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In all seriousness, yeah Bastille didn’t win an award, but that will never invalidate their hardwork. They’re still continuing with their day and look forward to seeing their fans. Even if they are slightly saddened, we should just continue to show them our support and love for them/their work! We should always let them know that we appreciate them for what they do!

perpetuallyfive  asked:

"Hey, you okay there?" Chloe asks, looking slightly concerned, as if Beca can't hold her alcohol or something -- which she obviously can, one in each hand -- and the only possible response is to laugh (really loudly) and then possibly hiccup. Once.

“Apparently not,” Chloe says before Beca even has a chance to respond in a manner that would have definitely been both dignified and eloquent. 

“Am too!”

(Or not.)

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