ignore me i've underslept

If Julie Plec wrote fairy tales.

Cinderella: Cinderella leads a quiet life in her step mother’s house, where she has to do all the hard work. The prince comes by and helps her cook and clean. When Cinderella eventually goes to the ball, the prince says he loves her. She says “Maybe that’s the problem.” Mothers give up reading the story to their kids because it’s too depressing.

Little Red Riding Hood: Little Red Riding Hood has a dream that she visits her grandmother. When she opens the door of the house, she finds Wolf in the bed instead. Little Red Riding Hood screams and wakes up, promptly ignoring a crow on her windowsill.

Blue Beard: A man finds out that there’s a beautiful girl in the neighborhood. He stalks her for months after which he asks her to marry him and of course, she agrees, because why not? He allows her to go to every room of his house, except for the basement. When he’s out of the house, she goes to the basement and finds dead bodies of ripped apart women. It hits her that sometimes you shouldn’t marry people you’ve known for a day.