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sorry i didnt want to bombard you with multiple asks and tl;dr: thank you for running this blog gjfkdlgfj it has helped

just gonna go ahead and get this off my chest and say: thank you. i stumbled upon porn when i was about 11, and then it occasionally drifted into the loli/shota realm (never “real” cp, but i understand now its not any better). no one forced me to look at it and i think it started with genuine childish curiosity + puberty, but for years i kind of ignored it and tried to normalize it. at first the concept of NOPs comforted me, but i feel like this blog snapped me out of it finally. like i was so scared of being weird? or feeling like i was different as a child and now i dont know, this just… helped me accept that it IS weird and different and bad and thats okay, but i need to not ignore it. because it DOES make me uncomfortable but i tried to desensitize myself? i feel foolish and as if i let myself be groomed by the internet w/o anyone even trying, but just… suddenly i feel free by taking a stance and uh im rambling because i stayed up all night but to you, the owner of this blog: thank you. ive been on the fence, maybe even the wrong side of it, for too long now. what you’re doing has made a difference for someone at least, and so i hope you can continue with this knowing that you helped me. truly. i need to reject my intrusive thoughts rather than trying to accept them and normalize them just to make myself feel better about it, i think. i’m sorry if this is all messy because i haven’t slept at all, but i needed to get it off my chest somewhere… so again, thank you.

Honestly, this makes it worth it, messages like these. I just feel so nice and good now. It makes me want to keep fighting these nasty MAPs (not that I was gonna stop any time soon) also makes me think back since this is tumblr and nothing they will do matter. This pedo movement won’t go social. It’ll be shut down way before then and they’ll go back to hiding in the shadows where they belong. They’ll never get the support they need like like blm and lgbt+. People will always look at them like monsters as they are and I hope their kids grow up to find out how gross their parents are even though they shouldn’t even be having kids if they were really “anti contact.” Honestly, thanks for the submission and I posted this before I could write your username so I don’t know it, my bad.

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I had a dream where a girl was saying to the guy along the lines of "I just want to know that it's real. That what we both feel is mutually the same on both sides." Could you write a blurb based on this please? Thank you.

I knew exactly when I’d fallen for him.  It was during a particularly rough thunderstorm.  We were lying on the couch watching The Godfather when the power had gone out.  Suddenly thrust into complete darkness, neither of us was able to even see our hands in front of our faces.  It would be the one and only time I would hear Harry complain about his decision to move to the English countryside and away from London.  

He hadn’t prepared for this eventuality.  There were no candles anywhere near us and even if there were, there was no way to light them.  So he suggested he go to his room to find some and bring them back.

That’s when he found out about my intense fear of the dark.  Ok, well not the dark…I’m not six.  But this kind of dark.  The darkness where you can’t see anything but you can hear everything because everything in the house is off.  There’s no soft whirring of the refrigerator or humming of the furnace in the basement.  Everything is silent.  It was terrifying.

After a few moments of trying to calm me down, he amended his plan and decided to take me along with him to the bedroom.  Should’ve been easy enough.  Only he didn’t account for the fact that I didn’t know his house as well as he did.  That included furniture placement.  Halfway through the hallway to his room I ended up ramming my foot against a heavy table.  The instant my toe hit it, I knew exactly what I’d hit.

Harry lowered me onto the floor, trying to inspect what he could in such complete darkness.  But he wasn’t able to see anything other than the tears coursing down my cheeks.  He loaded me onto his back, grabbed his keys from the front table and got me outside to his car which he’d thankfully left parked in the driveway rather than the garage so we didn’t have to worry about the garage door having no power to open.

He got me to the hospital despite the pouring sheets of rain.  He stayed with me in the ER while they did x-rays and gave me painkillers that made me loopy.  I broke three toes. 

I fell in love with him that night.  When he pushed me over in the hospital bed, pulled his phone out of his pocket and quickly found a way for us to continue watched The Godfather just as we had been before all of this started.

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Your Love Is A Song

Title: Your Love Is A Song

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word count: 2,854

Theme song: Your Love Is A Song by Switchfoot

Request: can i have a dean x reader where they had just finished a hunt and he did something unreasonably stupid to protect the reader and she’s really pissed at him so after he crashes on the motel bed she decides to sleep in the impala and dean wakes up and notices she’s gone and gets really worried and then finds her in the backseat and its really fluffy and yeah sorry its so long i love your writing so much omg


Your name: submit What is this?


You sat with your fists clenched into balls on your lap as you rode passenger beside Dean; his eyes were bright and a small smile was on his lips as he kept his gaze forward on the road. Sam was quiet in the back; he’d noticed what Dean hadn’t–the looks, the glares from the corner of your eye, the tightness of your lips pressed together in a firm line. All Dean was thinking about was another monster dead. Another victory; his bottom line.

You pulled up to the motel and parked between Sam’s room and the room you were sharing with Dean. The night was quiet, it was pretty late already and nearing midnight. Few cars drove by on the two-lane just yards away and many of the lights in the other rooms were darkened. 

“You want to come back to our room? Open a few beers to celebrate?” Dean asked Sam when you’d all gotten out.

Sam looked to you before shaking his head.

“No. Thanks. I’m going to get some sleep,” he replied.

“Your call,” Dean shrugged, and looked to you to follow him to your door.

“Goodnight,” Sam called. You looked over your shoulder and gave him a small smile and a wave. He laughed a bit, knowing the reaming Dean was about to get, and shook his head as he unlocked his door a few rooms down and headed inside.

You waited as Dean unlocked your own door, not saying a thing until you were both inside and the door was shut behind you. He threw the motel and Impala keys on the table and walked to the bed, sitting on the edge of it and started to unlace his boots.

“What?” he asked, looking up to you finally and registering your pointed silence.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I’m serious. Why are you giving me that look? What the hell could I be in trouble for?” he asked, genuinely confused, kicking one of his boots to the corner and starting on the other.

“You were an idiot back there!” you said, finally exploding.

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Submit Anon: How A Weeb Came to Ruin Someone's Life

TW: Extreme Bullying

Going into highschool I was a pretty big weeaboo; it was probably the worst part of my weeB stage. I hung out with a bunch of other kids who were into anime. The “leader”  of our group is easily one of the craziest weeaboos you will ever meet. I’ll call her ‘A.’ She’s a fairly obese white girl who is thoroughly convinced that she is Japanese because as she claims in a past life she was a Japanese schoolgirl. Those are words straight from her mouth. She never showered because she would rather use that time watching anime and every damn day she wore the same outfit: olka dot vans, ratty ripped jeans, a death note hoodie, and pikachu beanie. 

On the first day of school my English teacher instructed us to pair up with the person sitting next to us and write a paragraph about what we learned about them. My partner was a girl who I will call 'J.’ She was very shy and didn’t really open up about herself. She then told me that she had just moved to the area and she was a little worried about making friends. To help her out I invited her to come hang out with my friends and I at lunch. She seemed like a nice girl so I didn’t think there would be any problems.

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