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heyo pals !! i recently made it to 200 , which isn’t really a lot , but considering i’ve only had this blog for a short while , it feels kinda nice , so thank you guys ! to show my everlasting appreciation towards you kiddos , i’ve decided to do some blogrates ,, woo ! so original i know wow steph

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“Accommodation within reason” this is a phrase i hear in university, work contracts, events and charities. People will always provide accomodation to a disabled person within reason.
Lots of my fellow mentally ill people specifically seem to think this means they can demand whatever they want to make their lives easier.
Would that be nice? Pfft, hell yeah, if no one could ever have the name bob, ignore me when im talking, say the words “how dare you” and so on that’d be cool, itd save me a lot of emotional energy.
But thats not how life works and youre an entitled asshole to try and make people bend over backwards for you like that.
“Can you tag if theres hands in this gif? its a trigger for me.”
“This is too fast how about you tag it so i dont have a panic attack and relapse huh???!”
“Um change your identity labels or tag them as negative because q***r makes me sad sometimes.”
“Hey this show you like alot reminds me of my ex so dont talk about it ok? Ok!”
These are all things ive had asked of me irl and online. And they are, as much as they are real triggers and might hurt you, absolutely rediculous to make others keep up with all the time and work around. These things take effort, time, and tbh i dont have the energy for either. You throwing a tantrum because i dont owe you my time and won’t give it to you is absolutely stupid and shitty. Get over yourselves.
-a severely mentally disabled person with chronic ptsd