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My Dear, I’ll be there soon: When Lydia turns eighteen her mark appears on her wrist: 500. 500 days left and she still has not met him. She isn’t sure how to describe her mark because it keeps changing every day. It’s not permanent and at the same time, it is. The days change and the number goes down but she doesn’t feel her skin burning. It’s something worse: it’s one more day without him. [fic by @lydiamarkin]

I don’t know but sometimes I wonder why Naruto is considered like the sun??? Then??????? I. Just ???????????

The sun burns himself everyday just to let everyone get the warmth they need to survive. The sun is a ball of energy full of love and happiness but then he meet to moon, who is alone and starved for love.

The sun is alone too.

So the sun chases every day and night just to meet the moon and warm him up so they won’t be alone again. Wait this makes me remember some—


winter, the season in which you wear impractical clothing for the sake of your significant other, but you don’t mind because you love them. (and you can keep each other warm)

Ok but but what if after Jungkooks’ graduation, after they all have a good time eating and taking pictures, after Jungkook blows that kiss to Jimin in the car, they go back to the dorms and everyone congratulates the maknae one last time bc job well done Kookie you did it, and they all go to their rooms. But JM doesn’t, he sits on the couch because he knows JK will leave his room and come to him and he does, he sits next to JM on the couch and it’s quiet and they don’t speak until JM says ‘congratulations’ again in the same soft voice from when JK blew him kisses earlier and JK smiles and JM looks at him with that fondness and adoration and he can’t help it, he has to kiss him, so he does. He leans up to JK, still halfheartedly resenting him for his height but still loving him nonetheless, and presses his lips to the youngers and like always the fireworks erupt in both their stomachs at the contact, and JK kisses back eagerly, begins licking at JMs’ bottom lip because more he needs more, but that’s when JM stops him with a chuckle and a loving smile 'congratulations on graduating’ he says and JK rolls his eyes fondly 'you already said that’ and he just receives a peck to the cheek in return but he smiles, showing off those bunny teeth and JM just falls in love with him that much more

 Why don’t we just leave? Lets just go

                  “ What do you mean ‘go?’ We can’t just- 

                                                                     “ Why not? You scared Byers? 

                  “ Not all of us can drop everything and leave, Harrington. 

                                                                    “ The world isn’t gonna fall apart
                                                                    just because you stop holding it up
                                                                    for a while. You know that, right? 

 You shouldn’t have to anyway.
You don’t have to be Atlas, Jon. 

                 … Alright. Lets do this. Let’s runaway. 

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