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I botched the hell out of my dye job and I was supposed to go to queer open mic tonight but I literally cannot let anyone see me like this. SO looks like a quiet night inside. Anyone have any tips for how to make your skin not purple? Especially around the hairline where you want your hair to still be purple?

Of course my friend’s router network would have a security key I don’t know. Because why wouldn’t it. *facepalm* Anyway, she finally texted me back with the password last night and I got them replies all written up! And tonight, tomorrow, and Monday (after work) y’all should be stuck with me for a while! >:P

By the way, her dog Katie says hi! (Sorry for the horrendous camera quality, not only is my laptop camera utter shit, but she wouldn’t stay still lol)

Also! @lokifenokee Look what came in the mail!

It’s so awesome, thank you so much! >w< And came sooner than I expected, too!


I hate writing single POV stories. I want SO BADLY to do at least one chapter of TBW from Spock’s perspective, because there are all these seemingly innocuous moments that matter a lot to HIM but Jim doesn’t think twice about them? And I’m pretty sure if I were just reading it I wouldn’t think twice about them??? Maybe I’ll post a side-story afterwards that’s all Spock’s thoughts, ‘cause mutual pining only feels truly satisfying if I get to write both sides of it. XD

i just remembered being in this museum in Munich … and there were these headphones you could put on at one point that were playing the overture to wagner’s Tannhäuser. and this room was so dark because I think they normally showed a video in there. anyway it was just me in the room listening to Tannhäuser and it was so loud and the room was so dark that I just closed my eyes and it just felt like i was no longer there, I could have been anywhere, in the past….it was only for about 8 minutes but it felt so long and it was so magical . When the music finished I realised I had been crying. really something weird happened there. I always remember that randomly especially when I listen to the Tannhäuser overture like now ..

Okay I deleted the last one because I’m weak. But I can do this. I’m not even gonna talk about how much I hate it this time.

And thank you all for your support on the last one. I’ll try not to roll my eyes at your compliments this time (but no promises). Just know that I love you all anyway.

Sorry for the lack of activity today guys. I’m just in a shitty headspace and emotional state and I need to calm down for a little.

I’m not sure how much I’ll post for the rest of the weekend but I promise I’ll make it up to you!!

I’m currently working on Routine Part 5 and if everything goes according to plan, I should have it out in the next week or so

Thanks for your patience my darlings 💖

20 questions!

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Name: Liss

Nicknames: Liss pretty much is my nickname, haha! Also go by Lissy and one friend calls me Pegasus.

Zodiac sign: Pisces! (well, Pisces/aquarius cusp, but I identify as Pisces)

Height: 5′8′’ ish

Orientation: Vertical. (jk jk, I’m So so so so very homosexual.)

Nationality: American, but please don’t hold that against me

Favorite fruit: BANANAS

Favorite season: Summer *_* Drown me in 90 degree weather and blistering sunlight.

Favorite book: I have so many, but I’d say my favorite to return to regularly is Good Omens. Also very fond of early sci-fi in the vein of H.G. Wells. Annnnnnd Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris.

Favorite flower: DAISIES! I love everything about daisies. Fight me.

Favorite scent: Vanilla :)

Favorite color: Yellow!!

Favorite animal: PONIES. AND WHALES. AND UNICORNS (which are ponies Extra).

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee. God, my kingdom for good coffee

Average sleep hours: 8ish probably

Cat or dog person: Cat, but I love a good puppy dog :)

Favorite fictional character: Jim Kirk is pretty much just…. tops of the list all the time. I will defend him with my life.

Number of blankets you sleep with: Counting the ones on the bed right now, we’ve got six? And a sheet? But it’s been hotter lately. We have more in winter. Baby and I like to nest. :)

Dream trip: I have this pipe dream that one day baby and I will take a road trip across America and stop at every weird-as-shit roadside museum. The UFO museums, the bug museums, the weirdly-specific roadside attractions like giant balls of yarn? That would be the shit.

Blog created: 2011 is when I first joined the tumbls, but I think I created this particular blog about 2 years ago. I also have no concept of time so! Who knows!

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