ignore me if this is stupid

Okay, here’s the thing:
Tumblr is a very special place for me. The Supergirl fandom is special place for me. I love it. I love it because I can share my work and thoughts about everything with many people. I love it because I can talk to amazing human beings.
But one thing is annoying. Everyday I have to read so much hate and negativity here. Nearly every second post on my dash contains insults and stupid comments. Ship wars and bad abuses everywhere. Is that really necessary? Do we need that? I don’t think so.
Love or ignore each other.
That would be so much easier!?
Spread positivity.

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saying clexa fans are all racist is stupid. like im so tired of everyone erasing the majority of poc in the fandom that like clexa just bc the ppl who play the characters are white. ppl are mad about every lgbt death, but u also don't hear about ppl crying about root x shaw they're another white wlw couple. there were a lottt of wlw couples that got killed and they all fucking suck poussey included the only reason ppl still talk about lexa is bc the 100 is airing again & ppl want it cancelled

Darling nothing you say will erase what your fandom did and said when Poussey died. You came right back here to ignore her death some more. Right back here to remind me of the important lesbians…the white ones. So I’d love to know if you are being deliberately obtuse or if you are genuinely this stupid? And listen this “majority of POC” in that fandom were overwhelmingly silent when Poussey died for white guilt and to make light of the BLM movement. The dead black lesbian didn’t fit in your narrative for ~reasons~ so guess who still doesn’t care about your brown face wearing bindi having snowflake dying? Me. I don’t care. 

If you’re brave enough come off anon or stay out my inbox with this weak white feminist bullshit. 

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Lemme get your opinion on something: so let's say a person draws tomtord fluff, and they ship it because they're a pacifist. Then, someone comments on their artwork "OMG THAT'S ABUSE". What really pisses me off is that people pay attention to a ship that isn't even abusive, and ignore the concept. People get hopelessly shipshamed and they can't enjoy the ship anymore. Do you think that's right? Causing ship wars for something legitimately stupid?

That’s stupid and a waste a time. Ever considered ‘ignoring it’ or just stopping in general?

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I follow you because I like to laugh at your stupid life since you are a fucking moron.

I appreciate your honesty, but seriously you can unfollow me. I don’t need people like you. I’m already depressed enough as it is and getting 2-3 messages a day like this is making me to the point where I don’t care about my life. Normally I just delete or ignore these, but today I just don’t care.

Hope that makes you laugh too.

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When was yami ever rude to you? Weren't you always the one rude to him?

I used to make an effort to show him my respect and talk to him like an equal. He ignored that and preached his usual sermons about my shortcomings and how he was better than me. Every conversation with him would devolve into my lack of friends or his stupid magic. What gave him the idea he was above me? Besides being the King of Games, he has done nothing particular that would make him extraordinary. He doesn’t deserve that title, by the way. After I nearly won a children’s card game against him (save for that badly timed earthquake) he denied that fact. He coudln’t admit it, haha. He’s a sore loser. Even if he admitted his defeat later…

It’s interesting. He almost managed to convince me to accept him as a friend, one time. I mean, I don’t know what state of mind I was in, but… this whole story might have turned out differently, if he got off his high horse. Who knows? It might have turned into a strong bond that transcended dimensions. He could have been a companion I would have done a lot for.

…no, that’s not going to happen now. Friendship is for fools, anyway.

one of the best things about samurai jack is that, YOU WANT HIM IN AN OUTFIT???? ITS LIKELY CANON!

Suit? CANON. Dress? CANON. Turtle neck? CANON. HEELS? CANON! CROP TOP?!?!? CANON!!!!!! I HAVE CANONICAL PROOF OF ALL OF THESE!!!!!! NOTHING BUT UNDERWEAR?!?!?!  I T  H A P P E N S  A L M O S T  E V E R Y  E P I S O D E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NCT’s names according to google voice:

Lee Taeyong: Lithium Song

Dong Winwin Sicheng: Boosie When When Song

Qian Kun: Cancun

Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkun: 10 Cheetah Porn Ricetta Bone Coon

Mark Minhyung Lee: Mark Mentally

Lee Haechan Donghyuck: The Hitch On Dump Truck

Jung Jaehyun Yoonoh: Jungle Jay Can You Know

Nakamoto Yuta: Nakamoto Yootha

Seo Johnny Youngho: Sale Johnny Young Whole

Ji Hansol: G Hansel

Kim Doyoung Dongyoung: Kim Do Young Dumb Young

Moon Taeil: Moon Tail

Na Jaemin: Najee Men

Lee Jeno: Legion No

Zhong Chenle: Zone Show Mall

Park Jisung: Fuck You Song

Huang Renjun: Long Run June

do glee and shadowhunters exist in the same universe? because like….most of the new directions kids moved to new york. so do like kurt and blaine regularly see this really fashionable version of mike chang walking around and just kind of go with it? does anyone ever tell mike? do they keep a tally of who saw Other Mike and where? i need answers

When I was in my early twenties, I was working as a server at a restaurant in a really massive hotel to help cover costs that my student funds didn’t cover.  I was a single-mum so I didn’t have a lot of time, and I had to work these really shite shifts.  There was this bloke who worked in the dish pit and he was from Russia, and he spoke like six words of English and had a seriously mean glare, so like literally no one talked to him.

There were all these rumours about him, one of which being that he was a genius and had published some paper and was “exiled”…or possibly fled for fear of being arrested.  No one had the actual story, and no one knew anything about his real life, and I was way too shy to ask, so I just kind of went with what everyone said about him.

Anyway, one day I brought my daughter in, who was about three at the time, and he literally fucking just funs out of the room and I was like ???  Then he comes back out like five minutes later with these fresh-made chocolate covered strawberries for her, and he starts talking to her all soft in Russian,

And my daughter being the smarm that she was just loves it because you know, sweets and attention.  So he starts teaching her Russian words and she shows him her name sign and stuff.  And every time I bring her in after that, he immediately goes and makes her strawberries and called her something like “motiliek” which he said meant butterfly.  (don’t quote me on that, I can’t remember exactly what it was)

So one day I’m doing side work and he comes over and asks, “How motiliek is doing?”  And I’m like oh good good, she’s her usual self.  Then he tells me that she reminds him of his daughter who is still in Russia and how much he misses her but he can’t go back and he hasn’t seen her in five years and how he was so sad until I brought my kiddo in and it made him feel better.  After that we would chat whenever I wasn’t busy, and every chance I got, I would bring her in to visit.

I never did find out why he left or why he couldn’t go back cos I ended up having to leave my job like two months later.

But I was thinking about that story today and like my GOD what a cute Single!Dad Patater fic that could make.  I mean imagine Kent owns a restaurant and his manager hires Alexei and Kent is like yeah whatever, you know?  He’s a hockey guy.  And he’s got a kid from some one-off whom he ADORES because he’s Kent so of course his daughter is his fucking princess.

And he brings her in one day and Alexei–whom terrifies everyone because he’s giant and kind of scary and looks mean–just melts at the sight of her and the next thing you know…

Obviously they fall in love.

Obviously they somehow reunite Alexei with his own daughter.

Anyway this was long and pointless and just a thought I had but I really kinda wanna write it now.

I’m tired of people being like “we’re here for the music” biCTH WHAT MUSIC????????? we haven’t had any new music from 5sos for monTHS!!!!!! what do you mean you’re here for the music when there is nONE????? I understand not wanting to get involved in their private lives I get that it’s chill, but you have to understand when you’re invested in the band it’s not just about the music… people stan 5sos as people, not just musicians and I think that’s very important to remember. You’re not weird or abnormal for being interested in your idols life and it’s ok to be upset about something they’ve done or who they’re dating, the only thing that’s not okay is when you start sending hate to the people in your idols life or your idol

so I’ve been thinking about the idea of Beacon doing that cliche sitcom thing about teenages in pairs ‘raising’ a bag of flour like it’s a kid

imagine Weiss worrying about her child starting to get lighter. Ruby says she must be imagining it. Then Weiss notices Ruby has a plate of homebaked cookies on her desk

Yang taking her kid out on the bike and when Blake yells at her Yang is just like “they had a helmet.” and pulls out a tiny flour bag sized helmet

Pyrrha being uncharacteristicly panicky cause she doesn’t know how to deal with tiny people but Jaune is like “don’t worry I got this” cause of having so many sisters

Nora showing up at the dorm like “hey Ren me and our child are hoooooome~” and Ren glances up before calmly saying “Nora that’s not a bag of flour that’s an Ursa cub.” and Nora tries to convince him to let her keep it.