ignore my pile of dirty laundry

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Ok, BeChloe prompt: a sad one... Beca writes down her feelings for Chloe which she thinks she would never reciprocate. Chloe finds Beca's notes...

It should just be in the front pocket was what Beca had said when she asked Chloe to stop by the dorm to pick up the choreography notes she’d forgotten for Bellas rehearsal that afternoon, but when the redhead found Beca’s bag (after silently praising the heavens that her God-awful roommate wasn’t there to sue Chloe for trespassing), it was filled with nothing but a few throw-away recents, a half-eaten bag of Cheetos, the remains of a crushed up piece of gum, and a few meticulously folded pieces of paper. 

Chloe never considered herself a snoop - she’d always politely defined her instinct to push privacy boundaries (think: shower curtains and a strangely satisfying duet of ‘Titanium’) as rabid curiosity - which was why she didn’t hesitate in the slightest to open the papers; they could, after all, be the notes she was looking for…so it’d be silly, really, to not make sure. 

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