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Okay, ME fandom. Gather round. We need to have a round table discussion. And I genuinely want a discussion. Anything I say below could be wrong - I am open to that. But I feel I need to say something.

There is something going around that I noticed passing through my dash but mostly ignored as being a bit silly and mostly harmless. However, I recently have been approached by two friends of mine who have been affected by it. You start messing with my friends, you mess with me, so I’m going to say my peace (for what its worth).

It’s this idea that women writing mlm fic is somehow fetishizing gay men. Now, I’m not saying that this claim is illegitimate. The lines are a bit blurry, I’ll admit. I’m certainly willing to discuss it. But I do not feel, as a gay man, the least bit threatened or cheapened by women who want to write gay characters, including smut.

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The trees look like they’re on a conveyor belt, traveling to their new home.

In other news, I’m replacing all these individual pine trees one at a time with trees in three different colors and sizes because I thought it was a good idea for some reason. :’)

somariel  asked:

On that "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" thing occurring with your slave culture headcanon, I think what's happening is that you've filled this gaping hole in canon and people who've read a fic that credits you for coming up with it (but who aren't actually familiar with your fics or Tumblr) remember the concept when they need something similar for their fics, but DON'T remember that it ISN'T actually canon.

Yeah, wow, that’s… I’m honestly not sure how to feel about this?

Also I made the mistake of clicking the “Tatooine Slave Culture” tag on AO3 and wow, let me tell you, there is some wild stuff in that tag these days.

OK, so I’m off to bed now bc it’s late and I do have work tomorrow but
1) I really actually disliked the final ep of Sherlock, in a non fun way,and I am probably going to get vocal about that at one point
2) I’m pretty damn motivated to get working on my own thing again now and
3) every single second of Andrew Scott’s screening was gold.

Why all the Keyleth hate?

So I’m pretty new to the Critical Role fandom (started watching in November) and I’m almost caught up. I’ve been watching earlier episodes while still watching on Thursdays and I mostly ignore comments on YouTube and especially on Twitch but occasionally it’s hard to avoid (looking up timestamps to skip breaks,etc)
Something I’ve noticed are all the degrading and negative comments/posts about Keyleth and/or Marisha and I have to say I don’t understand. Some comments seem like a healthy criticism and everyone is entitled to their own opinions but the ones that just slander are awful. I get that Marisha isn’t as seasoned as the others but she really puts such an adorkable awkward spin on Keyleth and puts her heart into the character. Some of her dialogues are long with big pauses and people hate it but I feel that’s SO in character. Keyleth was basically a hermit before VM just being around other Ashari. She’s socially awkward. She’s slightly more innocent than the others. She’s overdramatic. That’s what makes her FUN.

Another complaint I’ve seen is that there’s no character growth. I beg to differ.
She’s had character growth that has happened slowly over time. If you compare underdark Keyleth to chroma conclave Keyleth it’s amazing how much she’s grown into herself and with her relationships with those around her (especially romantically with Vax) I can just imagine how she was when VM first started.

To be fair I didn’t not say this bc she’s my favorite character. Honestly, I can’t even say I have a favorite character bc as soon as I feel like I do, everyone else in VM just wins my heart. I love them all!

Idk, just my opinion but I love Marisha. Her heart is in the right place and it completely shows in her portrayal. She even adds a fun energy to Keyleth that really balances Vax and the relationship she has with him. It’s one thing to not be a fan of someone but to outright attack because of it is wrong and she definitely doesn’t deserve it. And to those people who say she’s only on CR bc she’s dating/engaged to Matt: yeah, they’re ALL on the show bc they’re friends and we’re playing for a while together before CR was even an idea.

Just my two cents.
Feel free to disagree but here it is


SLW NEW BEGINNINGS @deliciouslyimpossiblecolour 

Samifer Prison AU  

When Sam Winchester ends up in prison for a heist gone wrong, he finds himself thrown into a cell with the most notorious criminal in the block. Lucifer mostly ignores Sam, and the younger man is thankful that he seems to be far enough below his radar to avoid confrontation. That all changes, however, when Sam unintentionally finds himself the target of one of the gangs while in the yard one day, only to be shocked when none other than Lucifer comes to his defense. 

After that, everything changes, and before he even knows it’s happening, Sam has fallen for the deadly convict, and the two begin planning a future together after their upcoming releases. 

anonymous asked:

What if Jyn is in a coed dorm and Cassian is her new roommate? Any ideas?

is this a situation that could actually occur? idec i love it anyway:

  • jyn moves in by herself. it takes one trip with a big cart rented from the front desk 
  • this means when she manages to unlock the room, she can’t really see around the pile of bedding and clothes in front of her
  • all she notices is a hand pulling something off her cart to set down and then –
  • wow. her new roommate is…wow.
  • “cassian andor” he says, sticking out his hand
  • she shakes it. firm, jyn notes
  • “and this is my friend kay,” he goes on. “he’ll probably be here a lot”
  • jyn greets him. he mostly ignores her
  • this year will…be interesting
  • jyn and cassian wind up being in the same 8 am calculus class
  • they get breakfast together most mornings to energize themselves 
  • cassian knows jun’s starbucks order by heart three weeks into classes (iced caramel macchiato) and brings it to their study sessions often
  • jyn knows he takes his coffee black and gives him shit for being soulless and hating fun
  • all of this bickering and breakfast eating and coffee getting leads kay to believe they’re an honest to god couple
  • cassian turns bright red when his friend suggests as much 
  • jyn just says “well i don’t know if he’s any good at kissing, but i’m sure i’ll find out before midterms” 
  • kay: !!!!!!!!!!!
  • cassian: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jyn: ?????
  • also jyn: we’re basically dating now so ??
  • cassian: !?!?!?!?!
  • kay leaves and lets them work things out
  • spoiler alert: jyn was right about finding out how good cassian is at kissing well before midterms 

@force-scream asked for a minific for vadaphra! we’re gonna mostly ignore canon lol because i couldn’t think of anything

(7: things you said while we were driving)

Vader had been strangely insistent about piloting, going as far as to physically drag her out of the pilot’s chair. She made herself comfortable in the co-pilot’s seat, fingers tapping against the arm rest.

“Do you ever get less bossy?” Aphra asked. “I mean, just as a general question.”

Vader said nothing. His hands were busy flying over the controls, checking and double-checking. He was paranoid, then.

“I can’t believe you’re denying me this,“ Aphra whined. "I just want to - ”

“Quiet,” Vader snapped.

Aphra crossed her arms. She took some amount of vindictive pleasure that Vader barely fit into the chair, and was clearly uncomfortable. Her eyes traced the line of his shoulders, the glint of the shoulder guards: he was easily twice, three times her size.

“Where’d you even get this thing from, anyway?” Aphra asked, after the silence wore her down. “It’s too pretty for you.”

Vader’s hands stalled over the controls, and he actually graced her with an answer: “It is not a story you would be interested in.”

Aphra cocked an eyebrow. “When you say it like that, it makes me pretty sure there’s a solid story here. You can tell an old pal, right?”


“The coolest and best associate,” Aphra corrected, splitting her face in a grin.

Vader wasn’t impressed - he wasn’t paying attention.

His hand hovered over the control panel before delicately, gently, coming to rest against it, stroking the humming machine as if it lived and breathed. Aphra watched, transfixed by this new, sudden behavior.

Vader’s thumb stroked the smooth surface. “It is not a story I am interested in telling, Doctor.”

“It’s a beautiful ship,” Aphra offered. Her voice was sharp and loud, awkward. “It’s - it’s a Nubian J-type, right?”

“A Nubian diplomatic ship,” Vader said. “Used by the rulers of Naboo in the old republic.”

A sweet fight.

Request:  Please Niklaus Mikaelson x reader with prompt 8. “Oh god when you full Name me i know I’m in trouble”

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I just found out my boyfriend Klaus had gone behind my back and asked Jeremy gilbert to go on a very dangerous mission i was supposed to go on. Klaus was never the biggest fan of me helping out with all the vampire stuff but i mostly ignore his protests and went anyway. He got mad often mostly at everybody but me. But the few times he got angry with me he would just take it out on me in other ways.

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