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joshua dun

late night doodle, pen/highlighter 


  • Sherlock: This woman who has been in love with me for years is engaged now. Best to keep things platonic.
  • Sherlock: The one person he thought didn't matter at all to me was the one person who mattered the most.
  • Sherlock: *moves in suuuper close and kisses her on the corner of her mouth, reminiscent of another kiss after he learned she was in love with him*
  • Sherlock: Nailed it.

She wore a flowing, pale peach gown that cinched at the waist, her hair long enough now to be piled onto her head in elaborate knots. Truly, she was an image of feminine innocence, which was likely why Hux had singled her out amongst the shrewd women donning slinky black.

Rey saw him before her unwitting partner did, eyes rounding in panic when she felt the rage that licked at his boots like hellfire. Her glossy lips parted, breath hitching as he stepped behind her, one gloved hand snaring the wrist that rested at Hux’s shoulder while the other glided down her spine, prying Hux away to grip her backside with obvious possession.

White-hot anger crossed Hux’s face, his jaw dropping in shock at his sudden intrusion. Kylo ignored the other man, growling as he buried his nose into the crook of her neck from behind, gulping in the sweet, floral scent of her perfume. He preferred the salt of her sweat.

Chapter 4 of Bathwater

(honestly i just wanted to draw her dress)

you know when you’re blowing your nose & it’s just your standard just-doin-it-cause-its-kinda-runny situation, but then you feel something sizeable come out & you’re like huh i didn’t expect that but then when you’re folding up the kleenex it’s…not in there…& you’re like, touching your face & your shirt, feeling around to find it & it’s just…nowhere…& you’re like, great, either i shower again or there is just going to be this high probability that somewhere on my person, a booger is just going to…be….just be there today