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Like a Robot in Love

Coda (crack) fic for episode 4x14. Thanks to @bigfunnywords​ for being an awesome beta/enabler/friend!

“Are you done yet? I’m starving.” Jemma said as she flipped her folder shut, before rolling her head from side to side, her neck aching from her being hunched over a microscope all morning.

“Do you want me to pick up something for you? Caesar salad, extra dressing?” Fitz’s eager voice sounded from the other end of the lab. “Or I could massage your neck, if you–”

“She’s fine,” Fitz snapped, irritation plainly audible in his voice. “Go back to your box.”

Jemma laid a placating hand on his forearm as she tutted, “Don’t be rude. He’s only trying to help.”

The other Fitz, the one who wasn’t flesh and blood but could feel pain and joy and heartache and who loved her all the same, walked up to them and handed Jemma her purse, pointedly ignoring Fitz’s intense glare.

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“After all this toil, I believe we deserve a bit of a rest”

….I agree and that’s why I undressed two badass vampires and gave them puka shell necklaces because that’s the kind of person I am…(I should be stopped)

Smoke Part 14

Story Summary: You knew Bucky and Steve back when you were kids. When they both disappeared in the war, you let Peggy experiment on you with the serum. It had a different effect on you than it had on Steve, and you’ve spent your life in hiding. What will happen when you finally make yourself known?
Word Count: 2,270
Warnings: fluff, angst, swearing probably.
A/N: ❤️

Bucky led you back into the apartment, through the crowd of people at your dining room table and into your bedroom. He told you to stay there, and he’d be back soon. You weren’t quite sure what he had planned, but you were a little nervous, honestly.

You could hear muffled voices from the dining room, followed by the shuffling of feet and the front door opening and closing. Did everyone leave? You wondered, chewing on your lip softly as you wrapped your arms around yourself. You could hear one set of footsteps make their way back towards your room, revealing that they belonged to Bucky, as he poked his head back into the room. “Chinese, or Pizza?” He asked, pushing his hair away from his face. You shrugged, “Whatever you want, is fine.” You told him softly, and he chuckled. “Alright. I’m gonna order something, then. Come out whenever you’re ready.”

He left you alone again, and you were starting to feel confused. Was he trying to.. make you feel better? You stood up, walking into the living room, giggling when you saw him using the PS4 controller to scroll through your Netflix account. He turned to look at you quickly, a small smile on his lips. “I was trying to find something funny.” He told you, before going back to searching through the movies. You watched him silently, wanting to just take the time to admire him.

He wasn’t wearing his usual combat gear, just a pair of form fitting black sweat pants paired with a grey tank top. He was barefoot, and as he used the controller to look through the movies, you could see the muscles in his arm bulging under his skin. You cleared your throat, adverting your eyes, “So, what did you order?”. He kept his eyes on the screen as he answered you, “That’s a surprise.” You shook your head, walking over to the couch and plopping down, stretching your body along the length of it. “Why do you need to surprise me?” You mumbled, closing your eyes and getting comfortable. He finally decided on a movie, pressing play before he came around the couch, lifting your legs delicately so he could sit down, before letting your legs fall across his lap. His metal arm draped over the back of the couch behind you, while his other hand rested on your knee causally. “Am I not allowed to surprise you?” He wondered, and you shrugged. “Not if it’s out of pity.” You whispered to him, and he squeezed your knee, moving his hand further up onto your thigh as he turned to get a better look at you. “I’m doing it because I want to, and because you deserve it. Don’t argue with me, Y/N.” He told you softly, his stare intense.

You nodded quickly, chewing on your lip as you turned your head towards the tv. His hand didn’t leave your thigh, but his thumb did begin to make soft circles on your skin through the fabric of your pants. You’d be lying if you said the sensation didn’t bring butterflies to your stomach, but also terrify you. After what happened with Hydra.. You didn’t know if you’d ever be able to be comfortable being intimate with someone.

Just the thought of it made you tense under his touch, and he seemed to notice, ceasing his movements and removing his hand from your thigh. “Sorry.” He mumbled, embarrassed. You let out a long breath, “You don’t have to be sorry, Buck.. it’s not you. I’m just..” You paused, and he looked over at you, biting into his bottom lip. “Scared, I guess.” You finished softly, and he nodded. “You know I would never intentionally hurt you, don’t you? Especially… like that.” He whispered, and it was your turn to nod. “I know, Buck.. just.. It’s gonna take some time to get over it..” He nodded slowly, his hand returning to your thigh. “But.. this is okay?” He asked. “If you do something that bothers me, I’ll tell you. I promise.” You replied, and he smiled softly, his eyes turning back to the screen.

“Hey, isn’t your birthday in like two days?” Bucky asked, just before there was a knock at my apartment door. He checked the time on his watch before standing up and heading towards the door, mumbling to himself. As soon as he opened the door, you could smell the dumplings that he had ordered and your mouth began to water. Once he had paid the delivery guy, he came back over to the couch, two bags in hand. “How did you know that I prefer Chinese food over pizza?” You asked, helping him pull the food out of the bags and set it on the coffee table. He shrugged, chuckling, “I just guessed, honestly.” You nodded, humming to yourself softly as you opened one of the boxes. “I’m already feeling better.” You mumbled to yourself, and you saw Bucky’s lips turn up in the corners.

You ate your food in silence, and you kept noticing Bucky looking over at you in between bites of his food. You’d occasionally accidentally make eye contact with him, and he’d smile at you softly each time. What was going on here? You nudged him in the side with your elbow gently, before grabbing your bottle of water from the table. “Stop lookin at me, you creep.” You mumbled teasingly, and he snickered. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I can’t help it.” He laughed, and you took a swig of the water before saying anything. You noticed his cheeks were a light shade of pink, and you nudged him again. “Sorry, Buck. I’m just teasing.” he bit into his lower lip softly, shrugging as he focused on his food.

You set your empty takeout container on the coffee table, leaning back against the arm rest of the couch and stretching out. Bucky watched you closely, and you tried to ignore the way your skin felt under his gaze. You stretched your back, causing your shirt to ride up and reveal freshly bruised skin - in the shape of hands. You heard Bucky gasp, and you quickly pulled your shirt down and pulled your knees into your chest. “Y/N..” he breathed, reaching his hand out towards you as he scooted closer to where you sat. “Please don’t.” You whispered, feeling your eyes sting. You knew where this was going. He’d want to see the bruises and apologize for each one, and it would be like that weird Hydra dream all over again. “Y/N.. let me see them..” he whispered, and you shook your head, letting out a shaky laugh, “I’m not going to do this again, with you.” You stood up quickly, wrapping your arms around yourself tightly. He stood up slowly, coming towards you. “Y/N..”

You tried your best to back away, to not let him touch you, but he was too quick. His hands made their way to your hips, pressing you against the wall that separated the dining room from the kitchen. “Let. Me. See.” he breathed sternly, his fingers immediately going for the hem of your shirt. You let out a small whimper, your lower lip quivering. His hands moved your shirt up, revealing the lower half of your abdomen to his prying eyes. You heard him let out a small sigh, and you pressed your eyes closed tightly. “Y/N..” He whispered, and you shook your head, forcing your shirt back down. “Please, Buck. Can we not talk about this right now? Please? Can we just relax and pretend like it didn’t happen?” You begged, looking up at him with tears in your eyes. His fingers lingered on the flesh right above your waistband as he let out a small noise of disapproval. “I just.. This is my fault.” He whispered, and you shook your head. “You didn’t ask them to do this to me, Buck… It’s not your fault.” You told him, your hand reaching up to cup his cheek gently. “They knew.. that I cared about you.. that’s the only reason they went after you. Because of me.” He spoke slowly, guilt dripping from each word. You let out a small sigh, pulling him into a tight embrace. He seemed shocked at first, his hands hanging at his sides momentarily, before he reciprocated the hug, one of his arms snaking around your waist, while the other found its way to your hair.

“I’m so sorry.” He breathed against your ear, his voice breaking. “Its okay, Bucky. I promise. I’m okay.” You whispered, rubbing his back soothingly. He nuzzled his face further into your hair, holding you tighter, and causing you to wince slightly. “Please.. just let me see them.” He asked, and you felt your stomach drop. “You can see them… just.. don’t touch them, please.” He nodded into your hair slowly before pulling away, his gaze dropping to your stomach. You lifted the hem of your shirt slowly, closing your eyes as you saw the pain register in his. You knew they were bad. Several of the bruises were hand shaped, from where the men had held you down to… take you. You heard his breathing become heavier, and the sound of him dropping to his knees before you.

You felt his hands rest on your hips, and you opened your eyes, tugging the shirt down, quickly. “Buck..” You warned as he used one of his hands to push the fabric back out of his way. “Please.” He breathed, and you felt him rest his forehead against your stomach gently. “This is my fault.” He whispered to himself, and you let out a small sigh as you felt the all-too familiar sensation of his lips against your skin. “Bucky.. don’t..” You whimpered, but he continued, his lips tracing the outline of each bruise. Your breathing became ragged from the contact, and your fingers became tangled in his hair, tugging him away from you as you felt tears reaching the brims of your eyes. He wouldn’t budge, his lips never leaving your skin, and you released a soft sob, covering your face with your hands instantly. His lips paused for a moment, before he pressed a needier kiss to your skin, his lips moving quicker than they had been before. “You’re still beautiful.” He breathed, and you let out another sob, your knees quaking underneath you. "Bucky, please.. You don’t have to..” You said between sobs, and his hands made their way around your waist as he pulled you to the floor with him, holding you tightly against his chest. “You’re still beautiful.. so beautiful..” He repeated, pressing kisses into your hair, now.

You’re not sure how long you stayed like that, him holding you closely while you sobbed into his shoulder, but by the time you were done crying, your eyes were red and puffy, and you felt absolutely exhausted. “So much for making you feel better.” He said softly, and you let out a dry chuckle. “You made me feel better, Bucky.. I just.. I think I needed this.” You replied, wrapping a strand of his hair around your finger and twirling it. “Any time you need this..” He paused, squeezing you a little tighter, “I’m here.. I want to be here for you.. whatever you need.” You nodded into his neck, biting into your lip. “I don’t want you to be afraid to ask me.. for anything.” He continued, and you nodded again, trying to keep yourself from smiling.

“Tell me something, Bucky..” You whispered, and he hummed, waiting for you to continue. “Do you.. remember me.. at all?” You asked slowly, preparing yourself for the answer. He let out a small sigh, running one of his hands through his hair. “I.. I don’t remember you, exactly.. but I remember feelings.. feelings that I only seem to feel when I’m with you.. I know I loved you.. I know how much I loved you.. I can still feel it..” He stopped, his voice shaking. “Especially.. like.. now. When you’re so close..” He paused again, his free hand cupping the side of your face tenderly. “When I touch you, like this.. It stirs inside of me.. like.. homesickness.. I’ve been homesick for you since we met..” You looked up at him, your lip still pinched between your teeth. “It’s weird.. to love someone you barely know.. I know that.. but.. I can’t help it.. Do you think I’m creepy for that?” He whispered, worry written on his face. You shook your head slowly, placing your hand over his. “I don’t think it’s creepy at all, Buck.. I.. I know exactly how you feel.” You told him softly, and you saw something change in his eyes. “I.. I wish I could remember you..” He breathed, and you nodded, his face inching closer and closer to yours. "I wish you could, too.” You admitted softly as he looked down at you, his pupils blown wide. You licked your lips absentmindedly, and he pulled his lip between his teeth, letting out a small growl. “Y/N..” He murmured, his lips hovering so close to yours. You could taste him on your tongue, vanilla and spearmint, and it made your mouth go dry. “James.” You replied airily, and you saw him gulp. “I wanna..” He started, but paused again as your eyes fluttered shut and he moved to press his lips against yours.

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“Sometimes I wish I could bring myself to hurt you like you hurt me. I wish I could steal your heart and rip it into small pieces and only give you back half of them so you would always be just a little bit incomplete, no matter who you poured your love into. I wish the sound of your name on my lips was enough to send you to your knees and I wish that every time I ignored a text from you you felt it like a punch to your gut. I wish I could break you and turn you into someone who stops at the sight of another girl with the same shade of brown hair as me and pounds the wall with their fists at 6am because you just woke up in an empty bed with a cold space beside you where I should be.”

And then she laughs, completely devoid of humour. “But that won’t ever happen, because there will never be a day where you love me and I don’t love you back.”

She wasn’t laughing anymore.

—  The one who always cares just a little too much, 24/05/2015
CS ff: Fetch (1/1)

Pairing: Captain Swan

Rating: K-9 (you’ll get that bad joke in a sec… sorry!)

Summary: Emma is meeting Killian on the Jolly Roger to help him settle in and they are interrupted by a guest. 

Notes: This is a little fic for scribblecat27 in honor of her birthday! I could not have been happier to participate—Sarah has become very dear to me this year. Her support of my own brand of fan art has been invaluable to my success, and she’s also a riot. Happy Birthday to you, Sarah! Have some domestic!CS with a little dog shenanigans thrown in for good measure. 

Links: AO3 / FF.net

The Jolly Roger had only been safely moored in Storybrooke for a few hours when Killian moved out of Granny’s and back into his quarters aboard ship. He’d already turned away Smee and the remainder of his former crew, telling them his ship was no longer in the pirate business, and to go make something of themselves in this world. This information was less than pleasing to most of them, but he didn’t care. The Jolly Roger was his, and there would be no further discussion about it. Captain’s last order.

Blackbeard may not have had much respect for Killian, but, like any captain worth his salt, he did for his ship. Actual damage was nonexistent, but the lingering stench of the bastard was still clinging to the wood and sails, and he wanted it gone. Killian had spent the last couple of days cleaning and reorganizing, making it his own again, and checking to make sure nothing of value was missing.

Aside from removing all traces another person had captained the Jolly Roger, he wanted to make his home welcoming for Emma and perhaps discuss the possibility of her moving here, with him. Henry could have the crew’s quarters to himself when he wasn’t with Regina, and the three of them could have a place of their own. A happy ending, indeed.

“Ahoy, Captain! Permission to come aboard?” Emma called out.

Killian smiled at her use of ship etiquette, and climbed up the ladder to the freshly swabbed deck. He’d just finished washing up and changing out of his sweaty shirt after a full day of cleaning.

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I’m gonna repost what I said to the anon here !!
______\ _____________\________________\____________
These are the only process pictures I really took.

I think really Mettaton’s face color is actually white, but since I cosplay homestuck I used a light grey since it was my first concept of color. I actually used a mehron cremeblend stick in grey! And are you asking for how I applied it or a tutorial because I’m not going to lie, I honestly winged it. I can post pictures I took step by step regarding to this; I did maybe three coats to apply? I spread the stick over parts of my face first, (cheeks, chin, nose, eyelids, etc) but not completely. Then I used a sponge to spread the makeup and once my face was relatively covered, I applied baby powder to seal it, and repeated until it was a solid grey. I did the applying and sealing about three times?

After that, I decided to use black Ben bye creme (the lil tiny ones that are generally $6 in a small round container) and I used it to broaden my chin and shade the sides of my face and make it look more 3-Dimensional. This is very important and people forget this. If you don’t shade, your face will look very flat and 2-Dimensional. As well as kind of scary.

Once I did that, I sealed with baby powder again. I found that with this face paint, using your fingers to spread the color and paint was easier and smoother than the sponge, so I spread around my eyes, contoured my nose, and around my cheeks and eyes with my fingers. The baby powder I used also instead of transparent powder because it felt better on my skin and was easier to take off for me. (It wasn’t easy to take off all together, but..)

I really didn’t start doing the robotic makeup and eye makeup until I was sure everything was sealed. I did this so nothing was prematurely and unnecessarily blending and smearing my paint off, especially since I hold the side of my face when applying eyeliner. I recommend using a liquid eyeliner pen for the eye makeup, honestly. I lost mine and had to use a pencil, but the liquid shows up soooo much better on face paint and it’ll last you the whole con depending on the brand!! (There’s some good cheap ones on aliexpress honestly. )

Beforehand, I used an eyebrow brushie to smooth my eyebrows out, and later I painted the eyebrows with the eyeliner pencil. This, again I don’t really recommend using UNLESS you don’t trust yourself doing your eyebrows with the liner, since once it’s there and you don’t like it, you may have to recover your eyebrows with grey and start over again. If you’d like, you can use the pencil as a guide before using the liquid!

The Ben Nye creme is also great for black lips, as it stays on for a helluva long time. I applied it with my fingers on my stop lip, used grey on the bottom, and shaded the under and bottom lip with it as well. I also used it to make the black eyeshadow around my eye.

For other necessary shading, like how some parts of his face are lighter, this is personal preference, but I used an elm cosmetics 100+ eyeshadow palette and shaded it that way. That’s pretty much it!! I hope this helped a bit.

ps> Ignore the middle finger pic lmao I sent that to my friend as a joke.

Got it done a lot quicker than expected though got lazy with shading because my motivation just disappeared.

So yeah, finished product. Based on the M!A in Ask-NewGuy (found out it’s six days long started on Thursday). And Jeremy’s design is from  Rebornica.

(Wish there was a Read More thing: so please ignore if you have other things to do)

I might stop drawing for a bit or a long vacation because I feel very defeated and reached a mixture of depression and anxiety (again). On top of my sensitive nature, some earlier feedback on my WIP kinda trashed my love to draw.

I never tried to milk or feed off other “popular” blogs via my drawings or WIPs; I’m just a person who enjoys drawing stuff to improve and I just so happen to get inspired by those two individuals (a lot). And I posted them just to show my small group of followers with some hope more will see/enjoy it as well and look forward to the complete image.

So yes, I know I’m not popular and yes, I know I can never be compared to those two and many others out there on Tumblr. But please, keep it to yourself, especially for my own stability. I treat people how I want them to treat me in hopes it will reflect back. I stand by it and being very rude and putting another down isn’t something I want to do without real reason.

So yeah, a TL;DR:
Sorry for the rant. Gonna go on a bit of a drawing break. I’m a sensitive unpopular prick and should shut their mouth. Peace and good night.