ignore me i'm being silly now


Season 4 anyone? :P

I wonder if E.N.D. would still have motion sickness…

my mixed feelings on glee: post-season

If Glee were a book, the first season would be the chapter that I forced myself to read because all my friends told me it got better and told me about the interesting parts later on. The second season would be the part where I fell deeply, deeply in love with the story and the characters. The third season is where I started to lose interest but begrudgingly kept reading because I had faith in the story. The forth chapter is where my faith was rewarded because it suddenly got SO GOOD, even though it went on for a too long and kind of forgot about the plot for a bit.

The fifth season is where I genuinely enjoyed everything that happened and everything that was happening to my babies the characters, but my enjoyment was tainted by the fact that I could see there were only so many pages left in the book, and things that I wanted to happen still hadn’t happened yet. Like, I like what’s going on and where I think the story’s going, but there are only so many pages left, and I don’t know why your spending these pages telling me about puppies and STDs when you could be telling me more stories that deal with the core plot. Even though, you know, I really enjoy the puppies and the STD stories, just NOT RIGHT NOW THERE ARE ONLY SO MANY PAGES LEFT AND I DON’T KNOW WHO BLAINE’S PARENTS ARE.