ignore lack of makeup


Sneak peek of my Valka cosplay from How to Train Your Dragon 2! Please ignore the lack of makeup, tired look, ugly sweatpants, the mess in the background, and everything else horrible about the pictures. >.> Also, the fur is slightly brown, but the color doesn’t show up very well in the pictures due to the lighting.

I still have a lot of things to finish before Animarathon. I am altering the shirt to fit more properly, finishing up the pants and the boot covers, making the orange sash to go under the armor and over the skirt, and making the staff. Everything you see here was bought and/or made over my Spring Break.



FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEE AND IT’S SO CUTE IT’S SO CUTE I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I decided to take one of the mod-Marvel designs that justbetsycostumes designed on this post here and make it for HeroesCon! And OMGOSH IT TURNED OUT SO WELL I’M SO HAPPY XDDDD

It’s the first time I’ve ever worked off a pattern before, too, so it was kind of an awesome learning experience. I now know what “basting” means! I also now know that I am too lazy to ever do it. … \o/!!!

Process post to follow shortly. Ignore my 2-day sitting-around-the-pool hair and lack of makeup and IDK about the shoes I don’t have any go-go boots really but maybe I’ll steal my Captain Marvel costume boots to go with this?? IDK haven’t decided yet. POINT IS. OMGOSH. LOOK HOW CUTE!!!!

anonymous asked:

Why do people think people with bad skin are dirty? I have an autoimmune disease that gives me hormonal acne. I'm not "dirty". I have acne and scars but I'm just as pretty as I am with makeup.

It just shows pure ignorance and lack of education.