ignore me kindly

that one txt post thats like… “having siblings gave u interpersonal skills that only-child kids didnt have”

Like nah, it gave me social insecurity and caused me to blame myself for everything, being the youngest of five, when we were all mentally ill and hurt eachother on a day to day basis to the point that if they ever tried to show my affection I flipped out and did mental acrobats to figure out if they were planning something to hurt me/blame me for later.

But I suppose I can appreciate the sentiment.

anonymous asked:

It doesn't matter now, we're both rooted in our positions. Charon's side, Prompt Guy's side. Doesn't matter who we believe, in the end it's just another useless conflict. Maybe if we could move past such useless fights our species could find a real alien species.

I’m looking for a boy
Who presses faeries like flowers,
And the sun seems to shine from his curls.
I’m looking for a boy
Whose laugh is like churchbells,
And he cries tears of diamonds and pearls.

Do you know of this boy
Who thinks sticks can be swords,
And who sings to the late summer sun?
Do you know of this boy
Who’s made friends with the mountains,
And knows not of what he’ll become?

You have? Then pray tell me what he has said, for I cannot wait around all day.

He’s looking for a boy
Who finds solace in silence,
And speaks without moving his tongue?
He’s looking for a boy
Who lives in the clouds
And whose face never got to be young?

I think I know of this boy
Who knits scarves from the stars,
And his eyes are as cold as the sea.
Yes, I know of this boy
Of whom you do speak
And I’m certain this boy must be me.

please. do not re-post my art on instagram.

if you’re thinking about it, here’s a tip: don’t.


I do not use omegle. Someone is pretending to be me and handing out my blog there I guess? Please stop putting stuff in my inbox saying how hateful I am because I am confused as all heck.

I don’t know who it is, but this is now a new cause for distress from me :/ Kindly ignore them because it is not “Orangeplum” who you are talking to.

Please reblog this and spread the word, guys. It’s rude and someone is going out of their way to slander me for some reason?