback and can shake off any mistreatment easily. but now that we see the close-ups of her, there’s the sadness and the distance and those walls that never fully come down and how she needs to put back the brave/unbothered expression on her face every time vilde makes an ignorant comment or the girls plan an activity/order some food that doesn’t take sana’s religion into account and it must feel like a little cut that won’t kill you but makes you bleed. it’s the constant sores that you have to live with but sometimes new ones catch you unaware… 

sana is so estranged from the other girls that she’s probably never brought them home, never talked about about her brother in detail, likely never talked about her religion with them and certainly never brought up how she finds all of these little things that occur daily so hurtful. i’m sure we’ll get there. i’m sure julie intends to show us that there’s only so much a person can take without breaking down/snapping/retaliating eventually. i hope we’ll see sana making them aware that inaction or assumptions/being inconsiderate are just as hurtful as straight out attacks on a person/their religion.

and we can also see that there’re many layers to friendships and even though the girl squad’s friendship may have seemed like a well functioning one at first glance, we now have an insight that noora makes up lies to get out of group activities, maybe bc she knows the topic of william will be discussed or she’s depressed bc of william, deep down she knows it’s over between them and the girls make it quite clear they want her to get over william. but she’s just not ready to move on and feels like she can’t talk to them about him. there’s always the offers from vilde or eva that they could set her up with someone, like being alone was unhealthy, like she failed somehow with william.

i’m sure the other girls also hurt. chris must hate how easily the others dismissed her breakup with casper, how they never bothered to ask what happened. just bc she tries to be a positive person doesn’t mean she never gets hurt when her relationship is taken as a joke or how awful chris feels when vilde looks in the mirror and exclaims how fat she looks and even though she knows the comment is rooted in vilde’s body dysmorphia it still feels like it’s an indirect criticism of her body… 

we also know vilde basically got together with magnus bc of the others’ comments on how she was not getting any dick and who knows how triggering she finds it when noora reminds her of her eating disorder by pointing out something she eats (even if it’s just an ‘i’m proud of you’), it makes her question whether she should’ve eaten it or was it a jab that she’s eating too much? 

or how eva hates the thought of jonas hooking up with any of the girls (yes, she’s over him but still, no) or how they sometimes jokingly say she has an alcohol problem, and yes, sometimes she gets that feeling that she’s being judged for being promiscuous. these may all seem like small things but they hurt

and then there’s sana who feels like an outsider in basically all areas of life except for maybe school (but even then it’s not the same for her - gym class sucks; she still gets the odd looks for wearing a different outfit). it’s the conversations about physicality with boys, it’s the food (’that pork with apples was delicious the other day’), it’s the parties where she’s the only one not drinking/smoking if noora is not there, it’s how they arrange to meet right when it’s prayer time for her and she never points it out to them, it’s the assumptions about her religion/family/values that she’s long stopped trying to correct… the list is endless.

so i really hope julie will educate us about many ways there are to be misunderstood, how to be better and more supportive friends, how not to dismiss the intricacies of every culture and religion, how to live and let live and be considerate and celebrate differences.

❝ Just tell me the truth. ❞

Plot: You and your boyfriend Yoongi fought due to his stress and misunderstanding but at the end he fixs everything.

Pairing: YoongixReader

Words count: 3k+

Genre: Angst/ Fluff 

For anon, I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

You were just passing by the studio to leave him something to eat. You knew too well Yoongi and you were sure he had already skipped lunch, too concentrated on the music to notice the rest.  

You had the best intentions and you still couldn’t figure out how it was possible to begin to scream in the soundproof walls of his studio.  

“Can you let me talk?” You murmured with a softer voice, hoping that lowered your voice would help him to lower his, too; “Yoongi, please.. I can’t even understand why we’re arguing! ”  

He snorted and turned back to the computer, pretending that you were not there; “Because as always you meddle in businesses that are not yours, Y/N.”  

“That is?”  

“I told you not to tell Namjoon I have problems with this track, but accidentally he said that I don’t have to worry. You were the only one who knew. ”  

You remained silent for a fraction of a second, remembering the fact that you didn’t see and text Namjoon for almost four days and he interpreted your silence as an admission of guilt.  

You opened your mouth to be able to say something when he turned and his face was so transformed by frustration and anger that it didn’t even seem to have before Yoongi.  

He got up and you just flinched away, feeling a thrill of fear running along your back but he didn’t approach you. He ignored you, as he had done a few seconds before and came up to the door, opening it and keeping it open.  

“Go away.”  

His jaw was contracted while you watched him completely shocked by his attitude, without finding the strength to move one step. You noticed how his hands trembled, how he clung to the door, and even though he was treating you unjustly, you felt sorry to see him in those conditions.  


“I said go away, Y/N,” He hissed bitterly, finally lifting his gaze and laying it on you. The thrill of you felt before was nothing compared to what crossed through your body, taking for a few moments your breath. “I don’t need you, I don’t need your attention. You have to stop, okay? I can handle everything alone because then the result of your attentions are just trouble. ” His tone became more and more aloof and cold to every word he uttered, while what he said slipped on you and almost put the roots within you.  

You never thought he had so little need of you or considered you a kind of trouble, but it wasn’t hard to believe.  

You had always had problems in dealing with people and in time you came to the conclusion that the main problem was you.  

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Keagster coda in which Ransom dies and Holster is acting weird

also on ao3

“He’s gone, you know, you can come out.”

Ransom was lying on the floor of the attic, staring up at rafters with his arms splayed at his sides. The bed seemed too far for him to walk when he was in this state. How could he ever walk again when Alexei Mashkov and more importantly, Alexei Mashkov’s ass had been within three feet of him?

“That was so embarrassing,” Ransom moaned, staring up at the ceiling. “You’re going to have to find a new roommate because I’m never showing my face again.”

He’d imagined meeting Tater in various different ways for the last few years, he’d always planned to wow him with his hockey skills. Maybe Tater would show up randomly at one of his games and he’d wait for him after and he’d pull him close and kiss him and tell him that he played beautifully in that thick Russian accent and Ransom would wrap his arms around those thick shoulders and…

“Dude, he’s just a guy,” Holster said, unimpressed. Ransom was vaguely aware of the sound of the mattress creaking across the room as Holster sat down.

“He’s Alexei “Tater” Mashkov,” Ransom said, annoyed. “You’re just a guy. I’m just a guy.”

“Whatever you say, man.”

Ransom’s phone buzzed in his pocket, once, twice…

He reached down and pulled it out

Jack: Can I give Tater your number?

Holy shit. Before Ransom could even process the words Tater and your number in the same sentence his phone buzzed again.

Jack: He asked.

He. Asked. Ransom immediately shot up and ran across the room to fling his phone in Holster’s lap.

“Read. It.”

“He wants your number?”

“He. Wants. My. Number.”

Ransom’s hands were shaking as he took the phone back and sat down next to Holster on the bottom bunk.

“What do I say?”

“You say yes?” Alexei Mashkov wanted his number. Alexei Mashkov, who had spoken exactly four words to during his entire visit.

Ransom: Yeah. Of course. What’s he want with it?

That sounded cool and calm and not like Ransom was freaking out, right?

“Bro, breathe. Come on.” Holster nudged his arm and Ransom stared at him with wide eyes. “This is your second chance, right? If you text him you can actually think about what you’re saying before you say it and he’ll have no idea that you’re a crazy obsessed fan.”

“Screw you,” he muttered. His phone buzzed again and this time…

“IT’S HIM,” Ransom exclaimed, standing up. “Holster, it’s him.”

555-767-9988: Is Alexei ))

555-767-9988: Zimmboni give me your number

“What do I say?”

“Alexei, I love you, let me call you daddy?” Holser said, smirking.

Ransom waved him off. “Stop. This is serious, dude. What do I say?”

“Just…say hi?”

“That’s too boring. He’s going to get bored if I just say hi.”

“Give me the phone.” Holster stood up and grabbed the phone from Ransom’s hand and Ransom immediately tackled him to the ground.

“No! You’re going to say something stupid!” He hissed, as Holster held the phone above his head. “Give it back!”

Holster flipped them over, straddling Ransom’s waist and grinned triumphantly as he typed.

Ransom: Hey. Sorry I didn’t get to talk to you earlier.

“What are you writing? Fuck Holster what are you writing?”

“I just told him you think his ass is better than Jack’s,” he teased, and Ransom let out a wail.

“Get your stupid huge thighs off me and give me my phone!” He exclaimed, pushing Holster backwards so that he could grab the phone from his hands.

Holster handed it back, laughing, and sat up on his forearms, Ransom still half in his lap.

“Fuck. Okay. Fine. This is fine,” Ransom said, looking down at the message. “Shit man, you scared me.”

He looked down at Holster, glasses askew and shirt riding up his torso and laughed. “You’re such a dick.”

“A dick who’s helping you text your idol,” Holster said, grinning and pushing his glasses back into place. “Asshole.”

Tater: Is okay you ran. I have affect like that on people ))))))

“Is that…is he?” That was definitely flirting, right? Ransom couldn’t be sure… He turned the phone to show Holster.

“Dude.” Holster said, sitting up. “That’s gay.”

Ransom sat criss-cross on the floor, phone in his lap. He was just about to reply when the phone buzzed again and Holster hovered behind his back looking at the response.

Tater: Next time will give you autograph

“God he’s cocky,” Holster grumbled, and Ransom nudged his stomach.

“He can afford to be cocky with an ass like that.”

Ransom: Haha that’d be cool actually.

“That’d be cool actually,” Holster mimicked. Ransom glared. Why was he being like this?

“You know I suck at this stuff, man, stop,” Ransom told him. Ever since he broke up with March he’d been trying to get back in the game, and it wasn’t like Alexei Mashkov was queer or even trying to hook up with him, but it was the principle of the thing.

Tater: You are good player too. I watch games with Zimmboni.

“He thinks I’m a good player,” Ransom whispered. Holy shit.

Ransom: Thanks man. Just sucks we didn’t make it farther in the playoffs.

Tater: Some win, some lose )))

“Why is he even texting you, though?” Holster muttered, standing back up.

Ransom looked up, shocked. “Dude. What’s your problem?”

“Don’t have one. I’m just wondering. It’s kinda weird, okay?”

And it was weird, but he was literally texting his celebrity crush and his best bro could be a little happier for him?

“Yeah I mean I don’t get it, but shit man.”

“Yeah, shit.”

This was…awkward. He watched Holster carefully. He was…tense. After all these years playing together, living together, Ransom knew when something was up.

He opened his mouth to ask when Holster turned around abruptly, looking down at him.

“This is your Birthday Keagster, Rans, let’s go down, alright?”

“Yeah, alright.” Holster held a hand out to help him up and his hand lingered before he ran it back through his hair. So weird.

“And eat something! I will take care of your drunk ass if I have to, but I won’t clean up any of your puke even if it is your birthday,” Holster said, grinning. Back to normal.

Ransom laughed. “I’m the one who took care of your drunk ass when you stripped on the pong table last week, but okay.”

“Fuck off,” Holster said, nudging him in the arm.

Back to normal. Ransom grinned and opened the attic door. “It’s my birthday I’ll get shitfaced if I  want to.”

His phone buzzed again with another text from Alexei and he felt Holster physically stiffen at his side.

What the fuck.

He decided to ignore the text for now. He only had a little while longer to enjoy college with his best bud, and even if they were moving in together, everything was about to change.


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this is really short ik okay but i just had to write SOMETHING to at least try and quench my thirst for this man okay i’m sorry forgive me it’s mostly just smut so enjoyyyy

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x reader
Genre: smut, bit of fluff i guess?
Word count: 2,686

“Do you really hate me that much?”

Since you were already laying as still as a rock in bed, there was nothing more to freeze still other than your breath at his whispered statement. The room was dark but you squeezed your eyes shut nonetheless, staying silent.

“I know you’re awake,” he mumbled from the other side of the bed, the wall of pillows you’d previously placed between your bodies as a barrier muffling his voice slightly. You knew he wouldn’t waste this opportunity after having been forced to share a bed for the night under certain circumstances. He’s been trying to talk to you for weeks, looking for a chance to get you alone after that night.

That drunken night where you both did something you would’ve never had the courage to do sober. It built up for so long until you both finally broke and couldn’t handle it anymore, the alcohol causing you act on your urges faster than anything. But then you woke up the next morning, and you thought the two of you could talk about it like grownups, to see if one of you regretted it, but all you saw was a slip of paper on your pillowcase with a simple I’m sorry scribbled on it.

You’d bit your lip and huffed, turning onto your back and staring up at the ceiling, holding back frustrated tears because you really didn’t want it to end up this way. You couldn’t believe you actually let this happen. But you were a big girl, this shouldn’t be new to you, so you got out of bed and took a shower, trying to wash away any and all traces of last night, despite how bad you didn’t want to forget it deep down.

You were actually stupid enough to think he would reach out to you for a week after that, try to contact you or at least text you, but he didn’t. You were left disappointed once again, trying to hold back the tears but the fact that he wasn’t even willing enough to talk to you after that night had your tears slipping down despite your will. You’d been friends for a long time now, but clearly you were wrong to think that your drunken mistake could’ve been forgotten for the sake of your friendship.

Then when he text you late one night, you sighed and stared at your phone for a few seconds before locking it and placing it back down on the table, eyes glued to your TV even when you heard several text messages reach you after that. And when he would call, you would place your phone aside until he stopped calling before picking it up again. And if you would hear your name being called on your way to one of your classes, you would quicken your pace without a single glance back.

But your yearly trip to Jongin’s cabin in the woods was something you couldn’t avoid because it was nearly a tradition in your small group of friends. You thought you could manage to ignore him well enough, despite his eyes constantly being glued to you. Your other friends noticed as well but kept their mouths shut, figuring you two would eventually figure it out on your own, but then again they did manage to get the two of you to share one of the bedrooms.

“I don’t hate you, Baek,” you said back, voice low.

“You should,” he sighed out, and you felt the bed move a little as he shifted, and you did as well to lay on your back, his view still blocked from you with the amount of pillows between you two. “I’m an asshole who ignored you for a whole week after that night.”

“Yeah, you are an asshole,” you agreed. “What’s done it done, I guess. We’ll have to put this behind us sometime now.”

“But I want to talk about it.”

“Well, I don’t Baekhyun,” you suddenly snapped. “It was humiliating enough for me that you left without a word that morning and went a week without bothering to text or call,” you rambled on. “I think you should cut me a little slack and save your rejection speech for later.” You wanted your words to come off harsher but your voice wavered nonetheless, and you knew you sounded weak and hurt. But then again you were.

“Wait- what? Rejection? Did you think I blew you off because-” He cut himself off with a groan before he spoke again. “__, I like you.”

You gulped at that, blinking up at the ceiling and trying to process his words, but you couldn’t.


“I like you,” he said again. “God, I’m such an asshole. I know I ran off and I acted like a fucking wuss after that night but, I mean- what if you woke up and you regretted it all? We were both really drunk and I thought I’d just spare you the awkwardness and get out of there before you woke up. I swear, I wanted to call you that day but I-” He groaned once again. “I’m sorry.”

You nibbled on your lip as you ran through his words over and over in your head. Were you two really dumb enough to both think the same way? Both of you thought the other regretted it and you guys were too cowardly to even address the subject properly.

“__?” He spoke after a while.

“Yeah?” You whispered back.

“Can I move these pillows away?”


You clutched the covers in your fingers, eyes staying trained on the ceiling, but he came into view out of the corner of your eye and you bit the inside of your cheek because he was closer now.

“I like you too, you know,” you suddenly spoke, wanting to finally say it out loud and clear so that there wouldn’t be any confusion. You turned to face him, laying on your side just like him, less than a foot of space between your bodies. “And you’re still a dumbass for leaving that morning.”

He bit back a smile. “I know,” he whispered, cautiously lifting a hand to your face, brushing back a strand of hair and tucking it behind your ear. “I’ll make it up to you, though.”

“Promise?” You said, though you were already nuzzling your cheek into his warm palm, and he nodded before shifting closer to you on the bed.


You looked up at him, faces much closer now, and you realized just how much you missed him these past weeks. Not just after that night, you just missed him being there. His smiles, his laughs, his mere presence, you missed it all.

“Can I kiss you now?” He whispered, and with a small nod of your head, his lips were on yours in a second.

It was supposed to be soft and sweet; your first real kiss after admitting your feeling to each other, but it was anything but. The two of you had gotten a small taste of each other that night drunk, and you were craving to get more sober. So as soon as is lips met yours, it barely took him a minute to push forward and have you on your back beneath him, arms caging you between his body and the mattress.

Your hands immediately traveled to his soft hair, tugging on the strands as his hands began to roam your body. You weren’t shy about it and each of you knew that the other wanted this just as bad after that night. That’s why he didn’t waste any time and one of his hands slithered down to your stomach, fingers slipping past the hem of your pajama shorts and panties, coming in contact with your already heated core.

His mouth was kissing, licking, and nibbling on yours all at once as his fingers found your clit, softly grazing it before increasing the pressure just slightly. You pulled away from his lips, head dropping back against the pillows as you let out a shaky sigh, but he continued to flutter kisses down your cheek and to your neck.

“Baek…” You whispered out when his movements became more thorough and prominent, your wetness starting to pool in your panties and small shocks of pleasure beginning to take over your body. One of your hands ran up and down his clothed back before feeling the need to feel his skin, so you slipped it beneath the material of his shirt and ran your fingers along the muscles of his back, faintly remembering your nails harshly scratching up and down his back in pure euphoria when he fucked you that night.

Your other hand still gripped his hair, finding it to be the perfect thing to hold onto at the moment, gripping it tighter when one of his fingers slid inside you all of a sudden. Your back arched just slightly when his finger immediately started moving inside you, and he took the chance to wrap his free arm around your back and place his hand on your bra beneath your shirt, his nimble fingers quickly undoing the clasp. You gulped loudly when his movements turned hasty, his hands fighting to lift up your shirt and now loose bra up to uncover your chest, and your eyes fluttered shut when his lips swiftly enclosed around one of your nipples.

“Fuck,” you breathed out, hips bucking against his hand that had now slipped two fingers inside you, thrusting much faster than before, and back arching into his mouth. All that was heard in the quiet room was your soft panting and the occasional rustle of the sheets as you thrashed and writhed in his arms. “Baekhyun,” you whimpered out, one of your legs lifting up to wrap around his, your pants becoming faster and harsher when you felt your high fast approaching because you’d waited for this long enough and you were finally getting it.

His mouth left your breasts and met your in a wet kiss once again, his free hand replacing his mouth and groping your breast as his fingers sped up their movements.

“Oh,” you gasped out. “Fuck, Baekhyun,” you whimpered out, legs now fighting to close against his hips as your high hit you, your head digging back into the pillow and your nails dipping into the skin of his back. His lips and tongue ran over the marks he’d created on your neck soothingly as his fingers slowed down, all the while you fought to catch your breath.

Whimpers left your lips with each drive of his hips into yours as he fucked you ruthlessly into the bed, the mattress squeaking in protest at the force. Your nails, similar to just a few minutes ago, dug into his back, this time dragging their way along the expanse of his skin and creating red marks that would surely hurt in the morning. But at the moment, they only drove him to bite into your neck with a groan as he sped up his hips. 

“Fuck,” you gasped out, a choked cry following when he went especially deep and hit a certain sweet spot. He slowed down his thrusting to a slow grind, his hips rolling into yours at an angle that had you thrashing and struggling to breathe properly, but then in a second he was back to snapping his hips roughly and you couldn’t help the cry that left your mouth.

“So wet,” he gasped out, accentuating his words with harsher movements that had both you and the mattress beneath you squealing. “Your pussy feels so good, baby. God…”

You mewled at his words because he sounded so erotic and filthy, your moans growing higher pitched and more frequent when his hand slid between your bodies to your clit to rub harsh circles.

“Oh- oh fuck, Baekhyun,” you squealed out, your body now being pushed upwards on the bed with each movement of his hips. Your bodies were drenched in sweat but you loved the feeling of his bare skin beneath your fingertips as your hands roamed his body, fingers grabbing at any muscle or limb you could hold onto.

“You’re so sexy when you moan my name like that,” he breathed out, one of his hands cupping your cheek for a second before traveling to your hair and gripping it tightly. Your breath hitched when he paused his hips for a second and brought his face closer to your, his warm breath washing over your face and his lips barely grazing yours. You whimpered for the nth time that night when his teeth caught your bottom lip right before he sucked on it softly. “Turn over for me, baby.”

If it were anyone other you’d been doing this with, you really wouldn’t have scrambled to obey his command s eagerly. But it was Baekhyun, so as soon as he gave you enough space to move, you flipped yourself onto your stomach with his help. Your chin rested on the pillow and your hands grabbed the headboard in anticipation as he spread your legs and situated himself between them, and you could feel more wetness gushing out just at the mere feeling of his hand resting on your hip for support. His other hand planted itself on the mattress near your head, and you watched as it curled into the sheets as he placed his head at your entrance.

Your mouth dropped open when he finally pushed in again, both of you letting out shaky moans at the feeling, your hand gripping the headboard tighter when he immediately started moving his hips.

“Ah,” his groan was followed by another one of your name, his free hand grabbing yours off the headboard and gripping it in his own as he lowered his body to pin yours completely against the mattress with his. His head was right next to yours at this position, his mouth right by your ear as he released shaky breaths.

His lips found your skin, at the spot right behind your head, removing your sweaty hair with his hand to taste your salty skin, biting into it and increasing his pace to get the both of you your release.

“B-baek- ah, fuck yes,” your keens and cries almost sounded pornographic, but with the way he was currently fucking you, you really didn’t have the mind to care. 

“Fuck,” he grunted, his hands tightening their grips both on your hand and your hip as he fought to move his hips harder and faster to bring you as much pleasure as possible, and it seemed it worked because your legs kicked out against the sheets and you buried your head in the pillow to muffle a piercing scream.

And with a few more precise thrusts, you found yourself chanting his name as the euphoric feeling of your orgasm took over, all the while he kept thrusting to reach his own. With your walls clenching around his cock due to your orgasm, he found his thrusts growing sloppy and his cock twitching inside you seconds before he released. His head dropped onto your shoulder, lips planting onto your sweaty skin to muffle his loudest moan yet, his chest heaving against your back.

His body dropped onto the mattress next to yours as you turned on your back, both of you fighting to catch your breaths. He grabbed a few tissues from the nightstand next to the bed to clean the two of you up. You laid on your side after he was done and he leaned down to bring the sheets up and cover the two of you before slipping his hand beneath you to pull you onto him.

He let out a contempt sigh when you cuddled up to him, throwing a leg over his and tangling the sheets between your bodies. 

“You still have weeks to make up to, you know?” You mumbled sleepily after a while.

“I know,” he chuckled with his eyes closed, his fingers continuing to lazily trace up and down your back, falling asleep only minutes later.

Sorry Not Sorry

Shawn Mendes x Reader




Word Count- 1539

Request/Summary- Hi is there any chance you could do a Shawn imagine where he wins an award and during his acceptance speech he thanks his wife and daughter who are at home and accidentally lets it slip that his wife is pregnant again (cause I feel this would be something the poor boy would do because he would be so excited to tell people ). Thank you

A/N- this is fucking adorable the second i read this request i could picture it in my head oh my god I’m so excited please enjoy, and guests whaaaattttt I’m taking it to the next level so anon, thank you very much

also this is the year 2024, so Shawn is 26, but his career is still thriving and he is a family man and he is sooooo happy

Good luck my darling I love you! Lydia is staying up to watch so you better win, but we will love you no matter what happens!, You shoot a quick text to Shawn as you turn on the TV. 

“Alright baby you can have one popsicle while we wait for daddy to come on okay?” You lean down to Lydia as she stands in front of the freezer. 

“Oh mama…” She sighs. 

“Yeah baby, what’s wrong?” You ask concerned. 

“Mama I’m confused.” She sighs once again. 

“About what Lyd?” You sit on the floor with your back on the fridge. 

“Mama, I want the orange popsicle for me, but I want the strawberry popsicle for daddy.” Lydia sighs, she is genuinely sad at her conflict. 

“Aw baby!” You laugh, “What do you mean you want a popsicle for daddy?”

“Well the orange popsicle is my favorite, but if I don’t eat the strawberry popsicle daddy will lose.” She begins to tear up, “And I don’t want daddy to lose…”

“Well how about this baby,” You begin, “You can have the orange popsicle and I will have the strawberry popsicle for daddy. How does that sound?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” She pulls out the two popsicles and runs to the couch, “Well come one mama! We can’t miss daddy!”

You laugh as you shut the freezer door and walk over to the couch where your three year old daughter is sitting. She is wearing her pink fuzzy socks and her Sofia the First night gown. As soon as we sat down the host announced Shawn’s performance and we watched as he took the stage. 

“THAT’S MY DADDY!” Lydia screams as she gets up from the couch and stands about two feet from the TV. You watch as Shawn walks onto the stage with his guitar around his back. His collared shirt is fit perfectly to his lean body.

“Mama hold my popsicle!” Lydia shoves her popsicle into your grip. 

“Lyd…” You stare sternly at her. 

“Sorry mama… please hold my popsicle while I listen to daddy.” She says while flashing her puppy dog eyes. 

“That’s much better baby.” You kiss her cheek before she quickly turns back around to watch her dad. She dances in circles throughout the entire song and you have just about as much enjoyment watching her little curls bounce, as you do watching Shawn perform.

Lydia calms down shortly after he finishes performing and once his award is up you begin to get nervous. “And the award for song of the summer goes to…” The celebrity guest says into the microphone, “SHAWN MENDES!” 

“DADDY!” Lydia screams as a shot of a very happy Shawn pops up on the screen. The cameras follow him as he walks to the stage where he is supposed to accept his award. 

Shawn happily grasps the award as he runs his free hand through his hair. “Wow…um wow!” He begins, “I can’t believe it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have two groups, I guess, of people to thank. Obviously my fans are everything to me. They brought me here and as cliche as it is, I genuinely wouldn’t be here without them. I also want to thank all of my friends, family, and loved ones that have supported me for the long run. Especially my little family. My daughter, Lydia, has changed my life forever and my wife, (Y/N) is my best friend. She is also superwoman because she is at home alone taking care of Lydia with another little one on the way, so (Y/N) thank you and I love you.”

Then he pauses. His face kind of goes blank as if he is trying to remember what he says and then he remembers that millions of people are watching him live right at that moment. A blush rises to his cheeks as he realizes what he just did.  A beautiful little secret that you and Shawn had kept to yourselves (with a lot of difficulty) had just been mistakenly revealed to the entire world and honestly… you couldn’t be more excited. You had told Shawn about your second pregnancy as soon as you found out, literally. As soon as you saw the three little positive marks on each of the pregnancy tests you ran right to the couch where your husband was relaxing. It was completely unexpected, but the perfect surprise. 

“Oh man, ohh I was not supposed to say that. (Y/N) I am so sorry that it came out this way!” He then turns to the side to give an I don’t know what to say face to Andrew who was standing to the left of the stage “Hi Lyd baby! Mommy and daddy haven’t gotten to tell you yet and daddy just ruined the surprise, but guess what? You’re going to be a big sister!” He gently leaned into the camera as if he was talking to his little girl face to face. 

“Alright I have already said way to much so I am going to just end with a simple, thank you.” He smiles and gave a quick wave and then rushes off the stage. 

You have the biggest smile on your face when your little girl turns around to look at you with her eyes and mouth wide open.

“Mama for real?” She asks.

“Yeah baby. Mama’s got a little brother or little sister in her tummy.” You place a hand on your lower stomach. Lydia walks up to you and points to your belly button when you pull your hand away. 

“Brother?” She asks in awe.

“Or a sister.” You smile. 

“Hello.” She presses her nose to your belly button. Your heart skips a beat and you only wish your husband was here to see this. “I think I love you.” She whispers her brother or sister. Lydia brings tears to your eyes. 

“Did daddy mess up?” She asks confused.

You immediately laugh before saying, “A little bit baby, but its okay. We were planning on finding a fun way to tell you together, but this was kind of fun right?”

“Mhmm!” She agrees. 

You have some explaining to do to a certain little girl! You text Shawn.  

He replies right away by saying, Can we FaceTime?

“Do you want to FaceTime daddy?” You ask Lydia. 

“Yes! Yes! I miss daddy!” She yells, “I want to show him my little brother!” It is obvious she wants a little brother. 

The phone only rings once before Shawn picks up and it is immediately obvious that he has found a quite corner backstage at the awards.

“Congratulations!” You and Lydia cheer once he picks up.

“I am so sorry!” He says first off, “I really didn’t mean to say that I was just nervous.”

“I know baby, I’m not mad at all.” You smile. 

“Wha-why?” He asks. 

“Because I love how excited you are and I don’t even care.” You laugh, “It’s perfect! I am however getting a lot of texts from friends and my mum is calling the house right now.”

“You can ignore that.” Shawn laughs. 

“Oh I’m planning on it.” You smile.

“I’m going to have a little brother!” Lydia cheers before doing  little happy dance.

“You think mommy has a little brother in her tummy?” Shawn asks.

“Oh yeah its a boy.” Lydia says with confidence. 

“Can you give the baby a kiss for me?” Shawn asks. His smile grows even wider as he watches his little girl kiss his wife stomach. 

“Do you want to tell daddy what you said to the baby a few minutes ago?” You ask Lydia as you brush your fingers through her hair.

“I said I think I love you.” She smiles to her daddy. You nod in the background to let him know that beautiful moment really did happen. 

“Well I know I love you and I know I love mommy and I know I love the little baby growing in mommy’s belly.” Shawn smiles, “I have to go, but I can’t wait to come home and you Lyd. I love you baby girl.” Shawn blows a kiss and Lydia returns a more sloppy but equally as loving kiss to Shawn. She then marches out of the screen to wait for you to help her brush her teeth. 

“Thank you for being so good about this.” Shawn praises.

“Always. I honestly love how it happened.” You laugh, “You will be all over the internet tomorrow though!”

“Oh I am already trending on twitter!” Shawn sighs. 

“I have to go help Lyd, I can’t wait to see you.” 

“I love you beautiful.” Shawn smiles, “Take good care of yourself please, you’ve got my kid in there.” He pretends to be stern. 

“Oh I will.” You laugh, “Be safe and come home soon, I love you!” 

“I love you more!” 

The Anatomy of a Blowjob

please place all blame squarely on the shoulders of @caramelkru WHERE IT BELONGS

rated M
read on ao3 here

If there’s anything Bellamy has learnt in all his years of life, it’s that the more alcohol someone puts into his friends, the more ridiculous the texts they send him are.

For example, one time Miller messaged him at half one in the morning asking him if he knew where he could find breadfruit because it was ‘super important’. Another time Murphy sent him the entire Bee movie script, which resulted in his number being blocked for at least a month.

Honestly, those aren’t even the worst of it.

Tonight, he’s decided to stay home, so he’s expecting the usual barrage of texts, as well as a slurred phone call around 1am from someone asking if they can either crash on his couch, or for a drop home.

Sometime after nine, his phone buzzes, and he’s halfway through getting ready to tell Octavia that no, he can’t spare a few hours to come hang when he has a veritable mountain of grading to trudge through, but stops short when he sees that it’s Clarke.

[9:24pm] Clarke: are giving blowjobs like riding a bike???

[9:24pm] Clarke: as in, you never forget how to do it no matter how long it’s been??

His phone doesn’t quite slip out of his hand when he reads it, but comes startlingly close to, and he finds himself fumbling to keep it within his grip, accidentally opening his camera in the process. Meanwhile, the pen cap he was gnawing on while marking essays falls out of his mouth.

The text is still there by the time he rights himself and gets back to his messages, and he fucking pinches himself to make sure he’s not dreaming.

Finally, he manages to gather his bearings long enough to type back,

[9:28pm] Bellamy: How the fuck am I supposed to know???

He’s still staring dumbfounded at his phone, trying to wrap his around all of this, by the time she replies, sending several texts in quick succession.

[9:30pm] Clarke: because you’re the only other mga person in our friend group

[9:30pm] Clarke: well, besides raven, but she only ever dated guys before luna and idk luna that well to ask her about this

[9:30pm] Clarke: but you’ve only hooked up with girls for a while before hooking up with a guy right?

[9:30pm] Clarke: so like, was it hard??

[9:30pm] Clarke: pun intended lmao

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The Persistence of Memory (NSFW)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, smut

A/N: This was surprisingly difficult to write. Sorry for how long this is, I was originally going to just do smut, then it turned into just fluff then it turned back into smut. Also, all the art talk was self indulgent as fuck, sorry, I’m just an art nerd.

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The Day You Met Ethan Dolan

Summary: You were just trying to enjoy the new video as you wait for your Starbucks drinks. But what happens when you aren’t paying attention and you literally bump into Ethan Dolan.

Word Count: 1,021

Warnings: None.

A/N: I know I haven’t posted any writings in a while. I have a few request, I need to work on, & I’m finishing up part 5 of Twisted In Lies, so that will be posted for you guys soon! But I hope you guys enjoy this quick little imagine! Love you guys <3

Originally posted by dailydolantwins

“Sorry!” you said, bumping into the guy in front of you in the Starbucks line.

You were too busy on your phone watching the new video the Dolan Twins had just uploaded, that you weren’t paying attention to where you were walking. 

“It’s all good, don’t worry about it.” he replied, but you were to busy watching the video on your phone that you didn’t even look up at the person talking to you.

“So you’re a fan?” he asked, noticing the video you were watching on your phone.

“Oh my god! Yes, I love them!” you said, still not bothering to look up from your phone. 

Seriously, didn’t anyone ever teach you to make eye-contact with the person you’re talking to?

You were just standing there laughing away as Ethan was reading about how someone was feeding him nachos through the bleachers.

“So are you in Ethan’s lane or Grayson’s lane?” the guy asked again. Why the hell was this guy asking you about lanes? Did he know them or something? Was he a fan?

“Defiantly in Ethan’s lane! You know th-” you were about to ask him if he knew them, but you cut yourself off, once you finally looked up from your phone. 

Ethan Dolan was there standing right in front of you. Talking to you this whole time, and you didn’t even notice. 

How did you not recognize his voice? Wow talk about embarrassing.

“Oh. My. God!” you said, throwing your hand over your mouth totally surprised. 

Ethan smiled at your reaction, and one of his arms around your shoulder giving you a hug. His hugs were better than you imagined. Even though it was a side hug, he still squeezed you really tight.    

“I can’t believe you were standing in front of me, talking to me the whole time. Well this is embarrassing.” You said, running your hand through your hair. 

“Don’t be embarrassed, maybe I can talk about this experience in one of our future videos.” Ethan winked at you, and you felt your knees go weak.

You honestly had no idea how you weren’t freaking out right now. You always thought that you’d be crying if you ever met either of them. Now you’re just casually standing in line at Starbucks waiting on your drink as you were having a conversation with Ethan. On top of that you told him you were in Ethan’s lane. 

“Order for Ethan!” you heard the barista shout. 

Ethan walked over to pick up his drink, and walked back over to where you guys were standing. 

“Do you want to be on my snapchat?” he asked, pulling out his phone. 

“Yeah, sure!” you replied calmly, but on the inside you were screaming at the top of your lungs.

Ethan opened up the snapchat app. Switching it to the selfie camera, he held up his phone, and started recording.

“Met this cutie in Starbucks today. She said she was in Ethan’s lane!” he said smiling. 

“Let’s hope I don’t swerve.” you said into the camera, causing you both to laugh. You took some selfies with Ethan on your snapchat, and as you were about to take one last one, the barista called your name. 

He gave you a hug, and told you that he was great seeing you, before heading towards the door. You went to grab your caramel frappuccino, and headed out of Starbucks. You decided to post the pictures you took with Ethan on snapchat onto your Twitter. You tagged him in them, and added a caption.

@yourtwittername: When you’re too busy watching #TheDolanTwinsNewVideo on your phone, & you literally bump into @EthanDolan at Starbucks 💙 

You sent the tweet, and plugged up your phone to the aux and started driving home. Your phone went off a few times, indicating that you had some new notifications. You decided to ignored them, and check them whenever you got home, since you were only a few minutes from your apartment.

You finally got home, and changed into some comfy sweat pants, and a t-shirt. You placed your phone on the charger, and decided to take a little nap, not worrying about the notifications you received earlier. You figured it was just your friends texting, and snapping you because they saw that you met Ethan. As you were laying there slowly dozing off, you hear your phone continuously going off.

“I mean, did somebody die ooooor?” you said to yourself, reaching for your phone.

You grabbed your phone, and started scrolling through the notifications. Just like you figured it was a few texts, and snaps from your friends freaking out about you meeting Ethan. You noticed you had a few notifications on Twitter, so you decided to open up the Twitter app to check. It was just some fan accounts following you, liking, and retweeting your picture with Ethan. You were going through your likes to see who liked them, and you noticed that Ethan liked your picture. Your heart started racing, but you also knew that there was a bunch of fake accounts of the twins, so you clicked on his name to make sure it was actually him. 

A wide smile plastered across your face, once you realized it was actually him. He had the blue check next to his name, verifying that it was indeed the real Ethan Dolan. You were just about to close out of Twitter, when you noticed something else.

Ethan Dolan followed you on Twitter.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” you screamed at the top of the lungs in your empty apartment. 

Not only did you meet Ethan today, but he put you on his snapchat. Liked your picture on Twitter, and followed you. 

Could this day get any better? 

Your phone vibrated in your hand, and you looked down to see that the notification was from Twitter. You pulled down on the screen to see what it was, and you couldn’t believe it. 

@EthanDolan: Hope you haven’t swerved yet 😉💙


I don’t post much on Tumblr. I prefer to just lurk about, look at fanart, read fics, and stay tf away from all the toxicity and drama surrounding fandom.

But for right now - fuck all that noise. I’m entering the war zone.

I’ve been peeping on the SW fandom for about the last year and a half now, and something has come to my attention - some people… predominantly, it seems, anti-reylo shippers - are so incredibly vile, ruthlessly harsh, and just generally terrible to other people who are just trying to enjoy their reading of the film in peace.

And I mean, it’s not even like y’all (antis) have the correct reading of the film? You guys have CATEGORICALLY MISINTERPRETED everything you use as bait for why the Reylo ship is “wrong” “immoral” or “disgusting.” I’ve seen so many antis claiming that Kylo Ren won’t be getting a redemption arc and is a ruthless murderer with no regrets, yet the subtext of TFA, the SCRIPT ITSELF, dialogue in the novel, and specific comments from fucking JJ Abrams and Adam Driver himself refute that. You can’t argue that it’s incest, because at this point everyone associated with the series has essentially come out and said she isn’t a Skywalker or a Solo. To claim that Rey was “raped” by him and imply that it’s an abusive relationship is to -

1). Strip Rey of all her agency and overlook the fact that she has been established as a strong character who can defend herself (because, idk if you recall, but every time she encounters Kylo Ren…she defeats him). They have consistently been established as equals both in battle and in their abilities in the force, and to suggest she can’t hold her own against him is just blatantly ignoring the text. (And, going off the anti argument, when she enters his mind, that means she also “rapes” him, but I guess we can all overlook that because Daisy Ridley is a pretty, defenseless little woman and Adam Driver is a big, scary, superior man, right?).

2). To only have the capacity to understand text and character development as it’s presented to you in its most basic form. Y’all know this is a trilogy, right? See, what typically happens is that - over the course of a series of films - the characters change and drastically develop beyond what was presented to the audience in the first movie. This is what we call character development.

Do you guys seriously believe that every single Reylo shipper thinks they’re going to jump each other’s bones based on the mutual disdain for each other that was presented in TFA? FUCK NO! The Reylo speculation is centered around the potential we see for future development between the two, romantic or otherwise. It’s based on canon evidence in the novel and script. It’s based on comments from JJ Abrams, Lucasfilm and co. who suggest - nay, outright STATE - that the destinies of these two characters are specifically tied up in their relationship to one another. And now we have a poster, a trailer, and a whole host of spoilers to indicate that Reylo shippers are headed in the right direction in terms of character development and plot speculation. Don’t believe me? There are pages and pages worth of meta and Reylo-centered analysis circa 2015 - 2016 that has, as of recent news and revelations, pretty much hit the nail on the head. While y’all are still just hoping she’s a Skywalker.

The last thing I’m going to bring up is the the utter VENOM that is spat at people minding their own business, enjoying the SW series, and creating their art, totally unprompted, from antis. To call someone a pedophile based on a ship with a ten year age gap (the same age gap between Han and Leia, I might add, but you guys seem totes cool with that) is outrageous, offensive, and trivializes pedophilia. To call someone a racist because of their ship is, again, utterly outrageous, baseless, and wholly dismissive of POC shippers (like myself). Unless you see someone consistently posting pictures of swastikas and spewing hateful, anti-minority rhetoric, you - just another random, bitter asshole on Tumblr - have no right to call someone a Nazi, again trivializing the experiences of those who have had to deal with *actual* racism, stereotyping and social injustice. And if you think we’re sexist? I invite you to revisit Point 1.

Sorry for the long-ass rant. But people should just ship and let ship. There’s no need for the bullying, policing, name-calling, or even taking any of this shit so SERIOUSLY to the point where you would go out of your way to hurt others. Because at the end of the day, we’re all just watching a series of children’s films about space wizards with light-up swords. CHILL.


Peter Parker:

Protecting You:
-in which Peter doesn’t want to admit his feelings for the reader because he’s afraid she’ll get hurt; here

He Knows Spider-Man:
-Ned blurts out in gym class that Peter knows Spider-Man when he hears the reader talk about how much the guy in red and blue fascinates her; here

-The vulture uses the reader to try and hurt Peter; here

-Reader and Peter used too be best friends but he starts ignoring her at school and doesn’t answer any of her texts or calls. This of course doesn’t go unnoticed by the reader and her heart breaks because of the boy she thought cared; here

Clock Tower:
-Reader falls down the clock tower and to Peter’s horror he was too late to save her; here

-The reader falls off a building and Peter is trapped and he just watches her fall, he thinks she’s dead, gets beat up by the vulture since he’s depressed. But little does he know Tony Stark saved her; here

Just In Time:
-Tony manages to save the reader, just in time; here

Heal My Wounds:

-Peter has a massive crush on the reader but can’t help but wonder why she always covers her hands with gloves; part 1, part 2 

Tom Holland:

My Sister, Really?
-You and Tom have been seeing each other behind your brothers, Harrison’s back since you were afraid of how he’d react. And it turns out worse then expected when he catches you two in a heated make out session in Tom’s pool; part 1 

Edmund x Reader: Advice

Prompt/ask: Anonymous asked: Hiiiii love your blog Can I have a modern Au Edmund X reader where there’s a text exchange like “I need advice.” “Never mind. I’ve already done the stupid thing.” Thanks 😍

Word count: 569

Warnings: None

Setting: Modern AU

It was a cloudy day, the sort of day where all anyone wanted to do was stay inside and shut themselves away from all their troubles.

It seemed as if you had been lying there on the couch for hours. Piles upon piles of crumbs were lodging themselves somewhere underneath the wire of your bra, giving you the sudden urge to itch. You ignored the sensation and simply reached for another handful of powdery chips. 

You had no problem spending your weekend afternoons like this, all curled up with snacks and the remote-especially on a muggy day such as this one. 

Edmund Pevensie, however, had a different idea of what constituted a fulfilling afternoon. You felt your phone buzz from beside you on the couch. You turned it over lazily, tearing your eyes away from the television screen to see Edmund’s name lighting up your phone. You frowned. 

Hey, are you busy?

You rolled your eyes, plopping the phone down beside you again with deliberate force. Nothing good could ever come out of responding to that message-especially not from Edmund. 


Another message. 

You pursed your lips. Reluctantly, you picked up your phone.

I need advice

You groaned audibly, shaking your head and leaning forward to place the phone on the coffee table in front of your feet. You couldn’t deal with that boy right now.

Buzz. Buzz.

You slumped in your seat.


You heard a small tapping at your window. A very faint, muffled tapping, but a tapping nevertheless. 

Buzz. Buzz.

You finally stood up, quite annoyed now. Was a quiet afternoon really such an unachievable request? You snatched the phone up from the coffee table, dragging your feet along the floor to the frosty window. 

Another tapping. 

You couldn’t see anyone outside, which was odd considering the size of the window. You frowned, opening the window slowly and peering over the ledge to see-

“EDMUND!” You shrieked, dropping your hold on the window and staggering back. 

The boy simply laughed, holding the window up and closing his lips to smirk at you. 

“H-how did you, I mean,” You began, spluttering. 

“Well,” Edmund said with a bit of condescension in his tone, “This is the first story of your house and your window is barely 11 feet off the ground.” 

You shook your head in a mixture of annoyance and awe. Edmund ignored your expression, climbing through your window as if it was a completely ordinary  thing to do.

 “Edmund, why-”

 “Y/n, I’ve come to bargain.” Edmund said, laughing a little and closing the window behind him. You rolled your eyes at his nerdy reference, sinking back onto your sofa. “No, seriously Ed, what are you-”

 “I texted you, didn’t I?”

 You stood up again. “Stop interrupting me, Pevensie,” You said warningly, stepping a little closer to him, “Now, what is it? You said you needed advice? Or-” 

Suddenly, before you could register the situation, Edmund’s arms were snaked around your waist and his lips were pressed firmly against yours. You sunk deeper and deeper into the kiss, moving your hands up his back to stop at the nape of his neck. Edmund pulled away almost instantly, leaving you in utter astonishment. 


“What?” You said in bewilderment. 

Edmund shrugged, a small smile forming in the corners of his mouth. “I don’t need advice. I’ve already done the stupid thing.” 

And with that, he kissed you again.

Shuu & Sayaka Livedoor Interview (important points)

- Sayaka believes that the basic thing is to match their clothes and the clothes are planned by Sayaka

- Shuu shared that if she didn’t trust and believe Sayaka, they wouldn’t be able to portray the deep relationship between Uranus and Neptune

- The interviewer asked about their similarity with their characters and Shuu feels that she has nothing in common with Haruka. Sayaka replied that both Shuu and Haruka are charismatic, and she said that Shuu is constantly doing something which makes her happy. As a woman herself, she feels that Shuu would do something to make her happy and it is similar to Haruka.

- Shuu said that the similarity between Sayaka and Michiru is that they will only do things that they deem as important, and they can forgo the non important stuff easily. Sayaka has a girlish side and that is she likes to see Tuxedo Kamen’s rose throws (and Sayaka started gushing about it)

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Shopping Disasters - Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by mischiefstydia

Summary: Stiles takes (Y/N) shopping after ruining her favourite jeans and tells a douche to fuck off.

Warnings: Swearing (just a lil).

Scott and I were sitting at a table in the cafeteria discussing how we were going to go about the new threat in Beacon Hills. He was struggling to come up with something which meant as always he’d come to me for help. Although I wasn’t the smartest in the group, I was one of if not the most determined. That was something I loved about myself. No matter what, I’d never give up. There was always a way. 

“Well, what if I distract them by pretending that one of them is killing me but its secretly like Liam dressed up and then I can attack them when they aren’t factoring me into their plan and they’ve forgotten about me.” I suggest.

“No, too many things could go wrong. You’re scent might give it away somehow too. Theres a big difference between the smell of alive and dead people.”

“Yeah, but only after they’ve started decomposing.” 

“How can you talk about something like that without even looking disturbed.” Scott shifted uncomfortably.

“Scott, come on. You’re the one thats going out and smelling this and fighting these guys all the time. Surely a conversation like this doesn’t scare you that bad.” I say matter of factly as he screws his face up. I giggle which quickly stops as I hear Stiles calling out for us and running towards us and then feeling his lunch splatter all over my pants. I gasp loudly and freeze trying to wrap my head around what had happened. 

“Oh my god (Y/N), I’m so sorry.” I laugh slightly in disbelief. 

“That was my favourite pair of jeans.” 

“I’ll buy you some more! I promise.” I start wiping myself off and laughing.

“No, its fine Stiles. Don’t stress. Lydia always has a spare set of clothes on her anyways.”

“What? Where’s the rest of it?” I ask shocked. 

“It’s a skirt, (Y/N); not a thong.” She rolls her eyes with a playful smile. 

“And this?!”

“A crop top?” 

“Never mind, I’ll just wear the spaghetti stained clothes.”

“Uh, uh. Not on my watch. A good friend would never let you walk around wearing that. Go get changed.” She says as she throws me her clothes. I look at her skeptically before she makes a ‘shoo’ sign and I throw my head back playfully exaggerating. 

“(Y/N)!” I hear from behind me. I turn around to see Stiles running towards me. “I just wanted to let yo- oh shit” I furrowed my eyebrows together.


“You’re um… outfit.”

“Yeah, it’s Lydia’s spare. I didn’t realise it would be… well this.”

“No, no, no. You look good- It looks good. Uh-anyway, I double checked with Scott and he said that he’s working tonight so he doesn’t need any help with, y’know.” He says as he lifts his hands and does the worst impression I’d ever seen. I giggled and he quickly stopped. “So, uh if you want, like you don’t have to, but I was just thinking, I could take you out. Like to the shops. To go… shopping. Because I ruined your jeans. And-”

“If you stop talking then yes.” I laugh and he nods furiously. 

“Thanks by the way. And you know what, I think the jeans you got me are even better than the ones I already had.” I smiled as we sat down in the food court.

“You don’t have to thank me. It’s my fault you lost them in the first place. I just have to quickly go pee so I’ll be right back.” He says as he walks off taking his phone.

“Hey there, little lady. Did your boyfriend leave you?” A guy who was obviously in college came over wearing his frat jumper and a dumb snapback cap. 

“Oh, no. He’s not my boyfriend.” I say as I think of Stiles and smile a little. We definitely had something but nothing had happened as of yet.” 

“Oh, really?” He smirks as he sits down in Stile’s seat.

“Oh, sorry but my friends coming back so you can’t really sit there.” He ignores what I say and picks a fry up off of my plate. I quickly send a text to Stiles saying ‘SOS’. “I suggest you put that fry back where it was.” He smirks and winks at me as he takes a bite out of it and puts the rest on my plate. I immediately stand up and lean over the table. 

“What are you gonna do, sweetheart?” I angrily glare at him and next thing I know I had punched him in the face. 

“(Y/N)? What are you doing?!” I heard Stiles say as he quickly strode towards the table. “What happened?” He asks confused to the guy sitting in his spot. 

“This psycho bitch hit me!” Stiles looked at him with the most disgusting look I had ever seen. I didn’t think it was possible for Stiles to even appear that angry but if looks could kill then this asshole would be six feet under.

“Fuck off.” He said lowly. My eyes widened as Stiles rarely ever said that word.

“Excuse me?” 

“Fuck. Off.” He said slightly louder but so intensely angry that the guy quickly stood up and walked off. 

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have left you alone.” He hugs me.

“It’s not you’re fault. And I think I took care of him pretty well.” I smirked as I rubbed my knuckles thinking about the punch. 

“Thats my girl.” He said without thinking and swung his arm around my shoulder. I froze for a second before easing into it. I picked up my bag and Stiles and I walked like that all the way back to his jeep. “Home?” He asks and I shake my head. 

“Let’s go on an adventure.” I smile. Stiles returns the gesture and we drive out to the forest where we then walk through it for the next hour or so just feeling complete with one another’s company. 

Time to go write my 4 Literature essays! wooo! :/

Three’s a Crowd (Part 11)

Originally posted by kths

Member: Taehyung x Reader x OC

Type: Poly Au, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10. Part 11.

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cravings / jimin (smut)

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

warnings: smut, smut, smut

note: i’ll fix the mistakes later i have to sleep asap

words: 2000+

jimin had a small accident and that caused him to be in the hospital. he was one of those clumsy boyfriends that would do dumb stuff on purpose just to see you giggle. no matter how many times you told him to stop he didn’t listen. and so one day you two were walking down these massive stairs and he wanted to show you how cool he looks hoping on one leg while going down. he slipped at the last stair and fell hard on his bum. he twisted his ankle enough for him to be in the hospital’s bed. you thought he would be there for maybe a couple of days but those days turned to weeks. you would see him everyday and bring him some food and tell him what he’s missing out back at home. you two would talk until the visiting hours would come to an end, you would have to return back to your lonely home. without him it felt weird, the bed felt cold with no one to spoon you and give you little kisses on your spine. if there’s a time that you cannot visit him you’d still face time and talk on there. but one day you got a really interesting text from jimin that made your eyes widen.

jimin: baaaaaby i need your pretty little mouth come and suck me off plsss

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Corner Shop Part 7 (Discipline)

Summary: Peter Parker visited the popular corner shop in Queens everday. Little did he know the owner had a cute daughter.

Word Count: 1136

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: angst, drama

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Although you were traumatized being home alone, you dreaded the moment your parents came home.

As you heard the front door unlock, your phone notification went off.

Peter: I’m so so so so sorry…

Peter: You deserve better.

You heard your mom yell your name.

You: Maybe we should just go back to me simply being an employee and you being a customer, nothing else

Peter called and texted you but you ignored it. In total, thirty notifications came from Peter, your mother and your father combined. A few of them were calls, the rest were text messages.

“y/n!” she snapped, causing you to flinch. After everything that happened, you felt on edge. Any sound could set you off.

She was conflicted. She wanted to hug you because you were okay, but she wanted to punish you for lying to her. She chose the latter.

“Mom, I’m sorry-”

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anonymous asked:

Will you write something with lila and Trini?

There are very few times that Kimberly has seen Trini get genuinely excited; and she means bouncing off the walls, talking a hundred miles per hour, and staring out the window with a crazed expression. But whenever Lila Hudson comes to town, her girlfriend becomes like a puppy dog. With a roll of her eyes, Kimberly watches as Trini kneels on the couch with her head beneath the curtains and her butt waving in excitement as she waits for Lila’s Uber to arrive. Because of their spring breaks matching up, Trini begged Lila to come to Angel Grove for the two weeks of freedom so they could spend time together; somehow it became a group trip, and now Lila was being accompanied by her girlfriend.

“Little one, staring at the window won’t make her arrive any faster.” Diana teases as she sips her tea from where she is curled up in a chair.

“Says you.” Trini scoffs.

“Does she always get like this?” Kimberly asks with a look of amusement.

“Only when Lila visits.” Diana sighs with a shake of her head. “Ever since they were young, the two were inseparable. Lila’s mother and I would have to drag them home screaming and making a fuss. Eventually, we just let them be.”

“We built a tunnel thing through the fence, and we’d spend hours in there.” Trini sighs, and her voice is muffled as she presses closer to the glass. “When mom told me we were moving back to Gotham, I wanted to die.”

“There were a lot of tears.” Diana hums as she glances to Kimberly. “A lot of threats of running away, they actually attempted to. It was quite amazing how far two fifteen-year-olds could get.”

Trini pops her head out and smirks, “She’s my partner in crime.”

Kimberly tries to quell her jealousy, but she can’t help it. Lila is great, and it’s clear that she and Trini are only friends but her girlfriend is so attached. She has found that the only people Trini consistently texts is herself, Diana, and Lila; and every Sunday, they FaceTime and watch bad movies together. Secretly, Kimberly hopes that she can somehow bond with Lila’s girlfriend over this; she can’t be the only one who is a little put off every time Trini ignores her for a phone call from Lila.

“She’s here!”

Diana cringes at Trini’s yell, “Relax, little one.”

Trini doesn’t bother replying, she simply pulls out of the curtains and lands in a heap on the floor. For a moment, the trio is quiet before Trini scrambles to her feet and hurries to throw herself at the front door. With a sigh, Diana sets her tea aside and uncurls herself from the chair while Kimberly sets her phone down and trails the woman. On the driveway, Trini bounces on the tips of her toes with her arms outstretched and her fingers opening and closing in excitement. As soon as the Uber comes to a stop, a tall form practically falls out and scurries up the driveway with a cry of happiness.


Lila squeals as Trini races to her and she is quick to scoop up her best friend, “Oh my fuck, I missed you so much.”

“Dude, you smell like airport and apples.” Trini scoffs as she wraps herself firmly around her friend. “I’m staying here for an hour.”

“I am not holding you for an hour.” Lila snorts, and she makes it a point to drop Trini back to her feet before she looks her over. “Did you get shorter?”

“Fuck off.” Trini snaps.

“Language.” Diana scolds as she approaches the pair, and Lila lights up as she eagerly accepts the hug is offered. “It’s so good to see you, my little one. How have you been?”

“Good. I missed you guys.” Lila whispers.

“Lillian Evelyn Hudson!”

The occupants of the driveway look to the Uber where a blonde stands, and they all watch as Lila sulks back to the car. Trini puffs out her cheeks to mask her laughter as she watches her best friend obediently remove a few suitcases before she is rewarded with a kiss. Right then and there, Trini decides that Lila’s girlfriend is probably going to be one of her favorite people.

“Trisket, this is Eli.” Lila grins as she approaches them once more and nods to the blonde. “Eli, this is my best friend in the entire world and her awesome mom.”

“I’ve heard so much about you guys.” Eli laughs as she looks between her girlfriend and Trini. “And when I say so much, I mean I feel like I already know you.”

Trini rolls her eyes, “This is my girlfriend. Kimberly.”

“Hey, gimpy.” Lila greets with a smirk.

Kimberly huffs at the nickname, “Long time no see, Lila. Eli, it’s nice to meet you.”

“How about we take this inside? I’ll make some tea for everyone.” Diana offers as she grabs a hold of one of the suitcases.

Trini moves to follow her mom, and stumbles as Lila pushes her suitcase against her heels. All at once, Trini narrows her eyes before she turns to pounce on her best friend. Somehow, the two manage to land on the grass and Kimberly heaves a long breath as the two begin to slap at each other while calling each other lewd names.

“Well, this is going to be an interesting two weeks…”

Kimberly looks to Eli and shakes her head, “You’re telling me.”