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Emergency ICON commission

Okay… so I’m kinda short in money rn since I need to pay for some car repair and my bank account start to run really low with all the things that I have to pay for (rent, groceries, internet, fuel). Luckily I’m still living at my parents place for now but it’s not the most convenient situation as I’m still trying to find a part time job that would help me financially…

I can’t afford myself to work on BIG commission, but I can definitely work on little one such a those Icons!

Icon are 15USD (The price can raise depending of the complexity of your order)

I’ll take only 3 orders at time to avoid overworking myself, you can contact me through on tumblr and I would be more then happy to reply.


Super late to the party, but have some Pride icons of the babes.


This is all I can do with this news okay

i can’t deal with people who insist batman would work alone because without his allies (batfam) he literally self - destructs?   he becomes a wild tyrant so detached from humanity and himself?  every incarnation of batman after he’s lost jason todd is extremely mentally unstable until tim drake steps in.   bruce doesn’t even really UNDERSTAND the gravity of his mission until dick grayson becomes his ward.   mans has no stable sense of self,   and depends on friends / family for it.  any fanboy who says batman should work alone / doesn’t need a robin is someone i Cannot Trust.

Rather have cancer than feminism...

Do you know why so many people (including survivers of cancer) say they would prefer to rather have cancer than feminism? Because those people would prefer to rather die as intelligent human beings than to live as ignorant self victimizing pieces.


Ah!! Who dis? It’s me, hi!!! Well me plus my dog 😄 Now you all know!!! Might change my icon, might not

So the last picture (which is not my eye just to clarify) is a picture of central heterochromia, which causes the inner and outer regions of the iris to be different colors. This is the form that I (and most likely Aelin) possess. The majority is blue but the innermost ring is a gold or yellow as you can tell. Maybe this is just weird or desperate but it’s always what I picture for Aelin and it’s cool to think she and I share that. (And then there’s my hair too which I think is kinda like Feyre’s, again: might be weird but I’m okay with that) But anyway, here you go @seeliequeenofprythian hope ya like!!
(PS I just really like that yellow shirt, I wear it all the time)