ignore my awkward pose


SO my friend sam and i had the privilege of meeting jonny cruz today on the final day of ax2017!!! i-i don’t know what i’m doing in the middle pic pls ignore my awkward hunched-looking pose LOL he’s literally the sweetest i’m so happy we got to talk to him and get pics :D seriously what an amazing guy, i hope he comes to the future expos because i’d love to come back!!! 💖


Had a blast at Special Edition NYC 2015 today! Met a whole bunch of cool people, amazing cosplayers, and hung out with weinersoldier and sometimesyoufly, both equally lovely ladies. You two rock. I was very happy that people dug the Spider-Woman costume and that it came together pretty well for a first try. Still time to improve on it before Dragon*Con! :)

If I saw you at the con today (Saturday) and/or you’re in the photo above, please let me know! Thanks! :)

Figuring you read my post from yesterday, I think you’ll have a better understanding of the reason behind my tattoo. - My tattoo represents the meaning behind the mask, the mask itself, and my overall love Hip-Hop & comic books. - Let’s start with Dr. Doom. (As you may already know I’m a huge fan of his.) Victor Von Doom (his birth name) wears his mask due to facial deformations. He was constructing a machine to bring his mother, Cynthia Von Doom, back to life, only for it to malfunction and explode right in his face. As the tale goes, the so called deformation is really just a tiny scar on his face that he is insanely insecure about. Which brings it down to me. I’ve been insecure since I was 6 years old. Constantly worried with my body fat & kids teasing me on my looks. *spoiler alert* In the 200th issue you see above, there’s constant battles as usual, with the Fantastic 4. To my surprise, Mr. Fantasic suddenly rips off Doom’s mask towards the end of the story. The story continues as Doom becomes horrified as he looks at his own reflection. He then becomes emotionally unstable that he no longer bothers to deal with the Fantastic 4 and ends up in psychiatric hospital. (Now you can see the connection I have with Doom.) I later discovered an “underground” (not so much underground since all of a sudden everyone loves him - which upsets me greatly) rapper who goes by the name of Daniel Dumile, or MF Doom, as some of you may know. -For those who don’t know, he does a few of his alter egos based on the comic book character Doctor Doom.- The first song I heard by Dumile, was “Fancy Clown” off the album Madvillain. I immediately fell in love when I heard the sample off ZZ Hill’s “That Ain’t The Way To Make Love.” I was going through an on & off relationship at the time and this song honestly helped me deal with the situation I do not wish to speak of at this very moment. He immediately became one of my favorite artists as I dug through some of his earlier work; and for the fact that he samples oldies & comics. So my tattoo, a mixture of Dr. Doom’s insecurity, with my love for hip hop music - MF Doom’s mask, and in stencil form- personal as some of you may know I make stencils myself. 💞


Okay, as promised here are the pictures of my Rose Quartz dress. I wanted to throw these up before I make any changes to it so that people who order from FM-anime know what they are getting. It is made out of a lovely thick satin material and the construction is amazingly well done. They added a functional corset with elastic smocking to the back to make it fit your body nicely, although the ribbons they used to lace it aren’t the best quality. The star that came with the dress was a joke. It was two layers of shiny gold fabric with a horrible thick plastic interfacing between them with a pink rhinestone hot-glued to the front. It was the wrong size for my body type, came with only a single safety pin to adhere it, and the fabric was already starting to peel away from the interfacing. If you order this dress, be prepared to make your own star or attempt the cutout on your own. I’m wearing the dress with a corset and petticoat underneath to give myself some shape, but they are not included in the purchase. I plan to swap out the ribbon on the corset and fix the busy area so it lays right with my corset, but other than that and the star I don’t have to make any adjustments to it. I ordered it on May 15th and they shipped it on June 19th, so it only took about 35 days to make, and it arrived at my house on June 26th, so shipping took about a week (to the United States). I debut this outfit (assuming I can get my wig and shield done) at Wizard World Pittsburgh next weekend and I am very excited to wear it. Please ignore my awkward poses and whatever it was that I was doing with my face in these photos, I’m posting them without any editing because I am lazy. So there you have it! Please be nice!