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I had a dream where a girl was saying to the guy along the lines of "I just want to know that it's real. That what we both feel is mutually the same on both sides." Could you write a blurb based on this please? Thank you.

I knew exactly when I’d fallen for him.  It was during a particularly rough thunderstorm.  We were lying on the couch watching The Godfather when the power had gone out.  Suddenly thrust into complete darkness, neither of us was able to even see our hands in front of our faces.  It would be the one and only time I would hear Harry complain about his decision to move to the English countryside and away from London.  

He hadn’t prepared for this eventuality.  There were no candles anywhere near us and even if there were, there was no way to light them.  So he suggested he go to his room to find some and bring them back.

That’s when he found out about my intense fear of the dark.  Ok, well not the dark…I’m not six.  But this kind of dark.  The darkness where you can’t see anything but you can hear everything because everything in the house is off.  There’s no soft whirring of the refrigerator or humming of the furnace in the basement.  Everything is silent.  It was terrifying.

After a few moments of trying to calm me down, he amended his plan and decided to take me along with him to the bedroom.  Should’ve been easy enough.  Only he didn’t account for the fact that I didn’t know his house as well as he did.  That included furniture placement.  Halfway through the hallway to his room I ended up ramming my foot against a heavy table.  The instant my toe hit it, I knew exactly what I’d hit.

Harry lowered me onto the floor, trying to inspect what he could in such complete darkness.  But he wasn’t able to see anything other than the tears coursing down my cheeks.  He loaded me onto his back, grabbed his keys from the front table and got me outside to his car which he’d thankfully left parked in the driveway rather than the garage so we didn’t have to worry about the garage door having no power to open.

He got me to the hospital despite the pouring sheets of rain.  He stayed with me in the ER while they did x-rays and gave me painkillers that made me loopy.  I broke three toes. 

I fell in love with him that night.  When he pushed me over in the hospital bed, pulled his phone out of his pocket and quickly found a way for us to continue watched The Godfather just as we had been before all of this started.

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