ignore me im a total freak

hahaha natsu-turning-into-end-bit-by-bit theory time: if gray hadn’t come in time to stop lucy from being chopped in half, natsu would become desperate and use his curse powers (which as stated in the last arc, is totally different than magic and thus wouldn’t have been effected by the cuffs) to save her. they would slip out, unbidden. 

then afterwards happy and lucy would question how natsu used magic when he still had the cuffs on and he’d say he just “overpowered them” but really he’d be secretly worried just what that really was (or if this has happened before, freak out that he needs to keep them in control)

it makes me so sad to think of how many people out there are freaking out like “AM I GAY?? THERES NO WAY IM GAY RIGHT?” and no one has ever taught them that you don’t have to be Just Gay or Just Straight and that being not straight is fun and totally fine? like it’s really sad that so many people will go their whole lives saying Nope I’m Straight and forcing themselves to try to ignore a big part of who they are bc they’ll never be in an environment surrounded by people who allow them to feel safe and comfortable exploring their sexual orientation! I’m really lucky to have known the people I’ve known and had the experiences I’ve had dang