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Happy Holidays!!

Find yourself the nearest Light Bulb of Unusual Color and make a wish!

Hoping you’re surrounded by those you love and are staying warm!

Hey, i felt like being productive for once, so i finished this. I was supposed to finish it back in december but my brain wouldn’t cooperate

Hope it doesn’t suck, i’m on an major artblock rn

*Please do not use or repost my artworks anywhere. Thank you!

*crawls back to bed*

Art is hard, how do you do it? Anyway, I’m quite enraptured in @officialleoneabbacchio’s Summoner AU so I drew the AU version of my beautiful, beautiful boy. In all his shaggy, cotton-y glory. (he’s an Ittan-Momen by the by) 

 He’ll wrap around your neck and force you to watch him take single a bite out of everything in your fridge while watching the terrified expressions on your stupid face. And he will savour every damn moment of it. 

 Unlike other monsters, Teru is quite literate in human languages. In fact, he learns multiple languages simultaneously. Since he’s a very long cotton swab, he has a habit of inscribing words on his “skin” that he finds help him jolt his memory of a language, and them washing or bleaching them out later. He just became so partial to the word “Enigma” that it’s sort’ve evolved into a permanent tattoo of sorts. 

 (If your curious about what’s written on the tail end of his scroll it's 

Italian: Che Cazzo 

German: Schadenfreude 

French: La Vie En Rose 

Spanish: Feliz Navidad 

Hebrew: The Tetragrammaton 

Japanese Kanji: His name 

Middle Egyptian Heiroglyphs: S.t wr.t n.t d’m/The great throne (made) of gold 

Russian: A nu chiki-briki i v damki! / One, two – you’re on top!

Latin: Romani ite domun/Romans go home 

Classical Greek: Θώθ (Thoth)

Portuguese: Delíro/Delirium

Korean: Araso (which can either be read as “I understand” or “I am crazy” AFAIK and I like both) 

Arabic: مرح/Fun 

Bahasa Indonesian: Bule (loosely translates to foreigner. Kinda used in the same way gaijin is)