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Okay, I have to get this out here. As much as I usually dislike Chloe, I had to side with her in Despair Bear when the butler whipped out Mr. Cuddly during her party like that. That was a huge overstepping of boundaries. Sure, when Chloe’s alone, fine. But you can’t just pull out a childhood toy like that in front of someone’s entire school. Mr. Cuddly clearly meant a lot to Chloe as a child. I know if someone had cracked out my beloved stuffed lemur in front of my whole middle/high school, I would have died of embarrassment. Stuffed animals are deeply personal at that point in life. Especially for someone like Chloe, who wants to maintain a certain status in the school’s social ladder, and especially when it was an important toy in childhood. It was funny at first, when he was just following her around and waving it discreetly, but once he did it right to her face with that cutesy voice and caught literally everyone’s attention by doing so, he really did go too far. He would have been much better off keeping it subtle. I might not have fired him if I were in Chloe’s shoes, but you can bet he would have still been facing at least a demotion of some sort. I know he had good intentions. But there is a line to be careful of when you might embarrass someone in front of others, and he crossed that line big-time. So yeah, I’m siding with Chloe on this one.

  • Jhin: Ah, yes... dumplings. So exquisite, such a delight and a treat! Its flavor just melts upon my tongue and brings my systems to pure ecstasy! Oh, how my body never tires of you, for you can come in so many ways and forms. Such variety. Such beauty wrapped and kneaded elegantly in dough. Can anything beat such a tantalizing meal?

okay but, like. martin fed off friedkin and friedkin, evil idiot that he is, said he didn’t want anyone else to ever go through what he went through because the rowdy 3 only fed off other psychic people. but they feed off amanda to help her with her pararibulitis and it obviously is not the hell friedkin went through so what i’m saying is that the brotzman family is apparently a line of some sort of super unfortunate psychics