ignore people behind

Listen Microsoft just hear me out.
Its time. Its has been over 10 years and lately farming games like stardew valley have been really successful.

Please make a new (not ds) viva piñata game.

I know you can
The world could use a bit of peace rn
You don’t need to make a show and try that character based marketing again just make a really nice gardening game that is easy enough to play but complex enough i can make spreadsheets for it. All wrapped up in that fun fluffy colourful world which had phenomenal character design.

Or if not can you port it to pc that would also be nice thank you


Warnings: I don’t think there is… I guess season 9 & 10 spoilers? (character deaths)
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader, Castiel
Summary: You’re tired of everyone and everything
Reader’s Age: High school
Word Count: 1553

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: This is kinda for a fren of mine who is/went through some of this so I mainly wrote it for her and based off her situation(s) so yeah. Enjoy!

These past few weeks have not been the easiest. You’ve been getting really tired of everyone and everything. It seems everyone ignores you or uses you for their own gain. It’s always Sam and Dean Winchester, never Sam, Dean, and Y/N Winchester. It’s always “The Brothers” it’s always about them. Everyone just seems to forget about you until you show up.

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Not sure which I’m more into right now

Shipping Klance or picturing Pidge shipping Klance

im not naive, im hopeful.
im not naive, im hopeful.
im not naive, im hopeful.
im not naive, im hopeful.
im not naive, im hopeful.
im not naive, im h

I am not the girl your mother warned you about.

I will take you to bookstores and playgrounds
and make fun of the way you blow bubbles into the air
during picnics on the grass
overlooking the blinding blue of the lake.

I will stay up late baking cookies and think ice cream
is the most perfect thing to eat for dinner
and I’ll insist you never grow out of your sweet tooth.

I will bring you to movies and throw popcorn in your hair
ignoring the people behind us telling us
to please be quiet and watch the movie
while being jealous of the way our laughter
sounds better than the movies ever did.

I will make you stay up late
and ask you how you think the universe works
while insisting that the lights strung up above my bed
is the night sky and that clump over there?
That is the milky way.

I will kiss you in my most favorite spots
and sing you my most favorite songs
so much you can’t help but think of my voice
singing it into your ear.

I will love you for as long as possible
or as long as you’ll let me.

I will not kiss your best friend
and I will cry at the thought of letting you go.

But you will fuck up.

And you will let me go.

I will be the thought in the back of your mind
when you can’t sleep late at night
and you will think of me at the alter
and when you’re arguing with her.

You will wonder if the lights above my bed
still remind me of the stars in the night sky
and if my lips still taste like the ice cream I had for dinner.

You will let me go.
And I will not look back.

—  I will hold your hand and dare you to run across busy streets with me reminding you why you loved being young and utterly reckless. -gaa

(Just putting this out there in case anyone else needs to vent or can relate.)

Full disclosure, when I saw we got not one but TWO new ladies on the block, my first thought was, “Man, I hope it’s a while before a certain writer gets to write for them.”  He usually hits at least one thing on the Common Problems in Writing Women checklist.  (Past issues have included lack of or limited agency and voice, sometimes with victimization, notable objectification, etc.) So, I was not super excited to see a recent tweet. 

Sending best of wishes to all the female characters in that episode. Maybe they’ll all just get to take a fun vacation or go on a kickass mission we get to see in the next episode.

Unexpected [Part 3] || Mingyu x reader

✦Word Count: 1822

✦Genre: Angst

✦Blurb: Mingyu finds out you used to be engaged to someone else a while ago. [ Requested by anonymous ]

✦A/N: Sorry for this late update, but I’ve been recently doing my midterms! I’ll try to get the next part up as soon as I can~

[ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] [ Part 5(final) ]

Feeling a stream of sunlight hit his face, Mingyu groggily opened one eye. Where… am I? That was his first thought as he took the opportunity to take in his surroundings. He shuffled slightly in the blankets that covered him, and managed to sit up without any body part hurting too much. Letting out an unsteady groan, he opened his other eye to properly observe the room he was in.

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Stay with me Part 14

Jimin x reader

Genre: Angst, romance, school au, new girl, bad boy, school gang activity.

Warnings: gang like activity, partying, strong language, mentions of drugs and alcohol, smut,

Word count: 2710

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With every beginning there is an end.

With every push, there’s a pull.

My pull towards you is strong.

But where is my push?

Is it caught in a catastrophe of words and phrases?

Is it at the bottom of this colored glass?

Or has our beginning not even begun?

With every beginning there is an end…

I’ve begun something.

I want my push that will lead me to your pull…

With every push there is a pull…

And with every dream…

There’s an awakening.


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I saw Terminator: Genisys and the moment Matt Smith was first seen (which is in a pretty neutral group shot) the woman behind me said pretty loudly, “Damn, Doctor Who is gonna fuck shit up.”

Critical Role fic recs

I may have gone on a bit of bender and read most of the fic in the AO3 tag. A bit of shipfic, mostly gen (y’all do gen really well). 

If you think I missed something, let me know. I’m always on the lookout for more Percy and Keyleth, Keyleth/Kash, and good character-centric gen.

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I was going through my documents and I discovered this thing that I had mostly forgotten about. Another beginning to an as of yet unfinished fic, but I figured some of you might be interested anyway (Fim you might remember this). Not sure if I should scrap the first part of it or keep it. 


The most annoying thing about painting outside was the people.


Not that Nico had anything against people, really. One of the reasons he liked sitting outside or in cafés with paints or a sketchbook was the interesting people he saw. Some of them he had happily talked to, even approached himself a couple of times.

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Friend of the Family - Luke

This is something I’ve thought of for a while, and now I hope people like it 🙈 I’ll write a Part 2 if you want one…which I hope you do!


You and Will had been best friends for what seemed like forever. Your parents were best friends, so it was only natural that the two of you had gravitated towards one another. Friendship was all it was, you had to explain this to every member of your family when they’d undoubtedly ask you how your boyfriend was. It was understandable why people thought that, you spent so much time together, it was easy to assume you were a couple. You could never look at Will as anything more than a friend though, he was more of a brother to you than anything else. Will’s actual brother, Luke, was another matter entirely..

“Why don’t you want to go out?” You ask, frowning as your hair won’t seem to do as its told.

“I do want to go out” Will defends himself, “I just don’t want to go to that club, Luke and his stupid friends will be there.” Will and Luke didn’t have the best relationship for two siblings. You didn’t blame Will for that, you understood how infuriating Luke could be. Luke was beautiful, there was no doubt about it. Everyone knew it, himself included. People were drawn to him, he had a charm about him that made people love him. This was something Will didn’t share, whilst Luke’s moodiness made him seem mysterious and irresistible, Will’s made him seem grumpy and cold.

“We can avoid them” you sigh, accepting that this was probably the best you were going to look.

“What?” Y/F/N’s head shoots up, “Will, no offence, but we’re not avoiding your hot brother. He’s…..well, hot!” Will’s scowl tells you his exact feelings on spending more time with his brother than necessary.


“Let’s dance!!” Y/F/N grabs your hand and pulls you towards the dance floor.

“We’ll go and get some drinks!” Will shouts to you, as he and his friend, Max head to the bar.

“Oh god, Luke’s over there” Y/F/N screeches down your ear. You turn and see the tall god-like man on the opposite side of the club, laughing loudly at something Calum is explaining to him, “he is so HOT!” She’s practically drooling. She has a point though. Luke’s looks weren’t something you’d been able to ignore over the years. With how close your two families were, you’d known Luke your entire life, and although no one managed to irritate you as much as he could, you couldn’t deny just how attractive he was. You can tell by the way he’s swaying, as the girl with her hand trailing down his chest whispers in his ear, how drunk he is. He isn’t interested in her, his eyes are scanning the room, doing a double take as he sees you. A grin breaks out onto his face and he starts to push his way towards you.

“Y/NNNNNN!!” His arms wrap around your waist, picking you up and spinning you around.

“Luke!” You squeal, “put me down!” Placing you back on the sticky floor, his hands stay gripped on your hips, his eyes looking much more focused as they look at you.

“Come and see my friends” he laces his fingers through yours and drags you to where they’re stood, not giving you a chance to respond to him, “guys, you remember…”

“Y/N!” Michael smirks, “boyfriend not with you?” He shoots a brief look to Luke.

“No, he’s too busy not existing” you shrug, having gained a whole selection of comebacks to the ‘boyfriend’ remarks over the years.

“She’s too good for Will” Luke shakes his head.

“Speaking of Will” you tap Luke’s chest, “he has got me a drink and I feel entirely too sober, so I’ll be going. Have a nice..”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Luke’s hand finds its way to the small of your back and pulls you to him.

“Yes?” You place your hands on his shoulders to steady yourself as he stumbles.

“You look really beautiful” he whispers in your ear, and it’s only then that you realise just how drunk he is.

“Everyone looks beautiful when you’re drunk,” you chuckle, “now let me go, I need to find your brother.”

“Of course you do” he laughs, but there’s no humour in his voice.

“Look after him” you address mainly Ashton, knowing he’s likely to be the most sober of the group.

“Scouts Honour” he grins, before you walk away to find your friends again.

Luckily for Luke, you’re too far away to hear Calum shout “mate, I can’t believe you have a thing for your brother’s girlfriend”.

“What did he want?” Will glares at the part of the room you’ve just walked from. You turn your head just in time to see Luke downing a shot of clear liquid. Ashton sees you looking and shrugs. You point to your eyes, then to him, mouthing “I’m watching you”.

“Nothing, he was just being Luke” you shrug, “he’s really drunk. I’ve told Ashton to look after him.”

“He’s an adult, he can look after himself.” Will’s eyes only ever look this angry when the topic of conversation is his brother.

“He’s drunk, he’s not doing anything wrong. Leave him alone.” You regret your words as soon as you’ve said them, knowing they’ll just annoy Will more, “come on, come and dance.” You interrupt whatever he was about to say. Will was generally a laid back, fun guy, believe it or not. It was just Luke who seemed to inadvertently bring out the worst in him. Will’s soon distracted as you drag him to the dancefloor and get him to lighten up a little. Mainly, he’s laughing at your dancing. That’s understandable. You dance like Chandler Bing. You don’t notice the pair of eyes glued to you, as your friends laugh at your “moves”.

“Does anyone want a drink?” You shout, as a song you’re not a huge fan of starts playing. You’re responded to by a collection of nods, and head towards the crowded bar.

“You’re not being pushy enough” a familiar voice appears at the side of you, as you’ve been ignored by the people serving behind the bar, “OI!” he shouts and the bartender looks in your direction.

“Yeah?” Her eyes light up as she sees Luke.

“Serve the pretty girl first, she’s been waiting very patiently” he grins. The girl’s face falls, but she still takes your order.

“You’re trying my drink first to see if she’s spat in it” you poke his chest.

“You’re a really bad dancer” he blurts out.

“I’m aware” your eyes narrow at him.

“You looked hot though, you looked like you were having fun” he taps his fingers on the bar top.

“You don’t seem as drunk anymore” you notice the change in him.

“Ash made me switch to water” he chuckles, “your orders, apparently?”

“I was just looking out for you” you mumble, feeling a little overprotective. Luke was a giant, and older than you, he was more than capable of looking after himself.

“You’re so cute” he grins, before his eyes notice something behind you and the smile falls from his lips, “I don’t think Will likes me talking to you.”

“I just don’t think Will likes you” you shake you head.

“That’s true”

“I should go anyway” you don’t want to leave, “I’ll see you tomorrow?”


“Dinner? At your parents?” You knew he’d have forgotten.

“Shit, yeah” he frowns, “you’ll be there?”

“I will” you nod once.

“Then I’ll be there”


Part 2, if it’s wanted..

anonymous asked:

Any ace headcanons for asexual awareness week?

Okay okay okay hear me out cause this is my passion: asexual Percy

  • It surprised people at first. He ignores what people say behind his back and eventually things go back to normal
  • Imagine the amount of ace jokes. After finishing an exam he’d say “aced it” every single time. Thinks something’s cool? “That’s totally ace.” He’d have a literal ace card from a deck so he can slide it out of his jacket to say he has “an ace up my sleeve” (it’s never happened but he refuses the possibility of letting an opportunity pass him by for this perfect joke)
  • All monsters that rely on seduction have no chance against him. One time he made them cry because they thought their powers weren’t working. He wasn’t sure whether to comfort them or kill them. It was awkward for everyone involved
  • Him and Annabeth don’t do anything more than cuddling together. Which he is the best at - he’s so broad and warm and smells nice and is the kind of person who absent-mindedly trails his fingers across your back and makes you feel comforted
  • He goes to pride parades with rainbow paint smeared on his face, giving flags and advice to the younger/first-time/nervous participants

I don’t know, I just really like this idea for some reason (I also hc Leo, Calypso, and Hazel as asexual)

Mod Isabel

What I Call Life (Part 9)

Part Nine of the blangstpromptoftheday mpreg fic.

Parts 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Played with time a little bit this chapter since Glee’s timeline’s so effed up anyway. It’s probably really confusing and I apologize for that, but I was confused myself when I tried to go back and sort everything out for this flashback portion. If you have any questions about it, message me on here and I’ll try my best to explain. If not, just take it all in stride. That’s what I’m doing lol.

This fic is on FF.net too.

May 2014

“Did you hear? Anderson’s gonna break up with Hummel soon. I guess June Dolloway’s got this huge plan involving him playing straight to get more backers and since he’s engaged to Kurt, it’s like a liability or something.”

“Do you really think he’ll break up with him though? I mean, come on. Hummel’s a catch. He beat Rachel Berry at Midnight Madness!”

“Yeah, but what’s he doing now honestly? Berry’s on Broadway, his fiance’s June Dolloway’s new pet, and he’s singing at a diner while he serves fries! Personally I think if Blaine wants to make it big like the rest of us, he’d ditch that one trick pony and go with June.”

“So you think he’ll do it?”

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