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You know something? I really hate people! They’re selfish, ignorant, loud obnoxious pricks, with basically no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I mean really, look at all they’ve achieved! Genocide, global warming, reality TV, and just a never ending parade of failures and fuck-ups! They are, without question, a complete write-off of a species, and how dare you make me care about them!
—  Bakugou Katsuki

Also like im getting rly bored & actively upset by the idea that the most mediocre steps toward acceptance & love n stuff is celebrated?? like,, cool u would never call someone a gay slur but also like u don’t wanna see them on television & u don’t wanna see them hold hands on the street & u don’t wanna educate urself abt sexuality & gender & u don’t wanna stop making ur “”“funny”“”“ gay jokes & u think its a huge insult for ppl to think ur gay but sure u don’t hate the gays that’s cool

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Can you please do a fluffy/romantic scenario for Woozi where he comes over to your house and him and you were cuddling while watching a sad movie and he kept on staring at you. You can decide what happens that night. Can you please make this scenario as long as you can make it. It would be amazing and awesome if you do it! Thanks 😊

Hello, hello! I can’t really write much for they are scenarios so asking me to make it as long as I can will be the average of what I usually write but I hope you enjoy nevertheless. Thanks for requesting!

Ding dong. 

“Coming!” You wipe your hands on the cloth, hurrying to open the door and is greeting by your boyfriend, smiling at you widely. “You’re right on time.”

“Am I ever late?” Jihoon asks, kissing you before setting down his things as you returned to the kitchen. “You didn’t tell me you were making dinner.”

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Did you see the refinery article about rape in pll and how ezria is illegal? I mean first of all it's a tv show and second of all they never had sex not until it was legal. I mean it makes me so mad and sad that people would hate in a ship like that when its not reality and when people obviously love the ship. They even mention how disgusting the proposal was. Like no that was the best moment in pll history! Lol sorry for my rant

I just ignore stuff like that. The article popped up in my google alerts I have for Ezria, I just moved past it to a positive article.

Just kinda thinking about how much of internet culture revolves around accepting or celebrating negative things??

Or things that are just downright offbeat.

On tumblr for one thing, we embrace things that suck. We take photos of our misfortunes and share them. We tell stories about embarrassing moments. That’s pretty standard, but we also address negative issues quite openly. We’ll admit to depression, intrusive thoughts, sadness and guilt in a way that official types of media have trouble touching and we do it sincerely. You’ve probably alreaedy seen a depression meme today. We acknowledge this stuff.

And you’ve got your vintage internet humour like lolcat speak. i can has cheezburger. Originally funny for spurning the conventions of the English language. We’ve refined it and still enjoy similar linguistic oddities. ‘man door hook car door’, ‘boot too big for he gotdamn feet’, ‘tuesday again? no problem’, etc.

I think we’ve all seen internet humour compared to dadaist artistic expression. We actively promote things that defy conventions or sense. Even when it’s from mainstream personalities, we love content that’s nonsensical and maybe a bit creepy. There’s Big Man Tyrone, running a youtube channel for commissioned speeches to camera in accented English, stilted, chortling, and the opposite of what a camera personality ‘should’ be. A complete lack of context often makes things funnier, and they’re often not given any.

Absurdist/surreal humour was popular and on the rise just before the computer age kicked in (Monty Python etc) but even that was down to small groups, having to distribute their content through official channels and in the format of full songs and movies. Then the internet turns up and let everyone participate, generating content in a feedback loop, turning jokes into one-day-wonders.

It’s hardly surprising we like it this way. The internet is anarchist in comparison to how content has been delivered throughout all time preceeding. You had rules. You had to write your content, it had to be memorable and lasting enough to create a cultural impact, you had to have it produced, acted, instrumentalised, and shown through tv or radio on a specific channel at a specific time, otherwise it did not get seen. Now? Make a video, using equipment you already own, on an idea you had that morning, and it could be seen by millions by that night.

I think the kind of things that we find funny are things that openly defy the conventions humour has had to operate under for centuries. Even things that are not funny. We celebrate them. Loss.jpg, for example, was an unfunny subject, badly expressed, the combination of which makes it hilarious. We like that. Harambe’s death? “Nobody in real life will care for longer than a week about a zoo animal being shot,” an adult would say. “Oh yeah?” said the internet, turning him into the new messiah.

Memetic humour prides itself on being convoluted. If you miss the ‘in’ at the start, you’ll be lost, especially a couple of days in. Mainstream content tries to be as open as it can to the widest possible audience, because they need money from the attention. Internet humour does not. if you don’t get it, fuck you. If official media wouldn’t find something funny? It’s funny now. Who needs big budgets when you have MS Paint?

Old animation that was awfully drawn and awfully voiced. Stupid tv ads with ridiculous songs about how great everything is. Using a video game’s character creator to do everything utterly, utterly wrong. We want that bad shit, we want to celebrate the things that went terribly because how can you live pretending everything is great all the time? Nobody’s going to tell us not to like these things. Look at some weirdass animation smears. They’re godawful but necessary for the bigger picture, just like the moments of our lives.

We don’t want scripts, we don’t want big name stars, we don’t want sense. We want gradually more distorted images of Mr Krabs. You know those articles written by people over 50, blaming millenials for their inability to sell us stuff we’ve realised we don’t want or can’t afford? They hate that they can’t control us any more. They can’t predict or influence our habits because we don’t need them. We don’t have to watch their tv or radio channels on a set schedule and consume their bundled marketing. We’re using smartphones to laugh at our friends on snapchat across the world in real time, ignoring them. We’re compiling knowledge bases to learn how to do things for ourselves, not paying others. We’re snubbing elaborately funded, boardroom scripted media because real people are funnier and we don’t need them any more. And if they want to be noticed, they have to speak our language, not the other way around.

An irrelevant, dated song like Never Gonna Give You Up? Now a massive hit for no reason. Bee Movie was so unfunny when taken straight, the funniest thing about it is that people will paste the entire script to others as a punishment. The less sense, the less reasoning behind it, the more we’ll love it. Meticulously photoshop Elsa into several photos of a train station. Edit a song up to form the lyrics “I fuckin love bees” instead. Why? Because fuck you.

Being able to create our own media and share it with no restrictions, no gatekeeping, just pushing things through popularity, has resulted in types of globe-spanning humour that defy everything you’re ‘supposed’ to do. Surely there is an anti-millential thinkpiece out there about how they find nonsense funny and Why Won’t They Support My ‘Real’ Jokes

#20 (Sammy Wilk)

Requested: “Go fuck one of your skanks ”

Every time Sammy wanted to make a new video we went through the same. He always asked for a lot of girls that used just a little dress or small skirts. I told him plenty times how I felt about this and he always had a special look for me and after he just kissed me.

One of the girls was someone tall and confident. She was wearing only a small dress but she looked good. When she entered everyone was silent but she made a weird laugh and everyone loved it. Sam looked so interested in her. I thought she would be the winner but he had seen more girls like that before her.

For him right now I was just the girl he was dating that is in the corner. No one would treat me like this, no one. I’ve always had asked him why I couldn’t be the one that appears on his videos, with the one he would be remembered for… The only thing he did was laughing and we had make up sex. It wasn’t something that every girl wanted but it happened.

Everyone started clapping and cheering, she was the one. She got closer to Sammy and kissed him so closed to the lips. I’m not mad. I’m not jealous. I’m in control. She hugged him and she looked at me on some angry way. I hate her. Everyone said goodbye and I got out of the room. Bitch. How could she do that, how could she agree with it.

I took my stuff and arrived home, were the only one who was waiting for me was our little dog. I changed clothes and watched a movie until I heard someone’s keys.

“Babe, what happened? Why you didn’t told me you were leaving?” He said sitting beside me grabbing some popcorn. I ignored him and turned off the TV. I went to the bathroom and start taking my clothes off. “Babe-” he started saying while getting to the room. “What are you doing here? You should be with that girl. Come on, Go fuck one of your skanks I’m pretty sure that they’re better enough to be on my boyfriend’s music video” I said and Sam got closer and he hugged me. I was in the middle of our room, half naked and my boyfriend was hugging me.

“Look at me, no one else, not even those skanks are going to be better than you. You’re gorgeous, and so perfect. I’m so fortunate that I have you… And if I don’t want you to be in my video it’s not because you’re not pretty enough or something else, it’s just because I don’t want everyone to see what’s only mine. But you know what? It’s time for the world to see how lucky I am of having you. So, Y/n would you like to be on my next music video?” He said smiling “Yes, Sammy” I answered and hug him again.

“So, is this the part where you start kissing me until we both make out until we get tired and you rest on my chest while I observe how beautiful you are?” He said standing there just giving me the cutest smile ever…


Honestly I’m sooo done with the anon crap. I’m so sick of them doing this, but in ways people are feeding into their hands and making it a HELL of a lot worse than it needs to be.

  1. Turn off Anon.
  2. Stay off Omegle. STOP trying to get inside information. They honestly wouldn’t be using the same tag we use to give out “secret” information if it really is 4chan. These people are hackers as people like to call them do you honestly think they’re dumb enough to talk about their master plans in a tag we created?
  3. Change ALL passwords. (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook)
  4. Take a break from Tumblr if you need to.
  5. Turn off Submissions.

Honestly if you just turn off everything, ignore them they’ll get bored and go away. Please, making this a chaos and mass hysteria crazed thing is only doing what they want you to do. Put on some music, make some graphics, do some fan art, watch some tv, movies, or read. DON’T LET THEM BOTHER YOU.

“Shadowhunters” and How Not To Be an Asshole
  1. Don’t purposely spoil the books for people who haven’t read them
  2. Only give book spoilers to people who ask for them, and put them under “read more” to keep others from getting spoiled
  3. Don’t put book spoilers in the Shadowhunters tag but you can put them in the TMI tag (spoiler tags are down below)
  4. Once the show starts and more non-readers are coming to your blog, PLEASE put a warning along the lines of “I’ve read the TMI books and this blog contains spoilers for all of the books” and then say which tag you use for your spoilers, so that your new followers will know if it’s alright to follow you and which tags to have blocked. 
  5. Since it’s harder to avoid spoilers on twitter and instagram, be sure to tell your followers that you aren’t spoiler-free
  6. Don’t get mad at people for not understanding something, pointing out a plot hole, or being upset about a character, if they HAVEN’T READ THE BOOKS! If someone says something negative about TV!Clary, don’t use book!Clary to tell them why they are wrong. The TMI books are completely separate from Shadowhunters
  7. It’s obvious that Clary-Simon-Jace will probably become a ship war, but please DISCOURAGE it, or at least don’t give ANY attention to it (unless people are sending hate to the actors and writers) but if they’re fighting with other fans, ignore them. 
  8. Edits for TMI in general (can include movie and/or TV stuff) - tmiedit 
  9. Edits just for the movie - cobedit
  10. Edits just for Shadowhunters - shadowhuntersedit or shsedit
  11. Spoiler tags: If it’s a spoiler for the TV series, use “shsspoilers” or “shadowhuntersspoilers” (or probably both). If it’s a spoiler from the BOOKS, use “tmispoilers” or “the mortal instruments spoilers” (or both)
  12. If you post something negative about a character or ship, people may not want to see that, so be sure to use the “anti-(character/ship)” tag when you post 
  13. If you’re completely against the Shadowhunters TV series, that’s fine. Just use the “anti-shadowhunters” tag so that other fans can block it and we don’t have to go through any drama!
  14. Be nice to the actors and other fans. Don’t send hate to anyone. 
  15. The only time you should respond to negativity in the tag is when it is directed at a real person (Cassie, the actors, and so on), or if it is a racist or homophobic post. 
  16. Just be kind to each other. Yes, call out behavior that is actually offensive. Ship wars (which will primarily be between non-readers) are something to be ignored unless they cross over into bullying real people. Everyone is going to have different opinions and that’s fine. But can we get this show without too much negativity going on. 
  17. Reblog this so that other fans can know what to do when the show comes around =)