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It Only Takes One Time (Part 10)

Ya’ll here is the Easter special I promised since you guys really wanted another part so badly! The song that inspired this chapter was Magic by Coldplay. Also this chapter is pretty long because it is an Easter special/

Warnings: Be used to swearing by now, also some fluff

Part 9

My eyes widened as I faced Dan. What did he even mean? His family? He hadn’t even met mine yet…

 “What are you saying, Dan?” I sighed. “For Christmas?”

 “Yes, for Christmas. You and I agreed that we’d tell my family together when he time was right that we’re having a baby. I think we should go so they can meet you and we can ease them into the idea of it in the last three months of the pregnancy,” Dan really seemed like he put a lot of thought into it, and I admit it wasn’t a bad idea. What irked me a bit was the fact that he hadn’t asked me about it when he thought of it.

 “Dan, it doesn’t feel right to just go with your family when I can’t go see mine.” I sighed and hobbled over to sit on the couch.

 “Well, my family doesn’t live very far and it’s only a few days. You can’t go with your family because it’s a cruise. Plus, they already know. Hell, I’ll talk to them if it makes you feel better. Please just do this? For me?” His begging was almost as adorable as his beautiful self. It still didn’t feel great knowing that my family would probably think that I chose going to the Howell’s for Christmas over them, but it seemed necessary that I would have to go with Dan and inform them together.

“Fine.” I ended up saying, giving in. Although I knew that at some point I’d have some tremendous explaining to do, this wasn’t some little thing. It was important to Dan, which made it important for our son therefore, it was important for me as well.


The drive to Dan’s hometown lasted about two hours. While the first bit was slightly uncomfortable, all was good when I put my seat back and admired Dan drive. Listen, if you have a crush on literally any guy, when they drive is super fucking hot. Like, it’s really attractive. And while he wasn’t the best driver, I still felt safe. I was able to relax, unlike in airplanes. If we flew, that would’ve been a terrible mess. They full on tormented me and if any bit of turbulence hit? I would literally cry.

 The same anxiety I felt on planes, happened when Dan announced we were on his street. Typically, if I were to meet one of my boyfriend’s families, I’d be fine. Excited, even. However, Dan was not my boyfriend, he was the father of my son. He had accidentally gotten me pregnant and that wasn’t anywhere near to dating. Did they even know he was dating a stuck up brat? Someone who wasn’t me?

 “It’ll be fine,” Dan mumbled once we were in the driveway. I’d tried to be the most discreet I could be about my nervousness but Dan could see right through me. I mean that and maybe also the fact that he was scared, too.

 “What if they don’t like me? What if they think I ruined your life or something?” I blurted out my insecurities but not by accident like I typically would. Every time I said that I trusted Dan, I meant it. Although I didn’t support some stuff that he did or agreed with some of his decisions, he always made sure to take care of me and make me feel secure in the few months we’d known each other. I trusted him, and it made me so happy I wanted to scream it. And I totally would’ve screamed it if I was experiencing my fatigue and agitation.

“Hey, hey, hey…” Dan put his hand on my knee and gave it a squeeze of reassurance. “I know them and they’re not like that. They might be a little shocked, but you’re kind, intelligent, and you’re pretty. I’m sure they’ll adore you.” His eyes met mine and greeted me with a warmth that ran through my entire body. As cheesy as it was, I knew I’d make it through as long as I had him.

 What sucked was that we still hadn’t talked about the kiss or that he slept with me? Okay, that sounded awful. He had just slept next to me, despite having a girlfriend. It’d not like the kiss was anything major but the whole situation just felt sensual and romantic. He made me feel like I was on cloud 9! It drove me insane that I didn’t know how he felt about me. Did he even consider what it would be like to be romantically involved with me? Or did he only see me as the woman carrying his son?

Here I was again. Over thinking.

This was not the time to think about falling in love and ending up with Dan. This was time to meet and tell his family that we were going to be parents.

Dan grabbed our luggage and we walked up to the front door. My stomach was honestly in my throat and I was on edge. Actually, that was an understatement.

 The door began to open and I watched as Dan’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.  A part of me wanted to go back into the car and just hide there until we left.

 We were greeted by a woman who looked older than us, but still quite young. My assumption was that this was his mother. That was proven to be true when she swooped Dan into a big hug.

“Dan! You never told me you were coming today. The house is a mess! I would’ve cleaned up a bit more,” she chuckled and pulled away, taking a second to admire him. That brought a smile to my face. Would I one day look at my son like this? So passionately and so proud after not having seen him for a while? “You’re going to kill your own mother one day from so many surprises.”

 “I missed you, mum.” Dan chuckled and wrapped his arms around her once more. When they finished hugging for the second time, that’s when she noticed me.

 “Oh dear, I didn’t even see you.” His mother grinned at me and pulled me into a hug as well. Two seconds into the hug she must’ve realized I was pregnant when she felt my bump pressed her. When she pulled away from me, she took a moment to look at my protruding stomach and smiled. “Marie, right?” She asked, still grinning. Oh great, she knew about Marie. I knew that Dan and I had agreed not to mention a word about the situation until the right time but it still stung that I even had to hear that snob’s name.

 “Mum, this is Y/N,” Dan said almost immediately, not even letting me talk.

“Oh, you must be that friend Dan mentioned a while back! Come in, both of you.” She opened the door widely enough and we walked in. The entrance of the house was beautifully decorated and as soon as you walked in you felt warm and comfy. It was nice. Felt like a legit home.

Did the gorgeousness of the house distract me from the fact that Dan’s mom knew who I was because he’d mentioned me? When did he mention me? Pre or post finding out I was pregnant?

“We actually have something to tell you,” Dan announced once he hung up his and my coats. His mom gave him a look ha just said ‘go on with it’. I waited for Dan to go out and finally say the words but I could tell he was frozen. He didn’t know what to say or how to say it and he knew that it could potentially break his mothers heart that he got a stranger pregnant and now was expecting her grandchild.

“Well? What is it? You’re scaring me,” His mother gave a little smile as a nudge for him, and that’s when he said it.

 “I got Y/N here pregnant a few months back… And we’re having a baby together.” Dan chuckled awkwardly and sort of wrapped his arm around my waist to put his hand on my bump. “We aren’t dating, before you ask. I’m still with Marie…”  His mother ignored the last part of what he said and covered her mouth.

“I’m going to have a grandchild?” Her smile was so big and her eyes watered. “Dan, you better not be joking.” Dan let out a light snicker.

“You’re getting a grandson to be exact,” I butted in, placing my hand on my stomach. “If you want, I have an ultrasound picture?”

“Please? Oh my god, Dan. This is honestly one of the best things that’s happened to me. We have to go tell everyone else.”

After meeting the rest of his family, telling them the news and laughing endlessly while eating dinner, I went and took a shower. I was nowhere near ready to go to bed, I just felt like I needed to clean up after a long day. It was a relief to know that Dan had such a supportive and kind family. He had to learn it from somewhere, I guess. As soon as I opened the bathroom and walked into the room Dan and I hard to share, that’s when he walked in.

 “I want to show you something. If you want , that is.” He smiled, leaning against the doorframe. I turned around and put my hair in a bun. I was wearing a shirt from my pre pregnancy days that was baggy before, but fit pretty much like a regular t-shirt now along with grey sweatpants. It felt so good that I didn’t have to worry about how I looked around Dan anymore; I stopped caring so long ago.

“Sure, sounds good.” I replied, walking up to him.

Dan led me outside in his backyard and walked us a little into the forest behind his house. We hadn’t gone far at all. Between the cracks of the trees we could see the back of his house, but it would be hard for anyone to spot someone here. It was an empty patch of land that the forest inhabited.

The night sky was out and while it was cold, there really wasn’t much snow. Just a little bit of frost on the ground.

Dan took it upon himself to lie down and patted the space next to him to join him. I slowly sat, then sat back.

“I used to come out here a lot as a teenager,” he mumbled. “Felt good being here and not have to think about real life problems. I figured this would be a great place to show you. I can imagine how things maybe be slightly overwhelming.” Dan looked up at the sky and blinked a few times, before turning his head to look at him. The view of the sky was so beautiful but I only wanted to look at him. Dan made me have that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach and I never knew what to do with myself in this situation.

 “I can see why,” I replied, pretending like my eyes weren’t just completely glued on him and only him. That’s when I really understood him. This was his getaway and I was jealous that he could always come here whenever he wanted and just look up. As a teenager, my biggest problems were getting braces and not getting noticed by that cute guy that plays guitar. Dan had never told me much of his childhood in the time we’d known each other, but I really would’ve liked to know about his experiences.

Dan turned on his side and looked at me while I started up at the sky. That’s when I felt the butterflies come back. However, they weren’t butterflies.

 “Give me your hand,” I whispered to Dan. He didn’t question me and let me take his hand. I placed it on my stomach and looked at him as he started feeling the kicks. We started at each other the whole time until Dan pulled away and went to cup my cheek. With his eyes still locked on mine and let out a little smirk.

“I really liked kissing you the other night…” He whispered. I let out a breath of relief and nodded.

“M-me too,” I agreed, started to feel nervous again. Dan ran his thumb over my bottom lip and started at my lips.

 “Good, because I’m about to do it again.” He nodded and leaned closer, smashing his lips on mine. This kiss was so much more different from any of the other ones we’ve shared before. It was filled with passion and was rougher but yet still gentle. His lips were so soft and I couldn’t resist wanting more. My fingers tangled in his brown hair as his hands explored my body. This didn’t last long as his mother started calling for him inside the house. He pulled away and smiled at me.

“We’ll finish this later.” Dan kissed my forehead. He stood up and then helped me up, keeping his hand on the small of my hand as we walked inside. His mother was waiting for us and pointed to the living room with a sort of frown on her face. Confused, we walked into the living room. Only to see Marie, sitting cross legged with her luggage next to her. She smirked once she saw us.

“Hey, Dan. Are you glad I made it?”